News Archive: February 2006

New Rise of Legends Design Diary at Gamespot

Gamespot just released another Designer Diary. This is the 6’th installment and described all the work that Big Huge Games has put into making Rise of Legends’ multiplayer experience, something great! You can read all about it from this link.

Community Tuesday Goodies #4!

We got another batch of concept art and renders from Joe at Big Huge Games. This time we got a few interesting images showing exactly how a concept art in very rough form, gets transformed into a cinematic scene. You can check them out here.

Final Reminder: Rise of Legends Heaven Art Contest

Just a final reminder! The Rise of Legends Heaven Art Contest closes this sunday night (at midnight EST). So be sure to email me your entry by then at hg_onedeadangel at hotmail dot com.

Rise of Legends Official Site Revamped

The Official Rise of Legends site published by Big Huge Games has gone through a revamp, featuring in particular a new game trailer (which is pure cinematic genius, I could watch a whole 2 hour movies of it!) or the latest in screenshots! You can check the site out from this link.

IGN on Rise of Legends’ Cuotl Race

IGN completes their series on the races from Rise of Legends with an article detailing the Cuotl race. They describe the Cuotl as “an ancient people living far to the east, in the jungles beyond the Great Desert…outwardly primitive-looking appearance…” but “Gods are said to have provided the amazing technological advances the Cuotl possess”. You can read the full article here.

New Weekly Screenshot #41

BHG has released their new weekly screenshot which shows a fierce battle between some Vinci and Cuotl units. It’s pretty neat stuff, you can check the screen out here.

BHG Community Tuesday Goodies #3

GreyPawn from BHG has released a new set of goodies for their Community Tuesday weekly Rise of Legends event. This time not only do we get a batch of new concept art and renders, which you can check out in our gallery. But this time Big Huge Games has also released 3 taunts the game! You can check those out in our download section.

Strategy Zone Previews Rise of Legends

Strategy Zone Online has also released a preview of Rise of Legends. Tom Chick describes each of the 3 races in the game and the new gameplay pacing. You can check the full article out from this link.

New Animated Gif and Weekly Screenshot at BHG

Just was visiting the Big Huge Games website, and they’ve added a cool looking animated gif of Giacomo (one of their hero units) walking around in an anthropomorphic robot vehicle. Check it out y’all!

They also have a new screenshot of the week featuring a crazy scene with some Cuotl units battling it out with some Vinci units in what looks like a Cuotl Arena! You can check that out from this link

Rise of Legends Heaven Art Contest Reminder

Just a reminder, just one more week left in the art contest. So make sure you get your submissions to me at before the deadline on Feburary 26 (Sunday night, at midnight EST)

BHG Community Tuesdays – Round 2!

Joe from BHG has come through again this week to provide the Rise of Legends community the next batch of community tuesday offerings. Again this time it features some breathtaking unit renders and concept art. But this time with some of the Cuotl art designs. You can check them out in our concept art gallery.

New Rise of Legends Poll

We got a new Poll question at Rise of Legends Heaven! Now that we know all three races in the game and a little bit about each, which is your favorite so far? You can make it known here!

Interview with Darth Veda

Some of you may have seen some of Darth Veda’s scenarios when he was just your not-so typical forumer contributing his creations to the Rise of Nations Community. Now he is working at Big Huge Games as a scenario design intern for Rise of Legends. We interviewed him to find out how he got so lucky! You can read all about him and some of the new scenario editor features in Rise of Legends from this link. Purhaps you will take his example and be inspired to create some great scenarios for Rise of Legends yourself!

Computer Games Magazine Feature on Rise of Legends

Compuer Games Magazine has a front page layout of Rise of Legends, and a feature article no doubt in their March 2006 Issue. You can check out the magazine cover over here. So go grab a copy and see what they say about the game!

Screenshot of the Week #39

Big Huge Games has revealed screenshot of the week #39! This one features for the first time the Cuotl race! It shows the Cuotl Goddess of Storms Shok, well shocking the life out of a bunch of Vinci peons! Check it out over here!

Rise of Legends for the Trigger Happy

Rise of Nation’s Scenario editor used a scripting system, which for some was harder to grasp then the trigger system used in past RTS’s. Joe in his regular Q&A has revealed that the Rise of Legends Scenario Editor will have both scripting AND trigger support! Now you have no excuses, start thinking about your scenario design ideas!

BHG Community Tuesdays

Joe “GreyPawn” Pishgar of BHG has just made available to fansites, a treasure trove of exclusive Fansite Art. They feature some breathtaking unit renders and concept art that will just make your mouth water! You can check them out here. This is part of what BHG is calling Community Tuesday, which will run every week with goodies on Rise of Legends until the game is released!

Rise of Legends Addicts has release a preview of Rise of Legends. They played it and they say they are hooked! You can read about his new found addition from this link.

PC Gamer similarly extolls the engaging and addictive gameplay of Rise of Legends. You can read all about it in their March issue at bookstores.

Microsoft Launches Official RoL Site

Microsoft recently launched the offical RoL site, complete with videos, screens, and new interactive maps that give background information on the Alin and Vinci kingdoms. You can check out the site here.

Thanks to Lord Cancer for the headsup.

IGN Goes Hands-On with Rise of Legends Cuotl Gods

IGN was also one of the media outlet sites to experience the Cuotl Race from Rise of Legends first hand. They were touched by the hand of gods, in this case gods who are actually a powerful alien race stranded on the world of Aoi. You can read about their experience here.

Gamespy’s Revelations of the Cuotl in Rise of Legends

As expect Gamespy has an article introducing us to the 3’rd race in Rise of Legends known as the “Cuotl”. Gamespy’s Delsyn claims his contact with the alien Cuotl race was a religious experience! You can check out his revelations here.

We’re Doubly Blessed! Two New Heavens!

Some of the sharp eye folks out there may have noticed from the navigation bar, or wondered to the Heaven Games Main page, that we have two new heavens based on movie franchises. Battle for Middle Earth 2 Heaven, covering the upcoming Lord of the Rings themed RTS game from Electronic Arts, and Empire at War Heaven, covering the upcoming Star Wars themed RTS by Lucasarts! Please give them a warm welcome!

GameSpot Reveals Rise of Legends’ 3rd Race!

The long mysterious 3’rd race in Rise of Legends is finally revealed in latest preview article from GameSpot. It is a Mayan inspired alien race named the “Cuotl”, that crashed landed on the world of Aoi (where Rise of Legends take place). You can read all about them and the latest impressions on the single and multiplayer experience from this link. They’ve also added 18 new screenshots! But hey that’s not all! There is also a new developer video interview with BHG’s VP of Operations/Development Tim Train also!

Rise of Legends Preview at NZGamer

NZGamer released a preview of Rise of Legends, where they sum up the game with “Quite possibly the best looking RTS to date, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a good game”. You can check out the full preview article from this link.

More Rise of Legends at GameTrailers

Recently released a gameplay video from Rise of Legends. They follow quickly with another game trailer but what stands out with the new release is that it appears to contain units and buildings from the yet un-announced mysterious 3’rd race from Rise of Legends. You can check that out under trailer 2 from this link.

BHG’s Rodney Summo Interview

For those who missed the 1’st issue of the Clockwork Times from Big Huge Games. We have released a copy of the interview by permission, with Rodney Summo, Assistant Producer at Big Huge Games for Rise of Legends. You can check it out here.

Rise of Legends Pre-order at GameSeek

GameSeek, a online game store site based in the UK, has a page for pre-ordering Rise of Legends. The ad mentions that the game will be released April 28, 2006. It also features some kind of box art, but BHG’s community relations manager, Joe “GreyPawn” Pishgar says that box art is probably just a place holder and not the final version. But you can take a look here.

GameDaily’s Rise of Legends Hands-On preview

GameDaily got their hands on a Rise of Legends beta copy and released an article desfribing the game play. They say “Surprising doesn’t begin to describe the in-house spin-off of Rise of Nations. Rise of Legends is a vastly different game, but fans of the former will recognize the quality and style of the team behind it is hard at work here.”. You can read the entire article from this link.

Gameplay Video of Rise of Legends at has released a video game trailer which features an extensive voice over walk through of the gameplay in Rise of Legends. You can check out this video from this link. The video is 2 minutes, 42 seconds long.