News Archive: January 2006

Rise of Legends Heaven Trivia Winners

We have our 10 winners, in no particular order!

  1. Andrew McCain of St. Louis, MO
  2. Kevin N. aka Argalius of Ottersum, The Netherlands
  3. Jared Poli of Pine Hill, NJ
  4. Daniel M. Shields of Lumberton, NJ
  5. David Woehr aka Gustavus of Greenville, SC
  6. James Holland of Valdosta, GA
  7. Gabriel Montoya of Norfolk, Va
  8. Matthew Rose aka Unknown8063 of Hillsboro, OR
  9. Scott Qiu aka nice dictator of New Milford, CT
  10. Seçkin Önen aka LordAvenger of Üçkuyular/Ýzmir, Turkey

The 10 winners above will have their names and info sent to BHG/Microsoft so that they can be enrolled in the Rise of Legends beta test program.

Screenshot of the Week #38

In quick sucession, Big Huge Games has revealed screenshot of the week #38! This one features some Alin uber units attacking a Vinci city. You can check that out from this link.

Rise of Legends Heaven Trivia Hunt

The art contest is going to take too long to resolve before the beta test phase for Rise of Legends would be over but we wanted people to still have a chance to experience Rise of Legends ahead of the pack, and get their hands on a beta copy of the game to test out, plus we wanted to give people a change who has no artistic talent! So we are having a trivia contest to give out 10 beta signups/keys for the 1’st 10 people to email me at, with the correct answers, to the following questions by Feburary 3’rd 2006 (Friday Night Midnight EST). You should also give your name, and mailing address so they know where to send the beta package to.

  1. What is the name of the mysterious bald man featured in Wallpaper Pack 1 in the Miscellanous Downloads?
  2. What was the date and time Rise of Legends Heaven was officially launched?
  3. What is the last District type mentioned in the City Districts section of the Site?
  4. What is the custom title used for staff of Angel level at Rise of Legends Heaven?
  5. What is the last building type mentioned in the Buildings section of the site?
  6. What is the title of the last picture featured in the Beta Screenshots section in the Gallery?
  7. What is the name of the second last hero listed for the Alin (formerly Alim) nation in the Hero Section?
  8. When was the Video section Last updated?
  9. What is the last word in quotation marks in the contents of the Download Review Guidelines section?
  10. What is the last word to the answer of the 12th question in the Game FAQs section?

New Weekly Screenshot #37

BHG has a new picture update for their weekly screenshot feature. This week features an Alin City cast in a blue-ish night sky lighting from glowing crystals. You can check it out here.

Clockwork Times Issue #1

The first issue of Big Huge Games’ Clockwork Times has just been released! It has a lot of great info about the game and select members of the BHG staff! If you haven’t subscribed go do it now! Don’t miss another issue! You can subscribe at the BHG site.

New Rise of Legends Art Assets at Gamespot

Gamespot has published a new Rise of Legends Movie and 8 new screenshots at their site. The movie is about 2 and half minutes long. Thanks you pv1979 and LordAvenger for the headsup.

Rise of Legends Heaven Art Contest

We have all seen some of the incredibly awesome and inspiring artwork from the Big Huge Games Art team. So we thought it would be fun to give some of their fans an opportunity to show off some of their own artistic skills. So here is your chance! We are having an art contest sponsored by Big Huge Games. The prizes will include framed art prints signed by the artists for the top 3 entries (by popular vote), with the winner receiving a copy of “The Art of Rise of Legends” book when it comes out! The rules are that the artwork you may submit should fit in with the theme of Rise of Legends (that is steampunk or Arabian Nights), it must also be original artwork. But it can be in any form as long as it is scanned in and submited to us though email at by Feburary 26 (Sunday night, at midnight EST). The entries will be selected by the Rise of Legends Staff for adherence to the rules. The qualifying entries will be put to a popular vote by the fans until March 5 (Sunday night, at midnight EST). The top 3 vote getters will then be submitted to Big Huge Games, where GreyPawn will help judge the artwork to determine the Winner of the Art Book. The main criterias will be adherence to theme, originality, technique and creativity. The submissions and artists must also adhere to the condition that their scanned in art work can be used and displayed on the site, with proper credit of course, and not have been previously used or submited to another fansite. The winner will be announce within the week of March 6 – 10. You may submit more then one piece of art, but only one entry will be eligible for voting and final submission to Big Huge Games for judging, and prizes.

New RoL Designer Diary @Gamespot has posted up a new designer diary on their front page. One interesting tid-bit is that BHG’s producer, Tim Train mentions that multiplayer matches can take as low as 15 minutes! Read the rest here.

Clockwork Times Signup now at BHG

Joe “GreyPawn” Pishgar from BHG just dropped to tell us the good news about their online monthly newsletter, “The Clockwork Times”. It is NOW open for sign ups at the BHG homepage! Just fill in your email address in the type in box at the right nav bar below the trailer videio downloads and click subscribe, and you’re set!

Rohag’s RoL Preview

Our old friend Rohag (a veteran forumer and newshound from Rise of Nations day) has released his preview article on Rise of Legend. He covers graphics, gameplay, Interface and Modding. He summarized with “RoL has the potential to recapture the majority of RoN fans and convert many others as well”. You can read the entire article from this link.

New Weekly Screenshot #36

BHG has a new picture update for their weekly screenshot feature. Although this particular one looks more like a concept art picture. Anyways, this one features dark Alin cityscape surrrounded by jagged claw like protrusions. You can check it out here.

BHG Announces Community Tuesdays

Joe “GreyPawn” Pishgar announces that Big Huge Games will soon be conducting what will be called “Community Tuesdays” where they will be releasing assets like music, renders, screenshots and teasers to the community to give us a preview to Rise of Legends. So stay “tuned”!

Sad News about Shiva

We are shocked and saddened to learn of the death of Age of Mythology Heaven’s Seraph and long time contributor to HG, Shiva, who tragically drowned on the 11th. A special thread for those who wish to leave personal messages has been set up on AoMH.

Print Media Coverage of Rise of Legends

PC Gamer Magazine will have a feature interview with Tim Train of Big Huge Games and talk about Rise of Legends. Computer Games Magazine has also put Rise of Legends on its Most Anticipated Games of 2006 List. Pick up both Feburary 2006 issue, out in newstands and bookstores now!

Rise of Legends Cinematics on SpikeTV

A little bit of catch up on the news. But Spike TV’s Game Head had an exclusive look into the cinematics for Rise of Legends that was made by Blur Studios. The episode aired this last saturday on the 14th. Hope you all caught it!

New Weekly Screenshot #35

BHG updated their weekly screenshot feature and has a fresh new RoL screenie. This one features a massive explosion as it echoes off of the grand facades of the Pirata metropolis. We LIKE explosions! Click here to detonate!

New RoL Previews from Media Sites

We have a triple of new Rise of Legends Previews from media sites around the web. First we have EuroGamer’s preview by Kieron Gillen. He applauds BHG for not doing the predictable thing and just doing a Rise of Nations 2. Next John “JCal” Callaham of GameCloud updates his brief impressions of Rise of Legends since E3 2005 to give a more detailed review of the game. He saids “Rise of Legends’s units are impressive…Graphically, Rise of Legends doesn’t dissapoint”. Finally we have a preview from DailyGame. He makes a comparison between “Rise of Legends” and Relic’s “Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War”. You can check out the full article from this link.

Sand Horror Skinned Alive!

After being asked about how the art assets from Rise of Legends are done to make them look so amazing. So Joe “GreyPawn” Pishgar from BHG has just sent us an image showing what the Sand Horror Unit’s texture maps, and renders look like. You can check out the image, here!

New Weekly Screenshot #34

BHG updated their weekly screenshot feature and has a fresh new RoL screenie. The screenshot seems to be of a swamp full of tall trees as far as the eye (or the Line of Sight :p) can see. Check it out here.

Photolog of BHG Visit

Back in August 2005 (Wow we have to refer back to 2005!) TheGoodEvil had a chance to visit the Big Huge Games office in Timonium, Maryland. We finally got the pictures from that trip developed, scanned and uploaded! You can check it out here! If you want to refer to TheGoodEvil’s trip writeup and preview of Rise of Legends, you can read all about it from this link.

Happy New Years from Rise of Legends Heaven

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Years celebration. With a new year and a new site such as Rise of Legends Heaven. 2006 should bring about a good year! Afterall we shall be expecting the release of the game sometime during the first half of the year!