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Topic Subject: File extraction
posted 03-04-19 09:47 AM EDT (US)   
Out of curiosity, I wanted to try my hand at editing/modding. I downloaded the files in the large zip, and read the ReadMes about how to do things, etc.

I extracted the mod_data files both with Modder.exe and ROL BIG Archiver, and the files aren't really the same. Most obvious is unitrules.xml: the file extracted with Modder.exe is smaller in size and number of lines than the one extracted with RBA. It seems the one extracted with Modder is pre-patch data, as High Priest is missing from the Cuotl.
If I want to mod the file, which one should I use?

(My game is already patched with 2.5)
posted 03-05-19 11:08 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
@ GoldenPincers

The Modpack.exe extracts some files but not the archived .BIG files.
After Ryder made the ROL BIG Archiver, you can now extract more of the content that was previously hidden.

As far as which one to mod, that's a good question - we still need more testing.
I know Motter28218 did his modding pre-RBA, maybe he'll post here again and explain what he knows.

My guess is you could try a simple mod and test it with both XML files one after the other to determine what works or doesn't.

RBA and ROL modding in general still needs testing and probably some new utilities or integration with existing programs.
I'd like to see people figure this out as I have limits with my skills and I initiated the Upatch project for this reason.
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