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Rise of Legends Story Summarization

By Cherub Alex
September 9, 2006

Vinci Campaign

Three Mianan heroes: Petruzzo, Lord of Miana; Giacomo, his brother, and Miana's most brilliant inventor; and Carlini, Miana's head general, accompany a group of soldiers sent to identify an object in a mine in Vernazza that is making the miners horribly sick. On their arrival they find the Doge of Venucci, a terrible leader with bloodthisty ideals, who has already recovered the object and attached it to his machine. Intent on 'testing' the device, the Doge fires a beam at a rock outcrop, causing a landslide which kills Petruzzo and several of Carlini's men. Giacomo swears vengeance on the doge and sets out on a quest to kill him.

After discovering the Doge is using Pirata airships for his own gain, Giacomo sets his path towards Pirata. After fighting his way through the land of Padonia his party discovers that as soon as the Doge got what he wanted from Pirata, and has constructed a giant Sky Crusher, a massive anti-aircraft fortress, in order to keep the Pirata Aerodome under siege. Giacomo manages to destroy the Doge's machine and forms an alliance with the leader of Pirata, Lenora. They continue to march towards Venucci, destroying the armies of two of the Doge's powerful puppets, Rocco, the Lord of the Wasteland, and Sclario, Don of Feligno, and recovering the territories of the land for Miana along the way.

At Venucci, Giacomo confronts the Doge, and captures the city-levelling Doge Hammer from him, before turning it on Venucci itself. However, upon searching the city, it is soon discovered that the Doge has escaped, and that the Hammer at Venucci was just a decoy, with the real one already been moved eastward, towards Miana. Giacomo speeds back to the city, but finds it devastated, with no known survivors. Giacomo rallies his few remaining forces, and heads after the Doge into the Kalahese desert, towards Azar Harif.

Alin Campaign

Because of the hasty and unprepared voyage into the Alin desert, the sand wears down the men and breaks the Clockworks. Giacomo realises that if they don't find shelter soon, they will all perish in the heat. But since his last trip to Azar Harif, the surroundings have changed and the unforgiving desert has guided him into the harshest sandstorm.

While seeking shelter, he and his men find Acerbus, a mystic which promises to guide them to the Alin city once they recover an artifact for him. After a brief struggle with Narr Saghir, you retrieve the device from the fallen soldiers. Then the mystic reveals himself to be Marwan the Dark Alin, the one who attacked your Walker back in Padonia.

Your men, as tired and exausted as they are, attack the genie and his forces. Giacomo's old friend, Arri, shows up and aides him in defeating the Dark Alin.

Arri escorts you to the king who declines to lend you troops to go and stop the Dark Alin. He also promises not to let Arri leave with them. After leaving the city, Arri goes with you, knowing that she will be exiled for disobeying the king. Lenora then leaves to head for Pirata and repair her flyer, or so she says, after noticing how close Arri and Giacomo are.

- RoL Wiki

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