News Archive: May 2006

Please Welcome our new Cherub, Shala

We have a new cherub in our midst. Shala has been active throughout Heaven Games forums and has really been a great contributer to Rise of Legends Heaven. But more importantly said he wanted to help us out with running forum parties and ladders! So please give him a warm welcome!

Screenshot Contest

Rise of Legends Heaven is having a screenshot contest. Everyone is invited to make a custom screenshot within the RoL editor and submit their favorite screenshot for the contest. Hopefully this will be the first of many future RoLH screenshot and other designing contests. For more information, go here.

And, four new design sites are now designing for Rise of Legends. ArchNidhogg has announced that the ArchDesigner Syndicate will be designing for RoL, Gaurdian_112 has announced one of the oldest and greatest design teams, Liquid Fire Studios. I, Pepsidude_123, have posted an announcement for Lucky-Zion Studios, and Custergrant has announced that the Eye-Candy Guild will now be moving on to design great works of eye-candy for RoL as well. We should be able to expect a lot of great stuff from these design teams.

Tales of Legend

Bridger from TsN Central has a new episode of Tales of Legend and a new TVsN RoL match this tuesday. You can read all about the events at the Tales of Legend blog site.

BHG Interview and RoL Exhibition match

As we reminded you earlier this week TsNCentral hosted an interview with Big Huge Games. The interview went fine but Bridger forgot to save the file so for the ones who couldn’t watch it live, he posted questions and answers here. Also there was an exhibition match between Ayestes (aka Astronomical) and Lybydose. You can watch this exciting Vinci mirror game with the commentary of Bridger and TheGoodEvil here.

Rise of Legends Patch 1.1

Hot on the heals of patch 1, patch 1.1 is already released for Rise of Legends. This patch mainly deals with balance changes. You can see the full list of changes at the BHG site. Glad to see BHG take a quick strategy in releasing patches.

Rise of Legends Heaven on RSS

Hey folks!

RSS Feeds are enabled in the forums now. If you have a RSS Reader, you can:

  • Track VIP posts across forums on a site
  • Track new topics on a per-forum basis
  • Track new messages (new topics & replies) on a per-forum basis

To get the VIP feed for example, visit the main page for a site’s forum:


using firefox and its Live Bookmarks function, or enter the URL into your favorite newsreader software (FeedDemon, Sage, etc.) – it should auto discover it. For more info check out wikipedia on RSS feeds.

Reminder: TSN Central Interviews BHG

On Thursday, May 25th, at 7pm EST Bridger from TSN Central be hosting an interview with 4 members of BHG, LIVE! It will be available to hear over shoutcast streaming audio for anyone! All you have to do is go to the TSN Central and click on the appropriate server. Afterwards they’ll have video coverage of an exhibition match between 2 of the best players currently in the game. If you’d like to submit questions or want to check out any more details, please see this post at the Tales of Legend Blog site.

Dates change for the NYU gaming courses

NYU is changing the dates on their class on “Dialogue and Narrative Creation for Electronic Games” conducted by Gordon Farrell. The class will now run from June 26’th to Aug 2’nd. For more information, go to their site then, click the bottom link in the selected course offerings list.

Rise of Legends Patch Released

Tim Train from Big Huge Games dropped by our forums to announce that a patch (nominally named patch 1). This patch fixes several problems, including crashes, pathfinding problems, and performance slowdowns. It also addresses some of the early balance issues. You can check out the full list of changes in this patch from his post here.

Strategic Discussions

Many of the greatest Rise of Legends players can get fooled by a simple rush. But, Bridger seems to have taken care of this problem. He has written a great and very helpful guide on stopping a rush. The guide walks you through spotting a rush, what to do about a rush, and what units to build with each civilization during a rush.

Bridger’s guide can be found here. Also, GRUNT has started an interesting debate on whether or not it is worth it to summon Marids. Share your opinions on Marids and other creatures here.

And last but not least, the RoLH Clan seems to be off to a good start. So, if you want to join a good clan, check out the RoLH Clan.

New reviews for RoL

Some more game sites have released their reviews for RoL. Firstly Gamespot reviewed RoL and gave it a score of 7.6 which means a good game in their rating system, you may check out the review here. IGN also released their review which gives RoL a score of 8.2 in overall (impressive). They seem to find single player and sounds lacking but say that RoL is succesfull in multiplayer, read the review here. Finally, 1up rated RoL 9/10 (outstanding) and described it as “one of the year’s best RTS games”. Here is an excerpt from the review:

“Rise of Legends is an RTS with familiar conventions, but the game world is different from anything you’ve seen before. Steampunk and fantasy mesh in a way that’s thrilling and engaging, and perilously addictive. It’s hard to find a comparison to any RTS you’ve experienced before; this masterpiece just may become a Legend in its own right.”

To check out the full article, click here.

Designer Nation

Many Rise of Legends enthusiasts have been busy with scenario design and modding. Here is a brief update of what is going on. Evolved and cdcool have made it possible to mod the second demo! This is a very cool and recommended download for anyone who does not have the full version of the game yet. Download it here.

Also, many scenario designers have been busy getting off to an early start by creating screenshots of their editor creations. If you would like to check some out, or post your own, go here. And finally, some design teams have emerged for Rise of Legends. cat has just announced that DGDN will be designing custom scenarios and modifications for Rise of Legends and Archaeopterix has posted that Ambition Designs will be designing for RoL as well.

Heroes of Aio League

The folks over at Heroes of Aio League wanted to announce the 1st season of their RoL gaming leaque among other events that the ROL community maybe interested in. You can check the details at their website.

New Rise of Legends Poll

Hey folks, now that the game is out and you have a chance really look at more of the units and heros in particular. The current poll question is which is your favorite Hero unit in Rise of Legends? You can vote at the front page (bottom right) or the main poll page.

Media Outlets Reviews Rise of Legends

The reviews for Rise of Legends are starting to really flow in now. summarizes the ratings across the board of different gamesites giving Rise of Legends an average score of 91% so far. This is based on results a previous rating from Yahoo Games and from ActionTrip which gave the game a score of 89% who enjoyed the campaigns in particular but had some issues with the pathfinding. While Gamezone gave the game a score of 91%, who gave the high praise for everything about the game, in particular the great gameplay but had some exceptions to the music. Finally Bovine Conspiracy gave the game an 8 out of 10. Who thinks the single player campaign is probably the best you’ll find this year, but still wanted more for the multiplayer experience.

Welcome Pepsidude123 to Cherubhood!

We have a new staff at Rise of Legends Heaven. He’s been an active participant on our forums, and could use some fresh blood to help us out with moderating our forums. So Pepsidude123 stepped up to the task of being our newest fat baby, I mean Cherub. Please everyone give him a warm welcome in his new incarnation.

New E3-2006 Demo Video of Rise of Legends

Gamespot has a new video of Rise of Legends! The first 10 minutes of this 25 minute video features an interview of Brian Reynolds as he is asked to demo the game at E3-2006. You can check that out at the Gamespot Rise of Legends video page.

BHG on Connection Issues

If you’re losing your connection online during the game, you may want to check this out:

Hello everyone,

I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble playing Rise of Legends online. I have a theory about why you are losing your connection. By any chance are any of you using Ventrilo or TeamSpeak when you are seeing these disconnects? If so, when you stop using these voice apps do your connectivity problems go away? Please post your experiences. The more information I get the faster I can get a fix in.

Stuart Jeff
Multiplayer Programmer

Post your feedback here.

RoL Screenshot of the Week 52

Can you believe it? There’s been 52 weeks (1 year worth) of screenshots of Rise of Legends, from Big Huge Games. This week’s screenshot shows Giacomo and some of his men happening upon a desvatates landscape of smoldering trees and rubble. You can check that out in our screenshot gallery.

Scenario Design Classes at NYU

NYU is having a class on “Dialogue and Narrative Creation for Electronic Games” focusing on the creation of RTS games! The class is being conducted by Gordon Farrell, who has a large number of highly rated scenarios on the HeavenGames download systems. Gordon went on from HG to work at Stainless Steel Studios, Breakaway Games and Tilted Mill.

This is a great opportunity for those in the NY area to learn more about game design. The class runs from May 15th to June 23 and meets Monday and Wed from 5:30 to 8:30. This is an actual college class you can take for college credits. Check it out at this link.

Rise of Legends Out in Stores Now!

Just in case, you haven’t been keeping up with the news literally. ise of Legends is now officially out in stores now in North America! So go and get it!

Final Community Tuesday Goodies from BHG

Joe from Big Huge Games has released a real treasure trove of information for their final Community Tuesday. This one features a whopping 13 megs of documentation and references on map making, cinematics, custom tribes and scripting. With plenty of examples! I’ve divided up the mega downloads into more manageable chunks separated into “kits”. The first is the Mapmaker Handbook, this is the one you should start with if you plan to make any scenarios for Rise of Legends. The next is MP Mapmaker Guide, this one describes how to make maps for multi-player scenarios. If making new civs, units and buildings then the Custom Tribe Kit, is the one for you. Now if you are an aspiring film-maker, maybe you want to check out the Cut Scene Guide first! Finally, for those gearheads who wanna get down and dirty with the scenario editor. Scripting is the way to go! The Scripting Kit provides documentation, references and examples to get you up to speed.

Into the Pixel Selects BHG Art

Just found out from the BHG website that this year’s “Into the Pixel” exhibition at E3 will feature a piece from Rise of Legends. “Alin Glass Desert” by Dylan Cole was selected by the panel of jurors as 1 of 16 winners from over 160 entries. You can check out all 16 from this link.

Yahoo Reviews Rise of Legends

Yahoo Games is the first review we’ve spotted on Rise of Legends. They give the game 4.5 stars out of 5. An pretty impressive score. They say “Rise of Legends has a hundred and one things in it, all fitting together in a hundred and one different ways. It’s generous, detailed, and brainy. If you want cheap thrills, there are some great real-time strategy games out there — this isn’t one of them. But if you want something from the other end of the spectrum that plays unlike anything else, this is the game for you.”. You can check out the full review at this link.

RoL Penultimate Screenshot of the Week

The week before the release of Rise of Legends, Joe from Big Huge Games digs into the vault one more time to give us a new screenshot of the week! This one features an Alin Glass Dragon attacking, a Cuoutl City of vengence, attacking a Vinci Land Leviathon. You can check that out in our gallery.

One More Week to Rise of Legends Release!

The title says it all but you heard it! Just one more week before the release of Rise of Legends! The suspense is thrilling!

Special Community Tuesday Goodies from BHG

This week, Joe from Big Huge Games has released something a little different for their community tuesday offerings. Instead of the usual pile of art goodies, they have released a special feature article on how the multiplayer rankings work, written by their multiplayer programmer, Stuart Jeff. Coupled with this are screenshots taken from an early build of the multiplayer interface. You can check those out in the beta screenshot gallery.