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Topic Subject: Anything new?
posted 09-24-15 01:15 PM EDT (US)   
Hello, I've not visited this place in about a year, how's things going? Any news?
posted 09-25-15 09:22 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3  
Hey jango,

Motter & I are working behind the scenes on trying to open up the game for fuller modding, we will post news here once we get something definite.

Other than that, keep checking here "Section 2 - Future Re-releases" for any upcoming news regarding a re-release of Rise of Legends.

At the moment Aoe2 and Aom are getting new expansions by the Forgotten Empires Team and Skybox Labs, so any Ron & Rol news may be next year or later. You can email the the teams with support for the Ron/Rol re-releases/expansions.
posted 09-27-15 07:22 AM EDT (US)     2 / 3  
I sure hope so! An expansion or a sequel would be really awesome. Even if this game was simply put on Steam, it would be a great boost to the popularity (and fix the patches and multiplayer!)

I also see Big Huge Games is back, but they have no rights to their old games, do they?
posted 09-27-15 10:54 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3  
Rise of Nations (and Aoe2, Aom) were put up on Steam and apparently some players are having problems whether technical or trying to find decent multiplayer games to play, so it seems there are some common issues porting to Steam and then maintaining patching for some of these games. Rise of Legends might have the same issues but at least more people would be aware of the game and have input.

You can read about Big Huge here. Skybox seems to have some rights, but I don't know about all their unfinished and unreleased games. At the moment BHG is focusing on Dominations.
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