News Archive: December 2006

RoLH wishes you a Happy New Years!

It’s been quite an exciting year with the release of Rise of Legends and many new forummers and staff members coming by to visit. Hopefully, even more will be in store for 2007.

In other words, RoLH wishes you a Happy New Years!

A new angel among us

PCDania has agreed to give us a hand and will now be helping out with tech support. Please head over here and give him a warm welcome.

Community Forum Banner Competition

The RoLH Community Forums are in need of a new banner! If you are skilled in graphics, check out this thread. You have until January 14 to submit your banner.

Good luck!

RoL: one of the 50 greatest games of 2006

Game Informer names Rise of Legends one of the 50 greatest games of the year. Here is what they had to say:

“A fantastic dynamic campaign map and whimsical steam-punk setting push Rise of Legends over the top. The series has always been great, but breaking free of the constraints of realism allows Rise of Legends to fly high with excellent unit design, interesting factions, and the tight RTS gameplay that compares well to the best of the genre.”

Rise of Legends Heaven Holiday Wishes

From the staff of Rise of Legends Heaven. Have a safe and happy holiday season folks!

Whatever you are doing at this time of year, visting famly and friends or whatever, we hope you will all have a good time. So, on behalf of Heavengames we wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you all for your friendship and support.

Peace and love, people.

A year gone by…

Yesterday, December 19, was RoLH’s first birthday. I would like to take this time to thank all of the hard-working RoL game devs, the current and former RoLH staff members, and all of the forummers who made this possible.

Hope to see many more birthdays for RoLH!

*feels proud*

RoL Wins Gamespy Award for Art Direction

Gamespy has awarded Rise of Legends with the Art Direction Award for “creating a virtual world so compelling that it transcends mere pixels and becomes a place that’s as amazing to look at as it is to play”. A well deserved award for RoL’s great artwork.

We’re proud to announce that Gamespy has awarded Rise of Legends the “Special Achievement in Art Direction” as part of the 2006 Game of the Year feature! –

“Great art direction is creating a virtual world so compelling that it transcends mere pixels and becomes a place that’s as amazing to look at as it is to play. This year it was Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends that hit that height by transporting us to the world of Aio, a place totally untethered to reality, but all the more compelling because of it.”

For more information about this award, go here.

HG proudly presents… Halo Wars Heaven

The moment we have all been waiting for is here! Halo Wars Heaven is ready. This new heaven is in preperation of the new RTS, Halo Wars, by Ensemble Studios.

So, check it out! HWH is seraphed by watchwood and assisted by Sith, Elpea, Shadowflare, and Bendak Give allthe staff members a big round of applause for setting things up.

Downloads Section Update

HeavenGames is working on an upcoming downloads update which will affect whether you receive new comments on your downloads or not. If you wish to receive new comments after the update goes into effect, you should update your forum profile to turn download notifications on.

To do that, you’ll need to go to the “my account” link on the forums, login, then check the “Yes, I wish to receive notifications from the downloads system” option underneath your email address, and save the changes.

BHG Sponsored Winter Screenshot Contest – $$$

To kick off the winter holidays and the end of a great year, Rise of Legends Heaven is having the largest screenshot design contest yet. What’s a screenshot contest? In a screenshot contest, participants are asked to create a screenshot in RoL’s editor following a certain theme. The theme for this contest is Winter. After the deadline date, all the screenshots will be judged according to creativity, looks, and how well they followed the theme. Anyone can participate. If you’re new to the editor, check out the guides in our forum and our Scenario Design Workshop.

Now, where does BHG come in? BHG is offering the winners a total of $100 (US). The designer who came in first will be mailed $70 and second place gets $30.

For more information, look here