posted 05-10-22 08:00 PM EDT (US)   
For many reasons there isn't much activity on the RON & ROL HG websites.
Covid and the reactions to it have also messed up a lot of things for people and real life is more of a priority than games.
However I still maintain an interest in ROL as it's my favorite RTS and still has more modding/scenario creation potential if it were to get patched/remastered.

Most discussion is here:

RON Discord
RON Steam

ROL Discord
ROL discussion at RON Steam

And occasionally on Reddit:

RON Reddit
ROL Reddit

Eventually the RON & ROL Heavengames sites may become read-only searchable archived websites, but may be re-opened if they can be updated in the future.
They were supposed to be archived until I stepped in to maintain and update them as a volunteer with limited technical support given the circumstances of an older website.

If anyone has ideas on an updated centralized community-sourced website for these games, which are BHG's RTS "duology", or part of the 6 game "Microsoft RTS Series" which includes AOE1-3 & AOM, then you can post below if able or discuss at Steam or Discord.
You can also make suggestions or volunteer to improve the HG websites by contacting Terikel.

Besides doing a little reorganizing, compiling of information, sharing news and links on various game sites, with Ryder's help we got the ROL BIG Archiver released to the public and I attempted to get User Patches going (or continuing for Vugi's RON Patch) for both games and have been emailing developers regularly asking about any future remasters of these games. Currently Microsoft has the rights to both games but there are no plans for rereleases and BHG is making other new games.

ROL Encyclopedia of Game Info & Links
ROL Reddit Latest News & Timeline
Rise of Nations - Timeline, News, Links

Patch History Change Log & Notes
List of All Game Files & Programs Used For Modding
Modding History Timeline For Programmers & Modders

ROL BIG Archiver
All Modding, Scenario, Map and Script Editing Guides & Tools Pack

RON User Patch
ROL User Patch

If you need to contact me I will be more active on Discord in the near future as that's the main place for the Rise of series nowadays.
Current and future staff can check my moderator job threads here and here.

Take care,
- alincarpetman