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Topic Subject: Hello All. Taking requests on my mod
posted 11-21-21 04:24 AM EDT (US)   
Sorry I've been away so long just work, life, all that. At any rate I notice there's still some people replying to mod and making requests so I decided I'm going to start taking requests/fixing any bugs.

One thing I wanted to try - well I guess first let me ask - did anyone ever get my mod to work with multiplayer?

If not I've got an idea that I may release a version of the mod that only enables the 3 major new nations: Venucians, Dark Alin, The Fallen.

Maybe keeping the amount of changes to more of a minimum will allow it to played on the server and from there we can experiment as we go like I could enable the Fire Citadel on a map or 2 and allow all the Fire Units to be built there, ditto thinks like Clockwork Scrapyard, etc.

I'd like to do a simple test first where I just make 1 minor change on a basic Musketeer and I guess if even such a small change prevents multiplayer then we're screwed.

Anyway, I've read some of the past suggestions and yes I'll put Acerbus the Mystic back in for the Alin and I'll also look into the other issues people were having.

**Any new suggestions or bugs you find post them, I'll try to get them done soon as I can but I want to give others time to put in requests so I can do (hopefully) only 1 release.
posted 03-26-22 06:50 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
Hey Motter, it's been a while and same here - life, stress, work and all the rest in this crazy world.

I don't have the time to test anything now but try asking on the ROL Discord as that's where most ROL players talk nowadays. Some people would be glad to see you there.

There's still no news on the User Patch or an official re-release of the game, but the AOE series got some more remasters, expansions and AOE4.

My guess is AOM will get an update or new game and maybe then they will get around to RON & ROL but there's no guarantee which is why I initiated the ROL UPatch but there hasn't been much progress as with the more popular AOE series.
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