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Game Modifications
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Topic Subject: Mod - Add heroes and remove unit cap (supports multiplayer)
posted 01-06-11 05:04 AM EDT (US)   
This is a beta version of a mod I'm working on that does what's listed in the topic. It's not done, but it's finished enough that it's playable, for the most part (No Cuotl support yet, and I've only set it up to work with the 8-player Kalahese Desert map and the 2-player Spire Forest map, but hey, it works), so I'm throwing it on here as it is and I'll post progress updates and whatnot.

  • Gives heroes to Alin and Vinci (Arri, Belisari, Andromelek, Pulitore for Alin; Distruzio, Carlini, Battaglion, and Venza for vinci)
  • Units buildable from Alin and Vinci structures do not count toward unit cap

To do:
  • Give all units 0 population count for all nations (some units produced or bought from neutral sites still count toward that)
  • Make it optional to remove the unit cap
  • Add heroes to cuotl (Yontash, Kakoolha, Mirror Giacomo, and Ix)
  • If it's not feasible to make Ix work like a normal hero, give the user the option to remove him as well as one hero each from Alin and Vinci
  • Add mod support on all maps
  • Add AI support
  • Make the mod not break the campaign (will be moved to Wishful Thinking if this turns out to be impossible)

Wishful thinking:
  • Add heroes and whatnot straight to the builtin tribes so we don't need to tinker with making three new custom nations (see Notes below)

Copy the "Data" and "maps" folders to your Rise of Legends directory.

Delete the "data" folder in your Rise of Legends directory. Copy the contents of "backup maps" from the zip file into your "maps" directory inside the Rise of Legends directory to revert Spire Forest and Kalahese Desert.

Modifications to the built-in Vinci, Alin, and Cuotl nations vanish in multiplayer, so in order to get multiplayer support I've made three new nations that are identical to Vinci, Alin, and Cuotl but have the extra heroes and the no unit cap. These new nations are called CTWVinci2, CTWAlin2, and CTWCuotl2.

A consequence of this is that I have to manually tell each map to support the new nations, which is why only a limited number of maps support the mod so far.

I made the new nations by copying and pasting from files that were, I presume, used for the computer AI players during the campaign.

A consequence of this is that when I started, there was a lot of crap in those files from the campaign that we don't want or need in regular multiplayer. For example, the Vinci tribe I copied from let you build Doge Elite Guard units from the barracks instead of Imperial Musketeers, and it let you build those Doge Cannons from the steam fortress. I believe some of the unit prices were off too.

I've corrected most of this, and some friends and I have played through full games as both CTWVinci2 and CTWAlin2 so it looks like those two are pretty robust, but we may not have caught everything. If weird stuff happens (stuff you can build that you shouldn't be able to build, unit prices that are wrong, any buildable units that add to your pop cap, etc), please tell me so I can fix it.

In quick battle or multiplayer, select the 8-player Kalahese Desert or 2-player Spire Forest.

For some reason the combo box of nations doesn't update right when you change maps, so you need to change your nation once to Vinci, Alin, or Cuotl. Then you will be able to see the nations I've added. Select CTWVinci2 or CTWAlin2 (CTWCuotl2 is only about 30% finished).

Do not set a computer player to play as one of the new nations. I haven't found out how to do AI yet, so a computer player assigned to a new nation just sits and does nothing.

Right, so have fun with it. As I said in Notes, I've played through several full games as both CTWVinci2 and CTWAlin2 without incident, but if anything unusual happens, tell me and I'll fix it.

And here it is.

Modding Rise of Legends is such a can of worms at times...

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posted 01-11-11 03:49 AM EDT (US)     1 / 4  
Really good work! New heroes in skirmish makes the game more interesting! Please dont brake working on this mod and thanks for work that already done!)))

p.s i think that better will be divide this mod in three:
first - with unit cap only
second - with new campaign heroes only
third - all together

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posted 01-17-11 09:02 AM EDT (US)     2 / 4  
If you want to add heroes to regular play you can download my expansion, I added "Ix, the Moon God" for regular play already along with his spells, and he levels up like regular heroes, you can use him as an example to add the rest of the heroes, I have a new mod where I've added all CTW heroes to regular play, if you want help with this let me know. Hope this helps.

posted 11-24-17 02:41 AM EDT (US)     3 / 4  
This mod is now available in the Downloads section here.
posted 11-07-19 11:42 AM EDT (US)     4 / 4  
does this work with the basic retail version non patched?
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