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Rise of Legends Scenario Design - Frequently Asked Questions

By Alex
Scenario Design Workshop
How do I delete units in the editor?
To delete a building, unit, or prefab, press Backspace (not delete). Or, you can use Ctrl – Z as a valuable ‘undo’ tool. For most of the functions of the editor, it will allow you to back up up to 15 changes. It also allows you to back up your selection changes, which is quite useful, as well.

Is there any way to change the names of the units or heroes?
This can be done by creating a custom tribe.

More info on adding and creating custom tribes:

Is it possible to use every single kind of terrain on one map or are we stuck with just one tileset that we set before starting the map?
No, unfortunately you must use the tileset you choose when creating the map and only that tileset.

Is it possible to dynamically change a unit's attributes, like max hitpoints or firepower? While there isn't a script function that reliably does this, you can do this through techs and bonuses. For example, in the Vinci campaign some units get a buff that increase their max HP without creating a new unit. With a bonus you can increase stats by a percentage or a specific value.

There's a bit more on techs and bonuses in the Rise of Legends Custom Tribe Kit guide.

There exist a number of ways you can set these up. You can buff a single unit by using give_object_buff and the name of the bonus. You can give a leader a tech, and the bonus that has that tech as a prerequisite will be applied to either a) the unit type(s) specified or b) all the units produced from a building specified. See techrules.xml for a lot of examples on bonuses.

- Questions and Answers by RoLH forummers and BHG Game Developers.

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Note - Only the best guides will be added here. Please keep your guides clear and to the point. Feel free to post your guide in the Scenario Design forums at Rise of Legends Heaven where your guide will be looked over by the staff and may be added to the Workshop.