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Topic Subject: ROL on Steam
posted 01-18-15 02:48 AM EDT (US)   
Check out BHG's new game, DomiNations here. Updated BHG summary page here.

- Most discussion about RON Extended Edition is here on Steam as well as Rise of Legends here.

- Write to Skybox here and post on Steam with feedback for the updated Rise of Nations as well as to give support and feedback for a re-released Rise of Legends

- For all Rise of Nations fans and Rise of Legends haters: If Rise of Legends is re-released with full modding, modders and fans of Rise of Nations will finally be able to mod ROL to its full potential to make a Rise of Nations "total conversion mod", a fan made "Rise of Nations 2" or whatever you'd like... So it makes sense to support and buy both games.

- For all Rise of Legends fans, check out the ROL encyclopedia here, the 3 mods by Motter here, a list of errors and game suggestions here, and the Moddb and Wikia pages for more info and places to contribute

- Microsoft has a new studio Decisive Games which is working on "the next installment in a beloved strategy game franchise to the next generation of gamers around the world." - might this be an "Age of","Rise of" or otherwise related game?

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Thanks for the news and links, Alin!

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