News Archive: June 2006

Gamereplays’ $1000 tourney hosts a 1v1 knocout tourney with the sponsorship of BHG which has $1000 prize in total. It starts at 8th July and registration starts at Monday 3th July. For more details go here.

New Player’s Series Volume 3 – Combat

Bridger’s new player’s series is going on with combat. It is a 57 minute video aiming to teach new players how combat works in Rise of Legends. You can watch the stream video here. Enjoy.

Shala Gives Up his Wings

After a short but productive stint at Rise of Legends Heaven, Shala due to personal reasons had to resign from being staff. We wish him well on his future endeavers and hope one day he can come back to lend us a hand.

This week’s ToL

This week on WAIO News, Bridger and his guests will be discussing the latest patch and the new map: Miana Station. The topic discussion of the show will be the first 3 tiers of the prototype lab and this week’s unit of the week is Clockwork Man. There also will be an exhibition match. The show starts at 8pm EST this Tuesday a usual. For more details go to Tales of Legends website.

Rise of Legends gets a 95% rating from GameInformer

Forumer Trimaster got the latest issue of Gameinformer and posted about their latest review in which Rise of Legends got PC game of the month in the July Issue. Overall it scored a 9.5 out of 10 and said about the game, “Simply executed on a level that we rarely see”. It raved about the beautiful graphics and in one caption “Combat is almost as fun to watch than to participate in”.

Bridger’s Beginner Broadcoasts

Bridger has started a video series on TSN Central to show beginners to Rise of Legends the how to play the game. The first volume talks about the Interface. The second is on the game economy. The first in the works is on basic build orders. You can check out the announcement and details on our forum thread.

Rise of Legends – Patch 1.5 Released

Bug Huge Games has released patch 1.5 for Rise of Legends. It is available through the in-game online updater. So you just need to log in to the multiplayer game matcher and it should start the download it. You can check out the fixes at the BHG homepage.

New Episode of Tales of Legends

This week’s topic is the pace of RoL. Is it too slow? Do units react and move slower than they should? Unit of the week is afreet which is rarely used. Show starts at 8pm EST. For more details go to Tales of Legends website.

Brian Reynolds Elected Chairperson of IGDA

Big Huge Games’ head honcho, Brian Reynolds has been elected chairperson of the IGDA. You can check out the announcement and full list of board members at the IGDA site.

More Rise of Legends Reviews

Gaming Steve has released a review of Rise of Legends on episode 555 of his show. He have Rise of Legends 4 out of 5 starts. The entire show is a 116 minute podcast in mp3 format, if you want to hear the whole thing. You can download it from here.

Gaming Trend also reviewed Rise of Legends. They gave it an 88% overall (or a silver medal) according to their ranking titles. With its graphics rating the highest a 92%, and lowest on sound/music at 80%. You can check out the full review here.

RoL Troubleshooting Guide Released

Big Huge Games has released a troubleshooting guide to resolve some of the start up and multiplayer problems being encountered on specific machines. You can grab the document from our download section.

New Episode of Tales of Legend

Bridger over at TSN Central has another Tales of Legend episode coming up tomorrow. Check it out at the TSN Central site, tune in Tuesday @ 7:30 pm EST if you’re interested. Also in the line up, an excellent Rise of Legends match between Lybydose and Mulfar.

The First Ever RoL Heaven Forum Party! – June 10th

I’m pleased to announce the beginning of the traditional HeavenGames Forum Parties for Rise of Legends! It will be on Saturday, June 10th at 5:00pm GMT. For more details and discussion, visit the thread here!.

CG Society Feature on Rise of Legends

CS society, an association of digital artists has released a production focus feature on their site that details the art direction and breathtaking cinematic work that went into making Rise of Legends a success. You can check out the full story here. Give RoL 9/10 has released a review on Rise of Legends and gave the game a 9/10. Here’s what the reviewer had to say about RoL “The best, most essential RTS of the year so far. The setting is inspired and the gameplay, while initially underwhelming, broadens out to enthral and challenge on every level. It might take time to build a reputation, but it’s one that will hold for many years to come.” You can check out the full review here.