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Topic Subject: Bridge of Ranconi (I'm getting wrecked)
posted 09-19-15 10:51 PM EDT (US)   
I'm going back and replaying all the campaigns on tough, which I previously found too difficult. I'm up to the bridge at ranconi, but the Doge keeps coming in with his army in the first couple of minutes and wrecking my army and taking my capital.

I have all my troops maxed, Giacomo, Leonora, Distruzio and Battaglion maxed (as far as you can in the Vinci anyway), and my army consists of 2 juggernauts, 1 air cruiser, 2 steam cannons, 1 clockwork man and 1 clockwork spider.

My most effective strategy so far is to get a military district going, add a merchant district and a barracks (along with the clockwork miner), and get as many troops as I can. When he attacks, I set the demolition clockworks on the Doge and use the blast on his troops. I get the air cruiser to use its enhanced attack, and split up Giacomo and the Jugernauts so he can't use his Hammer ability on all of them. But it's just not enough.

Please some advice
If you think my army is wrong, or there are some specific strategies I need to employ, please let me know.

All help is much appreciated.

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posted 09-20-15 08:45 PM EDT (US)     1 / 6  
Hi lachie, yeah I've tried playing through the entire game on tough and I wasn't able to finish certain missions such as Ranconi bridge, which is probably the toughest for the Vinci campaign. Funny that the last Vinci mission (Venucci) is easier than Ranconi, maybe because the Doge is not there, and so it also feels anti-climactic.

I have tried multiple tactics and strategies but no matter what the Doge always seems to arrive and cause defeat. I don't have the game in front of me right now but is there space for 3 Juggernauts? It could be a matter of getting a specific selection of units for your starting army, as well as timing certain spells and attacks.

You could slow down the game to a slower speed, but some consider that cheating.

You can read some walkthroughs and watch some let's plays on youtube (check here for links) but it seems most of these were done on easy or medium difficulty.

Maybe no one has finished all the missions on tough?

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posted 09-26-15 04:33 PM EDT (US)     2 / 6  
Just in case anyone is interested, I managed to complete that one by changing my army to 3 air cruisers (negating his cannon ability), 3 clockwork men and 3 clockwork spiders. I got the clockwork miner, 2 military districts and a merchant district by the time he arrived, and when I saw him approaching I sent out the air cruisers, activated their super boosters and set them on the Doge, and they took him out before he could do serious damage. I then withdrew back to the capital, setting my clockworks and cruisers on the juggernaut.

If you can pull that off, he won't re-summon and won't launch another attack on your first base.
posted 09-26-15 04:57 PM EDT (US)     3 / 6  
Awesome, I'll have to try that strategy when I get a chance. The Alin and Cuotl campaigns on tough also have some missions which seem impassable. On the Alin world map the dark genies keep reincarnating in various areas so it becomes difficult to keep fighting them both on 2 fronts, and getting sent to regular (and sometimes boring) skirmish battles often.

In one game I played, at Mezekesh, Sawu and his army managed to destroy all of my units except Giacomo, who managed to fire a last hit before killing Sawu. (On another try he died right before killing Sawu.) It was an intense battle, and maybe I didn't manage things well enough as it can be difficult to manage many units in such a fast battle in a small area (without pausing or slowing down the game).

Sanbar Flats is another difficult one on tough, and a favorite mission of mine. Andromolek (Dark Alin hero) and a crazy Vinci scientist are featured in this one.

On the tough Cuotl campaign I got stuck on the mission Zhat, where you have to secure the center city as well as 4 corner points. I manage to slowly get up to 3 corners until being overwhelmed by Czin.
posted 05-29-16 07:50 AM EDT (US)     4 / 6  
Well, looks like I will try to beat everything on tough at the holidays xD.
posted 05-29-16 05:13 PM EDT (US)     5 / 6  
Sounds cool, let us know how it goes

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posted 08-30-16 06:24 PM EDT (US)     6 / 6  
I wanted to finish all 3 campaigns at hard this summer but due to the lack of time I only managed to get Vinci one done.
With that being said, here are my experiences.

Ranconi bridge was really hard, fortunately nuking Doge and juggernaut with 3 starting air cruisers and building steam fortress sealed the deal, after first attack mission was easy because Doge doesn't respawn and only small attacks come in. If you destroy steam fortress with explosive trucks you probably can't lose.

What I found harder though are skirmish missions when you have to get your territory back. I rushed to Feligno and conquered few nearby provinces but then I had to fight Doge and Rocco on one skirmish map with both their armies. Well... I haven't got technology and army at that time so I failed miserably. The only way I got over it was stocking up on military districts on strategic map and conquering provinces far away so I can grow stronger.

Surprisingly, the Wastelands ( Rocco's capital) were very easy for me. Apparently Distruzio's junkyards were invincible and machines produced there were coming out so fast that they stalled about 15 doge elite guard units, 6or so doge walkers, 2 steam juggernauts, a few pirata flyers, many clockwork spiders, steam cannons and Rocco himself. Needless to say I secured nearby city, Condotierri camps and then waited looong time to launch full attack. I hope he enjoyed 10air cruisers 30musketeers 20clockwork humans, 6heroes, 8carrying airships, many pirata flyers, cannons, 30+condotierri etc.. That was absolute murder, I had like 10x more forces than needed because heroes aoe with nation power nearly alone dealt with Rocco's army weakend by Distruzio's forces. Oh, and saying about Distruzio, big thanks to him for healing enemy army with his grenades 3 times in a row

Sorry for a long post, sharing some emotions this old game brought to me once again :')

Azar Harif mission seems really nicely and well designed.
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