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Topic Subject:ROL Materials - Alincarpetman, trismagistros
posted 08-20-11 01:40 AM EDT (US)         
It's a longshot you guys will even check this, but if Alincarpetman or trismagistros are still around, I like your ideas. ROL is one of the more interesting RTS ideas out there in my humble opinion, and I do think any in-depth or production materials related to the game should be protected from disappearing like everything else related to this game seems to be. It's so sad!

posted 08-27-11 09:29 AM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
I still come by from time to time. Not much of a point in writing anything, though. Nobody will ever read it.
posted 09-23-11 07:01 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Hello Imperator,

I've been busy weaving some rugs in my small shop at the edges of the Arakif desert...

But yes, I still have my ROL content collection and am hoping to get the "fan site archive project" up online hopefully by the end of this year, regardless if there is any mass interest or not. I had originally made some posts about it here and here some time ago.

Rise of Legends stands out as a very unique game in the world of pc rts games and video games in general for many reasons, and it had so much potential; not just for additional expansion(s) but for modding and creating new games and worlds within the game but we never fully got that chance unfortunately.

I had an idea that the team could still put out a full or mini expansion even many years later in the same way that the people who made Children of the Nile released the Alexandria expansion a few years later online for a small group of interested fans. So there is still a slight possibility for something.

Also, Motter has been working on trying to learn how to mod ROL on his own and has made his expansion which has been mentioned here a few times. If anyone knows anything about programming and modding, and is familiar with ROL, feel free to contact him. He had mentioned that pretty much only the people who made the game know what's going on, so if there was any chance to sit down with them to learn how to make the modding easier that would help.

Again, it's possible to get something done if someone knowledgeable and interested enough would check out the game. If anyone is interested, Ilord's expansion ideas here and Jave Harron's expanded game lore here are great fun reads.

I was thinking maybe some fans could ask about ROL and mention some of the ideas here at any upcoming conventions for Kingdoms of Amalur and other BHG/38 Studios projects, which some of the ROL team have been working on. If I get a chance I might, though I can't be certain that will happen. I've tried emailing BHG directly about the ROL modding problem, the mythical limited ROL concept art book, any cancelled expansion plans, etc but haven't gotten any full replies over the past few years.

Recently Caver posted his offer for ROL review discs here, which I emailed about but it is unknown if these contain additional content that the official game didn't. If anyone can find out that would be cool too. Even an extra music track or something would still be a little piece of something different, heh.

Once I get my planned fan site up I hope to write a few short informative essays on the game and hopefully other long lost fans will care to chime in with their input if they read this.

Feel free to message or email me with any info, ideas, questions, and content. I will make some posts in many forums once I get the fan archive up and running, it will just take some time because I'm busy working, doing a lot of things, dealing with life, etc.

Take care everyone,
I'm off to dye some special rugs with a high thread count...

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