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Topic Subject: Which Campaign did you like the most ?
posted 10-11-16 01:59 AM EDT (US)   
The Vinci Campaign

The Alin Campaign

The Cuotl Campaign

posted 10-11-16 05:57 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
The Vinci campaign, 100%

I've always liked the Vinci more than the Alin and Cuotl so fighting Vinci armies with my Vinci armies was great.
posted 10-13-16 11:51 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
I like the Alin campaign the most because of the desert fantasy setting, the graphics (dark glass, windswept sandy deserts, day and night lighting, eye candy, etc) are immersive making you feel like you're in an Arabian nights fantasy story.

I think all the campaigns have some good and not so good elements, there are a lot of things left unexplained or that are confusing in the story line.

I think the last Vinci scenario would have been better with a Doge battle instead of him "escaping" to Azar Harif. You don't get to fight him in Venucci and then again at Mezekesh for the second time he's not there, only his army is. Only in the cutscene do we see Giacomo fight him, so it feels anti-climatic.

And somehow Sawu is available to be summoned as a hero on your side after defeating him, it's not explained what happened to him, is he you're "friend" or ally now and why?
A lot of other characters aren't developed as much such as Distruzio, the various Vinci lords, Alin genies, Damanhur and Dahkla and most of the alien Cuotl heroes don't have any dialogue.

The Cuotl campaign itself feels rushed with a lot of skirmishes and not that much dialogue, story and characters, it would have been nice to see more Cuotl heroes and heroines.

It may sound like I'm complaining but I love the game for what it is and could have been if there was more time for development, and better modding options earlier on so fans could create their own unique scenarios, characters and stories. As it stands now we are slowly working on making the game more moddable.

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posted 10-13-16 02:37 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3  
I kinda liked Alin campaign the most too. Maybe it's because I really love mystical creatures like huge fire-breathing salamanders, giant land mantas and scorpions riders, sand dragons (because dragons are epic!) or rukh.

In the campaign itself I have a feel that side missions were nicely developed and there were many of them.

Feel of the desert with that night cycle and glass terror, Arri shouting commands, fire and sand raging everywhere, it's just too good.

Of course other campaigns aren't bad in any way, but this one feels special for me .

Plus yeah @alincarpetman, the Doge being present in Mezekesh at least would be awesome. I mean, I really liked the cutscene with killing Doge, but sometimes you just want to do some things by yourself.

For the Azar Harif!
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