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Game Modifications
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Topic Subject: For Alincarpetman
posted 09-17-14 06:33 PM EDT (US)   
Here are some answers to some of the questions in your download:

11: Q: I have a question regarding editing the unitrules.xml files. Is it possible to add a carrying capacity to some units by editing the CARRY SIZE values or CARRY? or is it only possible with the original carrier units?

A: You can make other units have a carry capacity. I did this with the Pirata Base and the Air Destroyer, I do not know if EVERY unit can do it, I have to think giving some units the ability to transport could cause graphics problems and crash the game.

15. Q: Is there a script editor in the game? Because for the life of me I can't find it. I found the spot where you can associate the scenario with a certain script, but I can't find where to create the script.

A: There is a way to view the script in game, but you cannot edit the script on the fly or compile scripts. This is a feature that was not carried over from RON and it's a shame because it was very helpful. To make a script you just need to copy a .bhs file, delete it's contents then add your own. Make sure you change the name to the name of the map you want to associate it with and put it in the same folder as that map.

17. Q: Has anyone figured out how to use the triggers?

A: I can answer trigger questions, what types of things are people trying to do?

23. Q: What is the bug with the editor that everyone says exists. Some say it has been fixed others say there is a bug.

A: One bug is you can't delete a script that is already attached to a campaign map that came with the game, you can edit it, or just delete all the info if you want to use the map, but it is hard coded to the map, if you delete it, the game will crash.

24. Q: Also, do you need to create a completly new custom tribe or is there some trigger like the modify proto-unit like in AoM? or can you script something similar?

A: I need more info on this. What are you trying to do, just mod a particular unit for a particular map? Not sure what the question is here.

25. Q: 1 of 2) How do I insert the script? I typed in the name of the script which is in the same folder as the map file, pressed enter, and nothing. The name of the script is still visible in he text box, but that's it. Saving and re-loading the map file kills any mention of the script. "Browse" doesn't work either.

A: All you have to do is name your script the exact same name as your map file and have them in the same folder, that's all there is to it.

33. Q: 2) How does one define locations, areas, etc. in the script code ONLY, e.g. "Location test1 = (50,50)" , if at all possible?

A: I may not fully undestand this question, but you can have a script look for a certain unit/building or group and then have it store that spot, if this is what was being asked let me know I will give more detail.

48. Q: 3) Any way that we could get info on modifying other stuff (for .map files) such as:

A: You actually can mod these files quite a bit if you get good with hex editor. If people want more info on this I can help, there is a ton of info in the .map files that can be edited, you have to know some basic hex tho.

59. Q: Just some random questions and ideas off the top of my mind for any interested in answering or discussing:

- Can bridges be enabled to be destroyed? If so is it just the Vinci metal bridges or all of them? Also the Vinci metal bridges look like they can function as drawbridges - can they be enabled to be retracted up and down? The only time in the game this happens is in the Vinci campaign's Ranconi mission - the demolition trucks blow up the bridge and you lose the mission. Other rts games have a forced-fire option when you press Shift and attack, so you can attack your own units and inanimate objects but in ROL you can't do that. I'm thinking of the Command and Conquer series of games, in which bridges are also destroyable but repairable with an engineer. Maybe this was planned for Rol or could be modded in?

Possibly, with a script, I made the demolition truck blow up this way, if you have an actual building or unit, I can blow it up.

- Is it possible to edit the existing wildlife and create new ones (how?) and import them?

Sure, same as units, or do you mean add new ones? You can mod the existing ones, and I'm pretty sure you can make new ones and add them to your maps, if you want to do all that work.

- Is it possible to change the speed of a unit? Some people said the game and it's units are too slow and while you can set the game speed higher that speeds up the whole game besides units. Also can units be given a "Run" spell or ability? This could be permanent and turned on or off at will, or a temporary "sprinting" spell using mana. A related idea is can some units be given a "Jump" ability or spell? Either automatic or selectable...

You can increase the speed of any unit, you could also create a spell to make them faster temporarily, I could show you how, as for jumping, not sure on that one, maybe I could make something up.

- Can a hero or unit be given the ability to pick up and hold or store items? In Age of Empires it's monks and in Age of Mythology heroes who can pick up relics and deposit them in temples. I guess you would have to the edit the rules for the objects to be picked up as well as giving the unit an ability for holding or storing (like the Diablo 2 inventory stash).

I can make an object follow a unit (like I did with Acerbus and the relic) not sure about holding it.
posted 09-19-14 12:53 PM EDT (US)     1 / 4  
Thanks a lot for your time Motter, I added all the responses into the file.

Some of those questions are several years old so it may be unlikely the same posters will reply here, but if there's more interest in the future then maybe others can post in this thread or start a new one with any questions or follow ups to those already documented.

I updated the mod guides pack and added some more details here also.
posted 09-22-14 09:00 AM EDT (US)     2 / 4  
Hey Alin,

Just wondering if you've ever tried going to some hacking/programming forums seeing if anyone there would help us out? I used to have a friend from Russia who could do just about anything with video games but I lost touch with him when I got out of the modding scene and his old E-mail he doesn't seem to be responding to.

Anyhow, I found a site (link below) and I tried to sign up on there but I can't seem to get the confirmation E-mail, I have the worst luck with these sorts of things, but I was wondering if you've come across any programmers in your travels, heck I'd be willing to pay them for their time as long as it's reasonable, it would just be so great to have someone that I could ask questions when I run into a wall. Let me know.

Oh, one other thing, I figured out why that error was popping up with Venuccians and the Prototype Factory, it wasn't interfering with anything, but it was annoying, so I fixed it, will be in the next update along with Yontash border push now working, not sure how I'm going to get the last few working like Battaglion building rate, Venza neutral cost reduction, and Yontash spell cooldown.

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posted 10-14-14 11:35 AM EDT (US)     3 / 4  
Hey Motter - late reply but as you said check in every week or so and I'll definitely post something sooner or later.

I haven't gotten around to posting in those forums asking about Rol, maybe soon.

Maybe you can email some general help to get that confirmation code from the site? Sometimes it takes multiple tries to get through.

I'll look into this for sure when I get some time!
posted 10-15-14 10:40 AM EDT (US)     4 / 4  
No problem, just did a major update, finally cracked all the hero bonuses and got Dark Terror working, also some other stuff.

About all I can do for now, unless we get a real programmer who can extract files.

Oh, one last thing, you might want to update those files if you're still at Moddb, there were lots of bugs in my first release, plus many of the hero bonuses didn't work.

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