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Topic Subject:Protest Israeli War Crimes...
posted 07-30-06 05:01 PM EDT (US) your signatures! This is a call for people to put up this small protest in their sigs if they feel that Israel should stop its agression. Hundreds of children have been killed by Israel! 37 today alone!

Just put this line in your sig:

Mourning the loss of children in Lebanon. Protesting Israeli terror crimes.

Post here if you do it!

Current Protestors:

- Me
- thecrayfish
- RiderofEternity
- Selim
- Doitzel
- Eazy_Ben
- auxilia mies
- NaturalViolence

9 protestors

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posted 07-30-06 05:19 PM EDT (US)     2 / 20       
Thank you!
posted 07-30-06 07:58 PM EDT (US)     3 / 20       
you should put this in the library on the heavengames site.

~=~just give me all your cash ok. or do i need to do something to make you~=~
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posted 07-30-06 08:38 PM EDT (US)     4 / 20       
posted 07-30-06 10:23 PM EDT (US)     5 / 20 go to the forums

~=~just give me all your cash ok. or do i need to do something to make you~=~
Fast Food and Gay Buttsecks
What we're Shala's all about
for knowing the first 31 digits of pi from memory 3.141592653589793238462643383279. I am the PIE MAN. lol
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posted 07-30-06 10:25 PM EDT (US)     6 / 20       
posted 07-30-06 10:29 PM EDT (US)     7 / 20       
posted 07-31-06 00:45 AM EDT (US)     8 / 20       
Why dont you do some research 1st before claiming a "War Crime" has been committed. There is plenty of evidence showing that the ones who started the war (hezbollah) use civilians as a shield. It is sad that this tragedy happened but please dont just be another ignorant sheep that listens to the liberal media and doesnt think for himself.
posted 08-02-06 02:21 PM EDT (US)     9 / 20       
it's not isreals fault that they were firing rockets from behind civilian buildings. terrorists use civilians as cover and dont care if they die because if the other side kills a couple on accident they'll get blamed for it. hezbollah fires rockets into isreal and doesnt cae where they land or what they hit they just want to kill people. isreal has to put up with car bombs and kidnappings all the time from terrorists and stuff.

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posted 08-02-06 03:43 PM EDT (US)     10 / 20       
I wont protest Israeli war crimes- Then I would have to protest Hezbollah war crimes too, and I wouldnt want that.

Any war is a kind of crime...for both sides.

However, I will ask for an IMMEDIATE ceasefire on both sides. That is the only sane thing to do.

Do you think that hezbollahs firing rockets isnt a crime? I do.

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posted 08-02-06 05:16 PM EDT (US)     11 / 20       
Israel's agression?

*cough* hezbollah's rockets *cough*

Mate, none of them is either the agressor or suffering the agression alone.

Besides it's not about quantity of people but by quality. Don't get me wrong I'm not saying anybody is inferior but make no mistakes. Both Hezbollah and Israel will only stop when their leaders decide it's enough or when they are persuaded to by other influent people/countries/organizations.

posted 08-02-06 10:39 PM EDT (US)     12 / 20       
War... what is it good for?

Besides RTS games, that is.

Absolutely nothing.

Electrical storm
posted 08-03-06 00:33 AM EDT (US)     13 / 20       
not to sound crule but keeps earths population down

not saying im for warcrimes im against that

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posted 08-03-06 04:56 PM EDT (US)     14 / 20       
Bah. Israel's warfare does not equal the cowardy, nor the goals or casualties of terror.

The Israeli rockets are by no means targeted at innocent people, and if a few (...) die due to an Israeli attack, then they were in the wrong place in the wrong time (as mentioned, they were used as cover by terrorists). So calling it a warcrime is, well, just as stupid as calling it an action of terror.

The Israeli assault is totally out of proportions, too impulsive, and not enough care was taking to avoid innocent people dying, and I condemn the assault for that, but for that alone. It is just a very stupid action by Israel because it only stimulates radicalisation in libanon (and the rest of the world), and again they seem to have underestimated the firepower of a terrorist organisation (déja vu...). But Hezbollah is the only party to blame.

Edit: Do you not realise that putting such shit in our signatures is exactly what Hezbollah is trying to achieve by using their own civilians as cover for their soldiers?

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posted 08-08-06 08:25 AM EDT (US)     15 / 20       
What was clear to me at the start of the fighting was that Hezbollah was firing missiles aimed at civilian targets from areas that were heavily occupied by civilians.

The real crime is that when all this is over, Hassan Nasrallah will stand on top of the ruins of Lebanon and declare victory and take no responsibility for those children's deaths whatsoever. Hezbollah gives it's people, it's sons and daughters, nothing but an impoverished and insecure future. Nasrallah is nothing but a pawn in the region.

What's troubling about these kinds of topics is insufferable affluent people that see their solidarity with Arab factions in the Middle East as inseparable from their own insecure personas.

Israel wants peace, but the Arab leaders haven't prepared their people for it. The majority of Arab factions cling to the demand of the full return of lands seized and occupied by Israel for security reasons in previous failed wars against them, while they remain belligerent and hostile antagonists, as well as believing that the fight against Israel is not only to end the occupation, but also to destroy the entire State of Israel.

Thus the very cornerstone of all negotiations takes as a given that for the Arab factions in question, agreeing to peace is a concession to their true goal, whereas for Israel, peace is the goal.

It is by way of an illegitimate culture of violence that the warmongering Arab leadership encourages its people to take extreme positions that continue to make it impossible to have peace in the region.

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posted 08-08-06 01:25 PM EDT (US)     16 / 20       
arch is right. they want you to blame isreal. its almost like helping hezbollah.

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posted 08-24-06 12:16 PM EDT (US)     17 / 20       
Kudos, Anastasia.

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posted 08-24-06 03:26 PM EDT (US)     18 / 20       
first of all i think both sides are in the wrong.. sory to disapoint you all but "they" dont want you to blame israle.. "they" actualy want you to blame hazbalar (or wotever there called).. im asuming when you refer to "they" your talking about the western media? my answer to stop this war and almost all wars is to get rid of all religion!!
posted 08-25-06 02:41 PM EDT (US)     19 / 20       
Hezbollah and Isreal are in conflict, civilians are going to die. It is that simple. Some of those civilians are going to be children. Some are going to be babies. Some may even be pemature babies in incubators. Some may be children playing games. Whatever; civilians will die. SO WHAT. That is just a fact of war. It does not make it a warcrime if this happens. It only makes it a tragedy. Just a bloody awful tragedy. It is that simple.

To say Isreal is commiting warcrimes because civilians in Lebanon have died is a gross attempt at redefining the term warcrime. Isreal gave Hezbollah an oppurtunity to return the two kidnapped soldiers. Isreal responded to a very clear military breach of its borders by Hezbollah. Isreal in the first month of this interrupted war never targetted all Lebanese civilians. Isreal was very careful to target areas that support Hezbollah, the putative state of the shi'ite muslems in lebanon. Think about this: Isreal primarily targeted infrastructure, gave lots of warnings, and if they had actually wanted to target civilians tens of thousands would be dead.

Your notion that any warcrimes have been committed by Isreal flies in the face of reality. If you accept that Hezbollah's method for inflicting harm on Isreal through primarily targeting civilian areas for rocket/missile attacks then there must be an equivalent acceptance of Isreal's measured response on your part. Obviously while not accepting Isreal response you think it is fine for Hezbollah to intentionally target civilian areas with surprise missile attacks. There is something wrong about this position. Please elaborate what your talking about.

Lebonan has had several years to tackle the issue of Hezbollah. Lebanon while crying victim in this war may be the one that has committed any moral crime. Yes Lebanon the victim may be the moral criminal here. Not Isreal. Not Hezbollah (which is only the local bully run amok). Lebonan has had years to do something about Hezbollah and they have failed.

Since Hezbollah first gained noteriety through the slaughter of more than two hundred US marines about 22 years ago by a suicide bomber their methods have always been criminal. That is right, always criminal, most people know this, including muslims. However they are a force to be reckoned with in Lebanon with an easy enemy to use when whiping their support base into cohesion.

Isreal has never launched a war. They have never been found to have fixed up an excuse to launch a war. Every war they have been in has been when they have been violated by an aggressor.

Take a look at the crap that is going on in other places in the world. Darfur, Iraq, Afganistan, on and on, in all sorts of places. The world ain't a pleasant place for a lot of people. Why you would even consider the almost nonsensical notion that there are war crimes by Isreal in light of some of the real war crimes that go on every day is almost unbelievable. Except there is a lot of OIL in Persia/Arabia which causes a great imbalance in the way news is reported, and the oil importing countries respond to the feeling of OPEC countries, which generally abhor Isreals non muslim nature.

It is tragic that a thousand Lebanese died because of this conflict. It is far more tragic that the Arab/Persian world can't get its anti-semetic head around the full acceptance of Isreal's existance. Because a lot more people are going to die because of this intolerance. So if you really want to protest something protest against intolerance.

None of those bloody minded middle-eastern countries existed before the first world war. Like Isreal they have all have been created in the aftermath of the huge wars that took place last century. I honestly can't think of one that pre-existed the first world war. Even Egypt was made up. Any claim made about the rightness of Isreal to exist has to bear in mind that most of the anti-Isreal countries - who are the most ardent promoters of the position that Isreal has no right to exist - were themselves all created by fiat just like Isreal.

I hope you state what you mean by warcrime and child death. While sad and tragic, child death in war is not a war crime; it may be in the future, but now, it is not. Unless you have evidence that Isreal is premptively killing the next generation of terrorists through intentionally targeting children ( this is very poor joke). And what do you mean by children. Do you mean those who could not possibly be helpful to Hezbollah because they are too young, or an arbritary designation of younger than 13, 16, or 18, etc.

I am ranting. In the month of the conflict how many Lebanese children died? How many American children died of preventable causes in this period? How many children around the whole world died? Put things in perspective. If you want to do something there are more helpful ways than protestig Isreal's neccessary response to a terrorist organization (that may become the legitamate government of Lebanon).
Edit: made a big mistake hopefully I cleaned up arguement.

Glad I changed your mind Evolved. Maybe I went on for too long.


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posted 08-25-06 02:45 PM EDT (US)     20 / 20       
You just completely pulled me over to your view within the first 5 lines.
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