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Topic Subject:Assassins in the Palace! Save ODA!
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posted 06-05-08 02:43 PM EDT (US)         
Just a quick mafia mutation game that I think/hope RoLH will be able to manage.

Assassins in the Palace!

You hear the palace bell ringing non-stop and you recognize it as the intruder alert. Immediately you grab your sword and rush to find the king. In the hall ahead of you, you see an unfamiliar man holding a sword. You ask him to drop his weapon and turn to face you. At first, he just stops but remains with his back toward you and weapon in hand. You ask again and he turns around dropping his weapon. And then it hits you, you've seen that face before. It is the face of the man who has been after ODA's job for years. He was thrown into the jail but broke out to once and for all, lay his claim on the great kingdom of RoLH. You approach the man who throws a punch at you before running back. In the minutes time it takes you to recover back on your feet, you find yourself staring into the face of ODA. But then who's that man behind him? One ODA... Two ODA... Three ODA... Four? You look around to find all the guards putting on their own novelty ODA masks in an attempt to hide the king from danger. Not wanting to look like the assassin yourself, you waste no time slipping on your own ODA mask. Will you be able to differentiate between the guards, the assassin, and the real ODA in time to save your beloved king? Only time will tell.

Of course, you know it will do no good to whip out your sword and blindly slash at the other ODAs. What if you accidently take a swipe at your master? One ODA urges all seven ODAs to come into the throne room to resolve this matter. During the walk their, this ODA whispers in your ear saying he is the true ODA. You recognize his voice and believe him just as he recognizes you. But he is afraid to leave the protection of his guards in case there are other assassins waiting outside. He locks the throne room door. At this time another ODA addresses the crowd.

"Men... we all know that we cannot find which one of you bastards is the assassin by means of violence. No, it would be most suiting to use democracy, which ODA has based his fair kingdom on." We will each take a sheet and quill and write down the name of who you think the assassin is. The ODA with the most votes, will be sent to the guillotine. Long live the king!"

"Long live the king!" echoes the remaining six ODAs in reply.


Assassins in the Palace is a mutation of a classic mafia game involving a nightless play style and the ultimate goal is to protect or assassinate the king, ODA.
Assassin in the Palace is a nightless mafia variant invented by Kelly Chen and first run for Marathon Day. A larger version ("Assassins...") was run subsequently in Theme Park.

There is one King, one Assassin, and the remainder of the players are Guards who are all told the identity of the King.

The Assassin has one kill that they can use at any time during the game, typically after being lynched. Their goal is to identify the King so that they can use this kill against him. If the Assassin successfully kills the King, then they win, otherwise the King and Guards win. The Assassin doesn't need to survive to win.

This setup differs from normal mafia in that the "town" has more information than the "mafia" does. Every Guard that is lynched narrows the number of targets the Assassin must consider, so the challenge for the Guards is to find out who the Assassin is as quickly as possible without giving away the identity of the King.

Post your email to sign up. We need seven players.

1) RCM7525 - lynched day 1 - bodyguard
2) Jax -
3) Mediolanus - milan266 at gmail dot com
4) I Love Bananas - blaziken_2 at
5) Monkcrazy5 -
6) Venomrider - ironroad(at)eastlink(dot)ca
7) Ninja Jedi -

I'd like to give any RoLH somewhat-regular-visitors the first spots and then after two days or so, I'll go to other heavens to get the remaining spots filled.

Never played mafia? This is a pretty basic game so it's not a big deal but I'd still highly recommend reading the Newbie Guide


1 Player gets:
You are ODA, master of all that is RoLH. You, and your guards, win unless the assassin manages to kill you.

1 Player gets:
You are the assassin. You wish to take over the RoLH kingdom by assassinating the king and therefore, claiming the title for yourself. You win by killing the king. You do not have to survive to win. After you have been lynched, or any time during the game, you get a vengeful kill. By posting Kill: X you will assassinate one of the players. If you chose to assassinate anyone except the king, you will have no more chances and lose the game. If you don't assassinate anyone until you have been lynched, you have 24 hours to make an assassination.

Killing someone will automatically give away your position and you will automatically be killed without the need of a lynch. So be pretty sure your target is the king.

5 Players get:
You are one of the king's noble guards. You must protect the king, Player X, with your life. You win, even if you're dead, if the assassin fails to kill the king.


  • Day will last 48 hours. Assassin games are meant to be pretty quick since there's no night activity or flavor to go off of. After this 2 day period or when someone reaches a majority of votes, I will post the results next time I'm online. In the event of a tie, there will be a 12 hour extension.
  • If you are a guard, please do not mention who the king is until after I do the game wrap-up. Remember that even if the assassin was lynched, he can still make a vengeful kill. You won't get modkilled for saying the name of the king but you may have cost the game for your faction and have an angry mob of knights chasing after you.
  • No faking an assassination.
  • Do not edit your posts - double post if necessary. Once is fine, though I will read your edit history. If it happens multiple times, you may be mod-killed.
  • Do not reveal any information after your character has died.
  • This game is closed communication - talk within this thread only.
  • The Code of Conduct still applies
  • During each day, players can vote to lynch one person. To cast your vote type Vote/Lynch: Name
    Be sure to bold it!
  • If you change your vote, type Unvote: Name before your new vote. You may not unvote once someone has reached the majority.
  • Have fun!

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  • AuthorReplies:
    posted 07-23-08 12:51 PM EDT (US)     76 / 83       
    Yay! We win, no faking an assassination and only one try!


    Creator of the maps"of fire and of water"

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    (id: Mediolanus)
    posted 07-23-08 02:46 PM EDT (US)     77 / 83       
    Well, congratulations guys. Beeter luck next time I guess (and I should have been present more, of course, not like that would have helped though).
    (id: darkdude)
    posted 07-24-08 07:02 PM EDT (US)     78 / 83       
    We should let poor mediolanus know who the king was...

    posted 07-25-08 10:03 PM EDT (US)     79 / 83       
    Ok, I was the king. (naturally Alex picks the n00b for the role )

    Good game to all.

    Currently maining (TF2) - Medic

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    (id: Jax Omen)
    posted 07-28-08 09:27 AM EDT (US)     80 / 83       
    Woooooo win.

    house won this
    posted 08-09-08 09:01 PM EDT (US)     81 / 83       
    *Bemoans dying forum*

    Currently maining (TF2) - Medic

    "You are a sick, twisted individual" ~ Blatant7
    (id: PCD)
    posted 08-10-08 04:06 AM EDT (US)     82 / 83       
    If people would just post then it would not be in a near-coma.

    BTW, the RoL patch server is up and running again.

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    posted 08-13-08 06:58 PM EDT (US)     83 / 83       
    I'll post in Zeke's Corner if it'll spark some more activity over here.

    Currently maining (TF2) - Medic

    "You are a sick, twisted individual" ~ Blatant7
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