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GreyPawn Answers Questions

GreyPawn recently dropped by to answer a host of balance questions and hints at changes for the next patch. You can check out what he had to say in our Q&A forum thread.

RoLH Strategies

The RoLH Strategy pages have been updated with some more strategies including a great Alin tactic and unit tactics.

Check out the Unit Tactics and the Civ Specific page for some great articles! Thanks to everyone who wrote a guide including TheGoodEvil, MudokonGod, and Evolved.

Tales of Legend – 1v1 Maps

This week on Tales of Legend, Bridger and his guests will be discussing 1v1 Maps in detail. They will be reviewing each map, looking at how to play the map to best effect.

It’s on at 8PM EST, so be there, or listen in to that show afterward if you can’t be there on the TSN OnDemand System.

RoLH Forum Party – Third try’s the charm

Rise of Legends Heaven will be hosting its third RoL online forum party soon, and we would like to hear your input to make the event as fun as possible since the last two forum parties weren’t that successful. Please head on over to this thread in the RoLH forums for more information and discussions.

The party should be fun and we’d love to have you share your input and meet up with us after the forum party’s date is scheduled!

HGExpo – Looking for RoLH Teachers

HGExpo is currently looking for Scenario Design and Modding teachers! The teachers can be any forummer who knows a lot about designing in Rise of Legends and can teach a certain subject. (Scripting, Map Design, Basic Modding, Custom Nations, etc.) Subjects will be taught in a manner that the teacher feels will be the most suitable. Whether it’s taught over MSN, Skype, IRC, etc.

If you are interested in the job go here, and fill out this template and post it here. The HGExpo staff will look over your template to see if you are qualified for the job.

Good luck and please participate if you think you can.

HGExpo Staff

More good RoL reviews!

Rise of Legends is still getting nice reviews from fans. The Rise of Legends Heaven Reviews page has been updated with two new reviews. One review by Gaming Age and one 8.5/10 review by Be sure to check them out!

RoL Master Unit Winners

GreyPawn has finished judging the Master Unit Skedaddle and the winners have been selected!

First place is is DakiMagro with a 11:01 time, who’s Vinci micro knows not equal! He wins the grand prize of $100.00 in cash.

Runner-up prize is GoGoPikachu, clocking in at 11:49 before building a King Leviathan. He will be receiving copies of Rise of Legends and Rise of Nations: Gold, signed by the Creator, Brian Reynolds himself.

RoL Master Unit Poll

In line with the Master Unit Skedaddle contest sponsored by Big Huge Games. We wanted to ask the RoL community, so which is your favorite “Master Unit” in Rise of Legends! So go take our new “poll!

Patch Discussion at ToL

Tuesday at 8pm EST on Tales of Legends, Bridger and his guests are discussing all new patch changes. Are Cuotl still competitive after the Sun Idol nerf? Do Vinci still have an overpowered unit (clockwork spider)? Are Alin now comparable in competition? And many more topics will be discussed. This week’s unit of the week is the anti-air unit of Alin: Heartseekers. Are they good enough? There will also be a replay review afterwards.

The Master Unit Skedaddle

Greypawn from BHG has posted to tell us that BHG has decided to do a master unit compo, where you have to rush to upgraded master unit as quick as possible!

You can win $100, or for second place a copy of Rise of Nations:Gold and Rise of Legends signed by Brian Reynolds himself! Personally I’d prefer second prize, but $100 could probably buy that.

You can check out the thread here, but hurry, you only have until August 24th, so check it out and fire up your copy of Rise of Legends.

Forumer Awards Presentations!

The results are in for the 2006 Rise of Legends Heaven Forumer Awards! Shala has posted the awards in a very amusing manner here. Check it out and see if you won an award!

Congrats to everyone who won an award and see you next time for the second semi-annual Forummer Awards!

RoL Multiplayer Server Fixed

Some people may have experienced problems connecting to the multiplayer server for Rise of Legends. They apparently had a problem with their main server, but Greypawn from BHG dropped by to inform us that now a backup is in place. So it should take no more then 24 hours for everything to get back to normal.

New RoLH multiplayer scenario!

Max Death has submitted the latest custom Rise of Legends multiplayer scenario to the Downloads Section. His map is called Carga Fields and sounds great! Check it out here!

Good job Max Death!

RoLH Units Page Revealed!

At long last we’ve finally got our units pages done. We’ve tried to keep it updated with the latest patch information, but if anyone finds any discrepencies, or if people want to see more specific details. Please let us know so we can correct it. In the mean time, I hope it will be an informative resource for the Rise of Legends Fans. You can check it out here.

Modpack Spotlight: Zekeland

Evolved is creating yet another fantastic Rise of Legends modpack, Zekeland. This modpack will add an entire nation of Zeke’s to Rise of Legends. The modpack is still in the making, but Evolved has submitted a demo to the Downloads Section. The demo includes Zekelings, the original Zeke, the Master (unit) Zeke, and Zeke miners as well. For more information on Zekeland, please see this thread.

Good luck on finishing Zekeland, Evolved. The mod looks great so far!

More RoLH Updates – Maps & Resources

Rise of Legends Heaven will be updated quite a lot during the next couple of weeks as the staff are busy trying to finish the site and complete all of the pages.

Cherub Alex and One_Dead_Angel have completed the Maps page which is complete with detailed information about each one of Rise of Legends’ many maps and the Resources page. For more information on all of the Rise of Legends Heaven updates, check out this thread in our forums.

ROLH Civilization & Districts Pages Updated

Thanks to Evolved, our Civilizations & Districts pages has been updated to include more information. So take a look! We’ll continue to update the game info pages in the weeks to come, so keep an eye out on new improvements!

Rise of Legends Eye-Candy

The Rise of Legends Heaven Eye-Candy Thread has reached its first milestone with 30 amazing screenshots of Rise of Legends! The screenshots are all very impressive and have been produced by eight different designers. View the screenshots in the Eye-Candy thread or the gallery and feel free to post your own screenies!

Good job to everyone who helped in designing.

Encylopedia Aio

Evolved found a link that looks to be the Encylopedia Aio for Rise of Legends. As far as we know it hasn’t been officially released, at least I didn’t see any official announcements but this site looks like it has all the stuff we’d expect, and it is linked from the Big Huge Games site. So check it out here.

Spotlight on Inferno

With the release of patch 2.0, Big Huge Games added a new multiplayer map, Inferno. The map sounds awesome, take a look at BHG’s description for Inverno:

“The lush jungle of the valley provided blissful sanctuary for the Fallen seeking refuge from their Cuotl masters. That all changed when a raging firestorm engulfed much of the valley. Some claim it was the Gods seeking vengeance, while others believe the flames to be magical in nature. Whatever the cause, the land burns to this day. Pockets of surviving Fallen cling to what remains of the once-fertile valley.”

If you want to know more about Inferno, check out this page on the Big Huge Games Website.

Patch 2.0 – Released!

GreyPawn of Big Huge Games has announced that Rise of Legends Patch 2.0 has been released! Here is what GreyPawn has to say about the patch:

Patch 2.0 has been released and includes a series of balance changes, exploit and bug fixes, as well as a new 4-player multiplayer map, Inferno. For more on what the latest patch includes, check out the following address:

For more information and discussion on balance changes and the patch, check out this thread.

Evolved’s RoL Rating Tags

Rise of Legends Heaven Moderator, Evolved, has created a very neat set of Rise of Legends rating tags! The rating tags show your Rise of Legends online stats with your username and an avatar that you can choose. Give Evolved a pat on the back for his rating tags and view them here.

These images can be created simply by choosing an image design and filling in your Rise of Legends ID, and contain your name, clan, elo, wins, losses, and your percentage of matches won! You just need to visit the generator at If you need help, please visit the FAQ Page.

RoLH Community Updates

The Scenario Design Workshop has been updated with some guides from Big Huge Games including a guide on scripting, cut scenes, and mapmaking. Check it out here.

We have some new recorded games in the Downloads Section. Take a look at the recorded games and feel free to download and give your suggestions after watching the game.

And, last but not least, we have some new screenshots in the RoLH Creations Gallery including some impressive screenshots by Evolved and some screenshots of Conflict. Take a look here.

This week’s Tales of Legends

This week’s Tales of Legends was last night and the main topic of the show was libary techs: for which strats they are useful, which tech to choose in the start and so on for each race. The unit of the week feature is back this time and it is the mighty Juggernaut. The game after the show was planned to be between BHG_GreyPawn and Bridger, unfortunately due to some technical difficulties we couldn’t watch this game live. Instead of it Bridger uptadated an audio commentary which can be found here.

You can watch, excuse me listen the rest of the show here.

New RoLH Forum Games!

Well the community has been starting quite a few Games recently in the forums. There’s first of all a Rise of Legends Roleplay Game starting soon on in the Steampunk’s and Arabian Nights Forum. There’s also a RoL Heaven Survivor-type game also starting soon, and a game of Rise of Legends themed Mafia called RoL Mafia – The Venucci Incident.

Also, we have got another Modification, this one gives you unlimited units (AKA All Units have 0 usage of Pop Cap). It’s by Pughgo, a new modder to the community, and you can get it here.

News From Around the ROL Clans

Are you looking for a tournament to play in? Or how about a clan to join? Clan Sun Legends and the Order of the True Flame Clan are hosting their first ever Tournament! If you can manage to win the tournament, your name and stats will be recorded on the clan site as the ‘Master of the Flame Champion’! Additionaly prizes are determined by the Sun Legends and OoTF Clan leaders. More information can be found here on the clans’ forums.

Also, the popular Snakes On A Fane Clan are hosting another tournament. Entrance is open to anyone and is free. For more information and discussion, view this thread on their forums. Should be fun!

Also, the RoLH Clan still needs leaders and officers. For more information, check out the RoLH Clan thread.

Will you join the BHG $100,000 Tournament?

Early results from our poll give an impression that most people are not going to enter, with 80 people saying No. 38 People have so far said that they have not yet decided, and only 52 have decided to enter. We have had 170 votes so far, and it’s still open! You can vote here.

You can win $40,000 in the grand final, and up to $5,000 in any of the Qualifiers. Also, free hardware such as top-of-the-range Graphics Cards will be randomly awarded by sponsors throughout the Tournament. You can find out more here.

RoLH Roleplay Signups

Rise of Legends Heaven forummer, Lord Iarune, is starting a new and unique forum RPG in the Steampunks & Arabian Nights forum. If you would like to participate in the game, go over to this thread and sign up.

The RPG is set in the Rise of Legends’ world of Aio and needs more players before it can be started. Hope to see you participate!

First Semi-Annual RoLH Forummer Awards

It’s voting time for the first semi-annual RoLH Forummer Awards! You can now head over to the forums and vote for your favorite RoLH forummers out of the list of nominated forummers. To do so, go to this thread and post your votes!

Out of the forummers who were nominated to win an award, are some well known RoLH staff members including, One_Dead_Angel, TheGoodEvil, Evolved, TBK, and myself (Cherub Alex). Also nominated, are two of BHG’s finest employees, GreyPawn and DarthVeda. So, go ahead and vote for your favorites!


Greypawn writes: Hey there folks,

Tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. EST, you’ll find Big Huge Game developers running rampant through Rise of Legends multiplayer, looking to go head-to-head with players in battles.

If you are looking for some hot and heavy RTS action tonight, make sure to be in-game for this! Don’t miss out on your chance to trounce a Dev!

RoLH Forummer Awards!

The first RoLH Forummer Awards are starting! Check it out and nominate some forummers who you feel contribute the most to RoLH or are the most fit for any of the other categories. Check it out:

Discussions Thread
Nominations Thread

Happy Nominating!