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Topic Subject:Cuotl Gods
posted 06-28-06 02:05 PM EDT (US)         
I came across an article about RoL in wikipedia and when I was reading the Cuotl secion I was quite surprised with what I learned about Cuotl Gods.

It says they were aliens that rashed in Aio. No big deal everybody knows that.

What surprised was the fact that, according to them, the aliens turned into eight gods!

Well we know three of them, the heroes of the cuotl, xil, czin, shok.

There's also the moon god.

But what about the others?
Does anybody know anything about them? Did you even know about their existence?

I knew there would be more than just Xil, Shok and Czin and the moon god on that spaceship that crashed but never knew there was any info on the others.

posted 06-28-06 02:08 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
The number 8 may have been taken erroneously from a previous preview that was in error. At current, nothing more is known as to whether or not the four Cuotl gods that have been seen are the only ones to have survived the crash. Incidentally, the name of the Moon God is Ix.
posted 06-28-06 02:52 PM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
GreyPawn, you're not getting caught up in all this are you?

That reply sounded like you were from Aio...

posted 06-28-06 03:12 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
I'm certain BHG are keeping it open, in case they want to add any other Gods in the expansion pack for the campaign or something.

For future reference, on such topics I would take anything Wikipedia says with a pinch of salt, unless they give a reference.

posted 06-28-06 05:47 PM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
Yeah that's what I thought in the first place. BHG didn't tell us much because they wanted to leave a lot of possible storylines for expansions and such. But then when I read that and since wikipedia always seemed to be a reliable source I thought they might have disclosed a little more than I knew.

Adding more gods to the campaign sounds like a good idea but one more hero for quick matches would make four and that would perhaps be too many heroes for quick battles. You could even get some sort of small army of heroes and that seems to me a little beyond the point of heroes in RoL

Since they created such an original world as Aio they should create a much more detailed story of the civs and reveal a lot more specially about the Cuotl. I know, I know, they are meant to be mysterious but well....that's for the people of Aio not for players.

I compare this to Lord of the Rings. The campaigns in RoL could be compared to the three books but Tolkien wrote a lot more than that and actually most of the info about his world is outside LotR.

I heard BHG is creating an Encyclopedia of Aio. I hope it reveals a lot more and is not just a simple list of things we all know.

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