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Oct 25, 2006

ROLH Screenshot Contest

A Rise of Legends Heaven Screenshot Contest

In the spirit of Halloween, a new screenshot contest has been launched! Submit a screenshot and get it ranked up against the other screenshots to find out if you are the best eye-candier here! Anyone who did not participate in the previous screenshot contest should give this a try and we will be pleased to have any of the people who have entered in the previous contest join in this one as well.

Theme: All things creepy (Halloween)

October 19 - Contest Launched
October 28 - Screenshots must be submitted by this date
October 29/30 - Public Voting is open
October 31 - Results are posted

  • You may only enter 1 custom screenie
  • You may not edit your screenshot in any program outside of the RoL editor (ex: Photoshop, Gimp, etc.)
  • All screenshots must be posted here by the current deadline (October 28, 2006)
  • Screenies should be added to the RoLH Creations Gallery
  • Screenies must go along with the current theme (Halloween)

  • Try to take your screenshot with the highest graphics level and submit your best screenshot.

    After the deadline, the contest thread will be closed and no more screenies may enter until the next screenshot contest. A new thread will be made for everyone to vote on their favorite three screenshots, and the winner will be determined by how many votes their screenshot received.

    Prize: Though there will be no actual prize, the winner will get his/her screenshot shown on the main page in a news article and the second and third placed participants will be mentioned. The winner can also help determine the theme of the next contest.

    For more information, go here.