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Rise of Legends Cheats

By ROLH Staff
Cheat Input: Cheat Effect:
/cheat mana (who) (+/-)#ofmana Adds mana to a hero
/cheat resource (who) (whatresource) (+/-)#ofresources Adds resources
/cheat reveal Reveals map
/cheat victory Win the level automatically
/cheat safe Places free Juggernauts and Air Destroyers around your capital
/cheat mapgen Generates a new map
/cheat tech (who) tech (on/off) Research all techs
/cheat explore (normal/explored/all) Changes exploration configurations
/cheat damage (+/-) (number) Changes the amount of damage on selected units or buildings
/cheat finish Finishes the selected building in production
/cheat dominance (which) (who) Gives the desired dominance
/cheat add (#) (what) Adds a unit or a building to the location you are pointing with the mouse
/cheat die Kills selected unit(s) or building(s)
/cheat (ally,peace,war) (who) Forces your diplomacy with a player

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