News Archive: October 2006

Angel Evolved

We have another promotion at Rise of Legends Heaven. For his consistant and tireless efforts at Rise of Legends Heaven. Evolved is no long just a fat baby, I mean Cherub. But now an Angel! Congrats!

We want your input!

The Rise of Legends Heaven staff are hard at work trying to promote RoLH and trying to boost activity. However, we need your help! If you have any input on the site or ideas on how to improve RoLH, please post them in this thread or email your ideas to one of the RoLH moderators.

Thank you! Your suggestions will be appreciated.

Reminder: Halloween Screenshot Contest

Just a reminder, there are only four more days to enter the RoLH Halloween Screenshot Contest! The contest theme is obviously Halloween, or all things creepy. Screenies must be submitted by October 28th and public judging will go on for the 28th and 29th. On Halloween Day (Oct 31) the results will be posted.

Only one screenshot has been submitted, so I’d encourage everyone to try and make a screenshot! More information can be found here.

There’s a New Seraph in Town

Due to time constraints in real life. I’ve decided to step back a little bit and since Alex has done such a great job at the site. He formerly Cherub Alex, is now just Alex and Co-Seraph of Rise of Legends Heaven. Congratulations to him!

Latest RoL patch is out!

The latest Rise of Legends patch is now out! This is a large patch and fixes many balance issues. The patch should be very useful to all the Cuotl players out there as it mostly focuses on the Cuotl and even adds a new unit, the High Priest. The patch also changes some general things in Rise of Legends involving changes in some of the techs, maps, and general civilization changes. Be sure to check it out!

For more information, go here to find discussions from when the patch was first mentioned.

Preliminary Tournament Rankings

Big Huge Games has sorted out who will move on to the bracketed portion of the $100,000 tournament. 40 players have made the cut. In first place is Ice with an amazing 360 wins and only 12 losses. For the complete list, go here. Or, go here for discussions.

Congrats guys! And, stay tuned to see who wins!