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HeavenGames – 10 Years in Heaven!

Tomorrow, May 15th, is HeavenGames’ 10th Anniversary! To celebrate, a thread for everyone to post what HG means for them is to be opened for 24 Hours at Age of Empires Heaventhe longest running HG website.

The thread opens at Midnight tonight, and closes tomorrow at midnight. Visit the Thread

Settlers of Catan now available on Xbox Live Arcade

Catan, the Big Huge Game developed for the Xbox Live Arcade, has been released! Based upon the Board Game ‘Settlers of Catan‘, which has sold over 12 million copies worldwide, it is purchasable in the Live Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points – in the USA, 800 Points would cost about $10, with variations for other countries.

Tycho at Penny Arcade has written a review, which is a good read for those of you interested. Here’s a quote:
“I don’t know how this happened, how a game of this type was authorized all the way up the chain and then delivered on a mainstream entertainment device, but it’s clearly the result of some divine act. I must remember to make the proper sacrifices.”

Poll Results: What is your favourite national power?

In a very tight race, the Vinci Industrial Devastation received the most votes at 30, with the Alin Summon Army coming second, five votes behind and the Cuotl Star Bolt trailing in third place with 22 votes. Obviously you all just love watching the buildings break apart in an earthquake!

Check out the new poll: Do you think there will be an expansion pack for Rise of Legends?

Big Huge Patch 2.5

Rise of Legends patch 2.5 is now officially out. Once you connect, your game will automatically update itself. The new patch gives players fixes for Vista bugs, 10 new maps, and a lot of balance fixes. For more detailed information, see BHG’s patch notes here!

Big Huge Art Challenge Begins!

Big Huge Games and have teamed up together to host the Big Huge Art Challenge. There are two categories: one for concept art, and the other for 3D characters!
Prizes include an XBOX 360, Wii, PSP’s, Posters, Cash, and T-Shirts.

You’ve got until midnight on May 21st, 2007 to get your entries in. For more information, and to enter, visit the competition website.

RoL Piece for “Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art”

Spectrum have selected a Rise of Legends artpiece for their issue “Spectrum 14”, a showcase for “The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art”. BHG and the good people at Blur Studios were responsible for creating the artwork. You can find the details of their collaboration here. There were over 7000 entries, so to be one of the few selected from them is a huge honour.

Congratulations to BHG and Blur!

Thanks and Farewell Alex

Seraph Alex formerly known as pEpsIdUDe_123 and now Rainbow Randolph, joined the staff awhile ago. Through dedicated service to the community and RoLH, eventually made it to co-seraph of RoLH where he served equally well. But now he has other responsibilities and pursues in his life he wishes to attend to. So with gratitude for his service, I and the rest of the staff at RoLH wishes him farewell (as staff) and good luck!

Poll Results: How effeciently do you use your scouts?

So we asked you about how efficiently you all use your scout units. Turns out that most of you don’t think they’re incredibly useful and only use then at the beginning of the game to scout out the terrain and/or prior to raiding an opponent! And well… there’s the seven of you who don’t actually use scouts!

New poll’s up now. We want to know what your favourite national power is. Is it because they’re very useful or because the effects just look so shockingly beautiful? Vote, then post your reasons on our forums here!

BHG Tournament Results

Just as I hoped, former RoLH visitor, Grunt, took first place in the Rise of the Ultimate Champion Tournament with a most impressive tournament record of 8-0. His victory earned him a whopping check for $40,000! Above you can see the photo of BHG co-founder, Brian Reynolds, handing Grunt is well-deserved prize.

Very well done, Grunt. You truly are the ultimate champion! Tournament replays can be downloaded from GameReplays.

Tournament Finals Begin!

The finals for the $100,000 BHG Tournament have begun. All of the finalists have been flown to BHG headquarters in Timonium, Maryland, to finish the tourney. We should be hearing the results from this highly anticipated competition shortly.

View tournament standings here.

Be sure to show some support for Grunt who was once an active RoLH forumer!

Bigger… Huger… Gamier?

Big Huge Games is expanding with a new designer on the team. Ken Rolston joined BHG with his past experience from working on Elder Scrolls – working as a designer since 1982.

Ken will be putting his skills to use in designing a not-yet-announced console rpg. According to the BHG website, Ken will be leading the team through a new direction.

For more information, read about Ken Rolston here.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Rise of Legends Heaven

Hey guys,
On behalf of the ROLH Staff, we would like to wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day. If you haven’t checked out the forums, I suggest you do for a special treat.

Server Downtime

We have received quite a few reports that the RoL server is offline at this moment. If you are having trouble logging in to multiplayer, just wait it out. Do not reinstall your game as it will not help.

At this moment, no word has been given by BHG, so just hand on until further notice.

Poll Roundup

Coming in with th results from our previous poll, Are you looking forward to a possible RoL expansion?, 58% of visitors said they would be definitely looking forward to a possible expansion, 39% said they would look forward to it but are doubtful that there will be an expansion, the other 3% said they were fine with Rise of Legends as it is.

A new poll has been set up to see how many people use scout units efficiently. Vote here. Or, if you missed voting in the expansion poll or another previous poll, you can still do so here.

Downloads Survey

How do you like the Downloads Section at Rise of Legends Heaven? Anything you’d like to see differently? We ask that you take a minute or two and fill out this simple survey which will allow us to better our downloads section.

Thanks, any input will be appreciated.

BHG Sponsored Screenshot Contest – Winners

Dear lord! Almost forgot to put this in the news.

For all of you who have been following up on the winter-themed screenshot contest, the results are in! On behalf of the entire RoLH staff, I’d like to congratulate and thank everyone who participated in the competition. All of the screenshots were well designed and we had a suprisingly large number of RoL devs who showed up to vote.

In the end, the voting was very, very close. In third place, is Ramphastos. Only slightly beating our second place winner, is… our first place winner, storm legion with his screenshot, “The Oracle”. That leaves Mediolanus’s screenshot, “Mountain Mines”, in second place.

Announcing Catan Mini-Heaven

With BHG’s upcoming game, Catan, not far away, we have set up a mini-heaven for the game. A forum has been set up and the staff are working on a Catan gallery embedded into the RoLH site. Later on, we hope to fill this forum with additional game info, strategies, forum parties (if possible), and interviews with the devs over at BHG.

Check out the forum while waiting for Catan to come out. 🙂

Another displaying of BHG artwork

Big Huge Games will be displaying their concept art in the Gudelsky Gallery in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Big Huge Games is excited to announce “Sketch to Screen”, an exhibition at the Gudelsky Gallery at the School of Art + Design at Montgomery College in Silver Spring, Maryland. Set to open February 19th, the exhibition examines the active transition of concept art in modern video games and will run through March 18th.

Second in a series first exhibited at the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Rosenberg Gallery earlier in 2006, “Sketch to Screen” represents the work of the talented artists of Big Huge Games. The exhibition focuses on the concept art and impressive visual imagery of Big Huge Games’ latest award-winning release of the PC Game Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends. In addition to previously displayed works, the exhibition will feature additional selections that will be presented for the first time for public viewing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the creation of the beautiful concept art from Rise of Legends, this is a great showing to visit. For more information, go to the official BHG site.

BHG Have Plans in the Console Market

Big Huge Games, the game design studio which brought us Rise of Legends and Rise of Nations, is Releasing a game – but this time for the Xbox 360! ‘Settlers of Catan‘ is to be released soon – possibly this month! It is an immensely popular Board game, and is the creation of a German, Klaus Teuber. You can read up on it on Wikipedia. You can discuss it in this thread in our forums.

It will be released on the Xbox Live Arcade. For those who don’t know, the Xbox Live Arcade is an online service that is run by Microsoft to distribute video games at prices between about $5 and $15 to Xbox Owners – in this case the Xbox 360.

This is, apparently, not the only thing they have been working on, so look lively over the next few weeks or months.

BHG Tournament Finalists!

The BHG $100,000 tournament is coming to an end. The top finalists, Ice, KhuFu_OwNz, N00Biee, IamDaut, AsTheRuinsFall, Grunt, Adjeking, DakiMagro, will be flown to Baltimore, Maryland to finish up the competition. More information on the current tournament standings can be found here.

Congrats to the eight finalists!

A History of Real Time Strategy

Our sister site, Game Replays, appears to have been working very hard on a history of real time strategy article. The article is well-written and very interesting, check it out here.

The History of Real Time Strategy was conceived as a project designed to narrate the history of the RTS genre and catalogue the major RTS games that have been released over the years. However, since the RTS genre has become so huge and expansive, it was impossible for one person to write down everything that needed to be written. Not even those who have been with the RTS genre from the very beginning have enough experience with the genre to fully describe it from birth to the present day (although there have been some attempts).

To solve this, various members of GameReplays volunteered their experience and wrote about different games in the history of the RTS genre. As a result, each of the articles in this feature has its own unique style and perspective. However, this does not mean that this project is just a random collection of unrelated articles. I hope that as you read and learn about the RTS games of the past, you will see the connections between them and how they relate to one another.

It doesn’t look like it mentions Rise of Legends, but it does talk about Rise of Nations on part 4.1.

Great job to the staff writers at Game Replays. The article was a very nice read.

Gaming Nexus reviews RoL

Rise of Legends was recently reviewed by Gaming Nexus. In this review, Rise of Legends received a review of 8/10.

The factions and their environments are gorgeous. The Vinci look fantasy Renaissance-y, with factory-like buildings and units of brown with spinning gears and belching smoke. The Alin live in the desert and have soaring, multi-spired buildings and units of fire and glass and electric blue. The Cuotl have megalithic buildings and megalithic units that have red highlights to stand out against their green jungle home. Watching these guys battle is a visual treat.

Faction playing styles are as different as their looks. The Vinci are the most balanced of the bunch. They have a few of everything – a few air units, a few land units, a few big units, a few small units. Vinci cities are a treat to build. Their Research Lab building can be upgraded into a variety of special buildings. It’s always fun to get yourself a Doom Cannon and start blasting stuff. You’ll start out as the Vinci in the single-player campaign.

To read the whole review, go here.

To check out additional reviews, go here.

Poll Roundup

The previous poll, Which is your favorite aspect of RoL?, has just been taken off the main page. The poll received 78 votes and the top aspect, with 40 votes, was RoL’s theme.

A new poll has been set up about a possible RoL expansion. Take a look and vote here!

Gallery Updates

We’ve had some new uploads of the gallery.
First there’s Storm Legion’s entry for the $100 Screenshot Competition, and he’s also uploaded a behind the scenes look at his competiton entry. Both are in the Creations Album.

We’ve also got 2 very impressive drawings in the Fan Art Album. We’re unsure who is the author, as we couldn’t find an author’s name on either. The First is a Prototype Armed Vinci Scout, and the second a design for a Pirata Marauder craft.

On another note, the voting for Zeke’s Corner’s (the Community Forum’s) Banner has begun in this thread. Thanks to all the people who contributed their banners.

Deadlines approaching!

Just a heads up, our forum banner contest and screenshot design contest are drawing to an end. The banner contest ends on January 14. After that, public voting will be open. The screenshot contest ends on January 30.

So, check both of those out and you also might be interested in the great prizes. HG T-shirts for the banner contest and $100 USD (thanks to BHG) for the screenshot contest. Hope to see you participate!

Poll: What is your favorite aspect of Rise of Legends?

Check out the new poll when you have a chance and vote for your favorite aspect of RoL. The current choices are Campaign, Multiplayer, Theme, Scenario Editor, and theMusic.