News Archive: March 2006

RoL Demo is Now Available!

RoL demo is released! It is 620 mb and contains:

– 2 scenario maps from the Alin campaign.
– 2 quick battle maps.
– Full access to 2 races (Alin and Vinci).

I am sure you haven’t read these things and already clicked the link to download it.

RoL Weekly Screenshot #46 is Released!

This one shows a battle between Cuotl and Vinci on a bridge and looks really cool so check it out here.

New Stuff at 2 RoL Sites

The 2 new RoL sites (Alin Army and Join the Vinci) is now updated and have 2 mini games for you. If you win those you will have access to some cool stuff that hasn’t been released before.

End of March BHG Community Goodies

This week Joe from Big Huge Games has released yet more cool concept art from Rise of Legends. But also a nice screenshot showing Sawu the Dark Alin being worshipped near some ruins and 2 new videos! Go check them out!

Gamespot’s Rise of Legends Trailer #5

Gamespot has release a new Rise of Legends Official Trail. This is the fifth one and it looks really cool! So check it out at the Gamespot video page!

RoL demo: The wait is almost over!

Gamespot anounced that RoL demo will be released shortly (in 1 days, 2 hours and 8 min while I am writing this). To get the demo first check the remaining time here. And don’t forget: Patience is virtue.

More Rise of Legends Fan Art

We’ve built up a nice collection of Rise of Legends inspired fan art. We just got 4 new ones! Go check them out, they’re quite entertaining!

New RoL Trailer at IGN

IGN has released a new trailer. It shows lots of actions from battles and some base building as well. To download right click to link and choose “save target as…”.

New Weekly Screenshot from BHG #45

In this week’s screenshot Vinci scouting party finds some relics located in an awesome looking desert. Check it out here.

3 Rise of Legends Gameplay movies at Gamespot

Gamespot released 3 awesome gameplay movies which shows the interface and exciting battles. Download them here.

WorthPlaying previews RoL!

WorthPlaying has released a preview about their impressions on the preview build of RoL. You can check the article here.

BHG Community Tuesday Goodies! Movies!

This week Joe from Big Huge Games has really outdone himself! He shows off 5 concept art pictures from Rise of Legends, but 8 animated shorts showing various units! Go take a look!

Q&A with Tim Train

Meanwhile, Gamespy has released an interview with Tim Train explaining why they decided to make RoL instead of Rise of Nations 2.

4th edition of The Clockwork Times is released

Check your e-mails if you are subscribed, if you are not click here. It involves an interview with Dave Inscore, Art Director and many other cool stuff.

BHG Weekly Screenshot #44

BHG released 44th of their weekly screenshots which shows an amazing Vinci base being scouted by Cuotl air forces. Check it out here.

New Trailer at Gamespot

Gamespot released a new offical trailer that shows lots of cool features about our friends from outher space. You can download it here. You can also download the HD version of this trailer at GameTrailers. Enjoy!

Gamegeek Talks RoL with Gamespot

Gamespot speaks to Big Huge Games’ Paul “Gamegeek” Stephanouk, the design lead for the single-player campaign in Rise of Legends. They talk about the Cuotl, Neutrals and other details on the game. You can check that out from this link.

Please Welcome Lord Avenger our New Cherub!

We have a new staff at Rise of Legends Heaven. He’s been active in the Rise of Legends Heaven community posting news as a forumer. So we thought we make it official and have him help us out by being our official news hound! So please give him a warm welcome!

BHG Community Tuesday Extravaganza!

We got a big bad full of goodies from Big Huge Games this week. Not only do we get a bunch of cool concept art. But this time, we also got a screenshot of the scenario editor! Oh no! It doesn’t end there, Joe from Big Huge games, also included two animation files, showing a creepy statue monster coming to life, and Zeke doing an Oscar winning death scene! Check it out!

Rise of Legends Beta 2

Good news folks – Big Huge Games and Microsoft has now entered Beta 2 phase for Rise of Legends. For those lucky enough to be enrolled in the beta program, the CD’s will hopefully arrive at your doorsteps soon! Good Luck and have fun!

GameExcellence Previews Rise of Legends

GameExcellence just released a new preview of Rise of Legends. It is based from the beta with the two races. You can check out the preview at this link.

Rise of Legends Trailer #4 at

Big Huge Games has released a forth in-game trailer at It comes in two resolutions, and the video is about 53 seconds long. You can check that out here.

Rise of Legends Screenshot of the Week #43

We have a new Rise of Legends screenshot of the week from Big Huge Games. This one features a dark and fiery scene filled with dragons! You can check that out here.

Zeke Fan Art at BHG

BHG has posted a bunch of fan art created by Rise of Legends playtesters of the Zeke character from the game.

You can check out all the humourous drawings from this link.

New Community Tuesday Goodies from BHG

We got the new batch of goodies from Big Huge Games. Again tonnes of cool concept art. But also a screenshot of a bunch of guys getting blowd up on a Bridge! That’s always fun eh? But they also sent us a really cool animated gif of a fire golem! You can check it out here.

New Rise of Legends Wallpapers

Big Huge Games just released a set of 5 new wallpapers for Rise of Legends. These features screenshots from the game, and they look real purrrtty! You can grab them from here! Thanks to LordAvenger for the headsup!

Rise of Legends Art Contest Winners

Here are the winners of our Rise of Legends Art Contest.

  • 1st Place – Desert Walker by Storm Legion
  • 2nd Place – Vinci Soldier by JediJacenSolo
  • 3rd Place – Sand Dune by Centurion_13

Thanks to those who entered, and congrats to the winner. You can check out the entries in our Fan Art Gallery.

Rise of Legends’ Screenshot of the Week #42

We got another new screenshot from Big Huge Games of Rise of Legends. This one features some kind of Cuotl Unit standing beside a building glowing with energy. The scene looks reminescent of an Unreal tournament map! You can check that out in our gallery.

Introducing Rise of Legends’ Zeke

Joe has given us a bonus fansite exclusive screenshot this week. We’ve all heard of a unit called Zeke in the game, but no one really had a clear idea what it looks like. Now you get a change to see Zeke strucking his stuff in these two screenshots.