News Archive: November 2006

The beginning of a beautiful guide

Asehujiko has submitted the first in a series of guides for the Rise of Legends campaign. So far, Asehujiko has completed the guide for the first scenario and plans to do more if he has time. Check it out here!

Screenshot Contest – November

November’s contest is here! Submit a screenshot and get it ranked up against the other screenshots to find out if you are the best eye-candier here! Anyone who did not participate in the previous screenshot contest should give this a try and we will be pleased to have any of the people who have entered in the previous contest join in this one as well. All screenshots must be submitted by November 30, 2006.

The current theme is a stormy day which was thought up by storm legion who won the previous screenshot contest.

View the contest thread here. Good luck to all competitors!

A belated congrats

Just a belated congratulations to scenario designer, storm legion who has won the Halloween Screenshot Contest. His screenshot can be seen to the left. Great job, storm!

Sadly, he was also the only one to enter the contest. If you think you are pretty handy with the scenario editor or just want to try something new, feel free to participate in our next screenshot contest! Keep checking the site news and/or the Scenario Design forum for updates.

Forums Updated

A minor update has been made to the RoLH forums to encourage more strategy posts and to promote uploading recorded games. The Rise of Legends Beginner and Expert strategy forums have been merged so that all of the posted strats can be found in a single place and to avoid confusion of where to post your strategy. Also, an external forum link to the Downloads Section has been placed in the forums to promote recorded games. So, if you have a recorded game, feel free to upload it here if you want to share your game or ask for advice on your replay. And, if you have any guides or tips, we’d love you to post them in this forum.

Thank you.