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Latest News

ROL User Patch Project

A Rise of Legends User Patch Project has been proposed as this may be a final chance for the game to get the update it needs.

This type of project is similar to what was done for AOE1, AOE2, and RON. Take a look at those links to get an idea of what is involved.

We have several free copies of the DVD version of the game specially available to be mailed to any interested programmers and modders who are serious about working on the game but don't have a copy yet.

If you're interested please post here.

Rise of Legends Latest News

Rise of Legends isn't completely dead as players are still playing the game and talking about it online on Youtube, Reddit, Steam, etc..

In case you haven't checked in for a while, here's the latest news on the game from recent years:

- Motter made 3 mods for the game which you can download here and here

- A Modding Guides Pack was released here and here

- A ROL Encyclopedia was compiled here

- Check out some Let's Plays on Youtube

- After 10 years of waiting and limited modding, the archived BIG files have finally been extracted thanks to a new program, ROL BIG Archiver created by Ryder, which will finally enable players to mod most of the 3D models, graphics and more. You can download the program here, submit any errors here and donate here, and discuss it here

For the moment you can edit ROL 3D models in 3DSMax only, but Rise of Nations 3D models can be edited in both 3DSMax and Blender with this addon here
In the future we may also have a Blender addon for ROL files as well so check here if you can contribute to the modding project

- A Rise of Nations 2 Total Conversion mod is now possible using ROL BIG Archiver, 3DSMax and other programs. Discuss this project here

We are offering free dvd copies of Rise of Legends to any programmers and modders who would like to help us work on these modding projects, contact alincarpetman(at)heavengames(dot)com if you are interested

- You can view some images of the newly extracted BIG files here. There are a few more versions of the world map of Aio which you can see there. Some of these maps were pieced together from multiple tiles and we need a graphics artist to finish or restart the job editing one map as some of the image tiles don't match up properly or are missing. You can download the images here and either post at Moddb, at the HG forum or email me with your work

- There is no word on a ROL Extended Edition for Steam yet, but you can contact the development team at Skybox and Forgotten Empires with your support and ideas

- If you have downloaded the ROL BIG Archiver and are making mods, you can post the mods at HG and Moddb and start your own project thread for discussion in the forum here

HeavenGames - 10 Years in Heaven!

Tomorrow, May 15th, is HeavenGames' 10th Anniversary! To celebrate, a thread for everyone to post what HG means for them is to be opened for 24 Hours at Age of Empires Heaven - the longest running HG website.

The thread opens at Midnight tonight, and closes tomorrow at midnight. Visit the Thread

Settlers of Catan now available on Xbox Live Arcade

Catan, the Big Huge Game developed for the Xbox Live Arcade, has been released! Based upon the Board Game 'Settlers of Catan', which has sold over 12 million copies worldwide, it is purchasable in the Live Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points - in the USA, 800 Points would cost about $10, with variations for other countries.

Tycho at Penny Arcade has written a review, which is a good read for those of you interested. Here's a quote:
"I don't know how this happened, how a game of this type was authorized all the way up the chain and then delivered on a mainstream entertainment device, but it's clearly the result of some divine act. I must remember to make the proper sacrifices."

Poll Results: What is your favourite national power?

In a very tight race, the Vinci Industrial Devastation received the most votes at 30, with the Alin Summon Army coming second, five votes behind and the Cuotl Star Bolt trailing in third place with 22 votes. Obviously you all just love watching the buildings break apart in an earthquake!

Check out the new poll: Do you think there will be an expansion pack for Rise of Legends?