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Topic Subject:New Nation Idea - The Xiyao
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Taufiq Khan
(id: Shala_T)
posted 06-17-06 07:38 PM EDT (US)         
The Xiyao
By Shala.
Influences: storm legion, Lord Iarune, GRUNT, Czin_Minion.

The Xiyao are a race from the far eastern parts of Aio. They are a magical race, based on balance and tradition. They class their magic into Yin and Yang, positive and negative elements. Every Xiyao unit is capable of using one or the other, and is linked through balance to another unit. For every Yin unit created, a linked Yang unit is created. The pair shares HP and afflicted conditions. They can be physically seperated as far as needed, but any damage done to one will be done to the other. Similarly, any bonuses given to one will be given to the other. The Xiyao are also home to fierce creatures made from a strong folding material known as Kami. The Xiyao do not have a Master Unit, but have four Guardian (North, South, East and West) units to make up for it. Each of these is approximately 1/3 as powerful as a Master Unit.

Recently, the Emperor has been feeling like he was losing the loyalty of his people. They were calling him weak and unfit to rule. Rumours of an overthrow were frightening him. He decided that it was time to conquer the Western region of Aio, where his advisors have told him that great civilisations lie in a war torn land. If the Emporer can manage to conquer these civilisations, he will control all of Aio and gain the respect of all people. The wiseman Zhai Kilin has advised against it, but has said that he will side with the Emperor nevertheless. General Yi Suy has been ordered to mobilise the Xiyao forces to move westwards. Jin and the rebels have moved ahead in order to warn the people of the West.


Jin the Assassin.
Jin is the leader of a rebel group who want to overthrow the Emperor. He is one of the faster and smaller heroes in the game. All units in his presence get a boost in speed and attack.
-Shurikens - Damages enemy units in a target area.
-Toxicity - Afflicts enemy units in a target area with Toxicity that slowly decreases HP for an amount of time.
-Silent Strike - Deals heavy damage to a single target unit.
-Assassinate - Kills a target unit. Damages Master Units and Heroes by 60% of their total HP.

Zhai Kilin the Keeper of Balance
Zhai Kilin is the wiseman chosen by the gods to protect the balance. He has transformed into a large flying humanoid creature made of light and shadow. He offers no bonuses in the game, but makes up for it with his powers.
-Fire and Water - Damages enemy units in a target area.
-Mind and Muscle - Boosts HP and Attack of friendly units in a radius around Zhai Kilin.
-Sun and Moon - Creates an area of darkness where only allies can see what is happening.
-Life and Death - Heavily damages all units and summons a number of "Revived" warriors in a target area.

Yi Suy the Kami Master
General Yi Suy is the Emperor's right hand man, and a hero of the Xiyao civilisation. He rides atop a Kami steed, similar to a majestic white bull. Units in his vicinity gain a boost in HP.
-Fold - Decreases the Max HP of all enemy units in a target area.
-Kami Crane - Yi Suy creates a large, fast and powerful Kami bird that lasts until killed.
-Pack of Kami Wolves - Yi Suy creates a pack of Kami wolves to attack the enemy that last until the time runs out or until killed.
-Transform - Yi Suy transforms into a gigantic Kami Cavalier for an amount of time with a huge attack and trample.


Mine: A basic mine in Ancient Oriental architecture.
Units Produced: Miner

Pagoda: A large tiered tower that fires at enemy units. The Pagoda also serves as a training area for units.
Units Produced: Black Samurai/White Samurai, Monk of Sol/Monk of Luna

Kami Plantation: The gods have a blessed plant that they have gifted to the Xuyang. From these, Kami is harvested and through the elements, the Kami creatures are created.
Units Produced: Kami Kirin/Kami Rhino, Kami Zhu/Kami Peng

Temple of Balance: This giant temple has swirling essence of Yin and Yang circling it. Powerful beasts are summoned here.
Units Produced: Dark Knight/Winged Lion, North/South, East/West

Forbidden Palace: A huge structure used for defensive measures and powerful upgrades. Limited.


Miner (Yin and Yang)- Built in groups of two, one with a black cloak, another with a white cloak. The black cloaked miners have more HP, but mine timonium at a slower rate than those with white cloaks.

Kami Aeroplane (Yin and Yang)- The Xiyao start with a free Kami Aeroplane. It can switch between Scout(Yin) and Caravan(Yang) modes.

Black Samurai (Yin): The basic ranged Xiyao infantry unit. Geared in a black gi. Wields dark shuriken. Created in groups of four, with four White Samurai.
White Samurai (Yang): The basic melee Xiyao infantry unit. Geared in a white gi. Wields a silver katana. Created in groups of four, with four Black Samurai.

Monk of Luna (Yin): A Xiyao supply unit geared in grey-violet robes that blocks attrition damage. Created with a Monk of Sol.
Monk of Sol (Yang): A Xiyao healing unit geared in grey-yellow robes that heals all non-Kami units. Created with a Monk of Luna.

Kami Rhino (Yin): A slow and heavy Kami melee unit good at trampling and taking down buildings. Created with a Kami Kirin.
Kami Kirin (Yang): A fast and light Kami melee unit good at attacking larger units. Created with a Kami Rhino.

Kami Zhu (Yin): A Kami flying anti-air unit. Attacks with black shards of Kami. Created with a Kami Peng.
Kami Peng (Yang): A Kami flying air unit. Attacks with white shards of Kami. Created with a Kami Zhu.

Dark Knight (Yin): A vampiric unit that resembles a corpse. It has a ranged attack and has a "Life Drain" ability. Created with a Winged Lion.
Winged Lion (Yang): A large winged dog-like creature that has a powerful melee attack. It also has a "Possess Unit" ability. Created with a Dark Knight.

North: A giant black snake like creature in the shell of a turtle. It is slow moving, but is good against buildings and has a high trample attack. It has a "Withdraw" ability that allows it to hide inside the shell and heal itself.
South: A giant red bird that is good at attacking larger units and aerial units. It has an ability that allows it to reincarnate after it dies for a certain time. The reincarnation does not affect the linked North.

East: A giant flying blue and green dragon that is good at attacking smaller massed units. It has an ability that boosts the attack of all the allied units in a targeted area.
West: A giant white tiger that is generally unspecialised and able to attack anything effectively. It has an ability that allows it to create metal armour around another unit or building, greatly increasing its HP for a limited time.

City Districts-

Military District: Increases population cap. Free Samurai.
Elemental District: Increases HP of all buildings. Increases effects of Nation Power.
Economic District: Increases timonium and wealth income and caps.
Forbidden Palace District: Allows to build more Forbidden Palaces. Used to upgrade the city and its districts.

Nation Power: Gardens of Harmony-
Creates a lush area at a target location for a set duration of time. In this area, attacking cannot take place and all allied units can heal. The size of the garden, the healing rate of the garden, and the duration of the power are improved with Elemental Districts.


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Electrical storm
posted 06-21-06 08:36 PM EDT (US)     51 / 52       
bye shala hope to see u bak soon
posted 06-21-06 08:41 PM EDT (US)     52 / 52       
don't worry, he'll be bak. Good luck Shala! Don't know if you gonna read this anymore. :'(

you can't spell 'ignorance' without IGN.
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