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Here's a thread to post any substantial news about the original disc and possible future digital editions of the game.
Since this game didn't receive much modding support upon launch not many mods and guides were created when compared with similar games such as Age of Mythology, so the extra details here and there are major news for players and modders of this game.
In case you haven't been up to date with everything about this game - here is a brief timeline, interesting info and links:

2006 - Rise of Legends released by Big Huge Games and Microsoft Studios
2007 - ROL Expansion cancelled - possible features to be included were ice and water terrains and the Kahan nation, it is unknown if the Skald and other nations were developed in depth
2007-2012 - BHG works on AOE3:TAD XP, Catan and the rpg Crucible: Forge of the Emperor/Ascendant/Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning and becomes defunct after 38 Studios goes bankrupt
2010? - ROL is re-released on 1x DVD disc and includes all the official online patches (the original was 4x CDROMs and was unpatched)
2010 - Modding Milestone: Motter28218 releases the mod Motter's Expansion
2013 - Modding Milestone: Motter28218 releases the mods Campaign Heroes In Skirmish and New Nations
2013 - Website Goal: Alincarpetman compiles the The Rise of Legends Index, a rough draft for a ROL website rebuild
2013 - Microsoft and Skybox Labs acquire the rights to RON and ROL, the status of BHG's unreleased games Rise of Nations: Tactics, the Rise of Legends Expansion and God: The Game is unknown, Rise of Nations 2 was a concept and not in development
2014 - Rise of Nations: Extended Edition released on Steam by Skybox Labs and Microsoft Studios
2015 - BHG returns and releases the mobile game DomiNations
2015 - Modding Milestone: Alincarpetman compiles the All Modding Guides & Tools Pack
2016 - Modding Milestone: Ryder releases the ROL BIG Archiver for Rise of Legends, unlocking the BIG files for further modding, some of the discoveries are the original Aio world map and the Kahan nation details
2016 - Modding Milestone: Motter releases the mod New Nations and Campaign Mods Combined
2017 - Modding Goal: ROL User Patch project initiated, needs people, will expand gameplay and modding and open up a RON2 conversion mod possibility
2017 - Rise of Nations: Extended Edition released on Windows Store
2017 - Modding Milestone: Negatratoron releases the mod CTW Heroes in Multiplayer
BHG's DomiNations makes $150 mil, studio will continue to make mobile games
THQ Nordic acquires Amalur and Copernicus games for possible releases/remasters
Skybox Labs and Forgotten Empires are focused on AOE series Definitive Editions for the Windows Store
Besides this subreddit these are the other current places for ROL discussion and info:
ROL Heavengames Forum
ROL Discussion on RON:EE Steam Forum
Mod Database - ROL
ROL Wikia
Various Youtube videos
ROL Discord Channel
Current Goals
- The ROL User Patch project needs people, if you have modding and/or programming skills you can read the details here (a free DVD copy will be mailed to serious modders and programmers if they don't have the game)
- There are long-term plans to rebuild the ROL Heavengames website, you can post feedback and ideas here
- You can contact Skybox here to voice support for a ROL: Extended Edition and Expansion on Steam, though it is probably a good idea to work on a player-made User Patch regardless of if and when there will be a ROL:EE & XP
Discuss, add relevant news, links, etc below:

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