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Game Modifications
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Topic Subject: A New Nation Mod Completed.
posted 09-22-20 10:43 AM EDT (US)   
Hi everyone, I have completed a New Nation mod and have decided to share it here as there is no reason not to do so.

Brief description:
A new nation, the Neo Miana is added to the game as the fourth faction. In an imaginary alternate story line, Giacomo did not die in the Cuotl Campaign and created a new nation with Lenora and Arri using techs from all three original factions, known as the Neo Miana.

The three heroes are Arri, Cuotl Giacomo and Lenora. The nation produces selected structures and units (some are originally campaign-only) from all three original nations with improved stats and new abilities. The new nation is generally stronger and is designed to play against toughest AIs of original nations.

The Quick Battle AI is also fully implemented for the new nation and you can learn how to play the faction by setting the top-left player to be a toughest Neo Miana AI(right click and select Computer plays this seat and set hardness to toughest) and see what the AI does.

The "Advanced" tips tab also includes helps on how to play the new nation at the beginning. (Original Advanced tips comes after that)

It is designed to be fun for people who like any of the following playing styles:
1. Likes to keep home base safe with extremely strong units (feeling safe at home)
2. Likes to let our ally to fight and sending small amount of forces to assist the ally
3. Likes to have army of strong individual units rather than a large amount of weak units
4. Likes to play against toughest AIs but needs a stronger faction in order to keep up.
5. Likes to have toughest AIs killing each other while interfering in the war with small amount of elite forces.
6. Likes to use my code as reference for creating other custom new nations.

Some original AI bugs are also fixed, such as Vinci AIs not creating Land Leviathans, Czin not using Death Gate and Shok not using Lightning Jump. Cuotl units are also made slightly better(mostly in terms of cost) and AI improved as well because toughest Cuotl AIs lose against Vinci and Alin too often in the original game.

A new 8-player map, Struggle of Scavengers (based on Maldini Heights) is added as a bonus. It is a campaign-like map with quests and bonus quests and is designed to be hard to win normally. It is most fun to play in Free-For-All mode or Team-Free-For-All mode with No-Defeat-When-Capital-Loss rule with 7 toughest Vinci, Cuotl or Alin AIs.

Another new 8-player map Northland Wilderness (based on Northland Flurry) is also added but is just a normal map without quests.

Download Link:
Updated Version
1. Some text errors are fixed(most notably the national spell's buff time)
2. Some code comments are cleaned up
3. some rebalancing most notably Cuotl strengthened in terms of resource income from research(toughest Cuotl AI was still losing a lot before update)
4. map Northland Wilderness terrain blocking error fixed
5. a new modified map Quetzal's Jungle is included

Before Update

How to install:
1. Run modpack.exe
2. Backup the original Data, rules, and maps folders
3. Delete the original Data, rules, and maps folders
4. Unzip the downloaded rar (containing Data, rules, and maps folders) into the original game directory

How to play:
1. After installation, most 6-8 player maps already have a version with "2" in their names (Kalahese Desert 2, for example). Those maps are playable with the new nation immediately.
2. For other maps, use the scenario editor and click the fourth button(the green one), then in the newly appeared buttons click the second button. You should see "Manage Nations", click on it and add the new nation from the list. Then click on the "Playable" button and add the new nation as well.

Additional note:
The game usually lasts very long for the new bonus maps as it is designed to be so, and it will crash in the unpatched version of the game. To patch the game to fix the crashing,
1. Make sure the game is with the latest official patch. The version number should be "0.0704.1001.0000.13.0"
2. Back up legends.exe in the game directory.
3. Download "apply_patch.exe" and "fix_diff.txt" from here:
4. Place the two downloaded files in the game directory.
5. Run "apply_patch.exe"

There are other crashing bugs in the game with unknown reason but none of them occurs very often. With the above fix most of the games should stop crashing.

If anyone finds any bug please let me know. This was a huge project at least for me so it's pretty hard to debug.

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posted 09-22-20 11:17 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Sounds fun, I will check this out when I get a chance.

I recommend submitting the download here at HG ROL and Moddb as well as advertising it on the ROL Discord channel.
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