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Patch History Change Log & Notes

Here are the official patch notes/change log from the developers.
There is a question about how many patches there were for the game and how many of those are described in the patch notes below.

1 Game Directory Patch List

In the game directory ...Rise of Legends\BIGS you can find the following folders:


Patches contains the following folders:


...So the total number of patches may be 8 or 9 (including rc7 as the 9th)
Or 10 if the second Patch8 folder is also included

2 Retail Patch File Name List

The full file names of the patches are:

1 RETAIL-0604.2001.0000-0605.0101.0100.RTP
2 RETAIL-0605.0101.0000-0605.1701.0000.RTP
3 RETAIL-0605.1701.0000-0605.1701.0100.RTP
4 RETAIL-0605.2403.0001-0606.1401.0000.RTP
5 RETAIL-0606.1401.0000-0606.1401.0001.RTP
6 RETAIL-0606.1401.0001-0606.1401.0002.RTP
7 RETAIL-0606.1401.0002-0608.0901.0000.RTP
8 RETAIL-0608.0901.0002-0610.1601.0000.RTP
9 RETAIL-0610.1601.0000-0.0612.1201.0000.RTP
10 RETAIL-0610.1601.0000-0610.1601.0100.RTP
11 RETAIL-0612.1201.0000-0.0704.1001.0000.RTP

...So here we have 11 patches listed.

The patch notes below lists 7 patches, the latest patch 2.5 starts at the top:

3 Patch Notes for patches 1.0, 1.1, 1.5, 1.65, 2.0, 2.1, 2.5


General Fixes:
* Windows Vista fixes.
* G15 Keyboard fix.
* Added IME Support.
* Addressed an issue with relics on Frozen Standoff map.

New Maps Added:
* (2)Ashfall
* (2)Frigid Scar
* (2)Thrones
* (4)Shifting Sands
* (4)The Bitter Crossing
* (6)Erebann
* (6)Lachlin
* (6)The Doge's Vault
* (8)Crossing the Highland
* (8)Hidden Temple

Balance Changes:

* Reduced purchase cost for ALL flying heroes by 10m and 10w.

* Eagle Bomber Siege Attack changed from 22 to 25.
* Sun Idol and Elite Sun Idol Range increased from 16 to 17.
* Veteran Quetzal Ramp lowered from 15m to 10m. Elite Quetzal Ramp lowered from 15m to 10m.
* Increased High Priest Speed from 33 and 54 to 38 and 57.
* Boosted Shok's speed by +5.
* Xil's Sun Blast power now lasts 10 seconds longer for all levels.

* Boosted Glass Dragon/Elder Glass Dragon cost to 600 Timonium from 500.

* Increased Giacomo Ground Attack by 1, 2, 2, 2, 2.
* Increased Giacomo Hit Points by 10%.
* Doge Walker Timonium cost reduced by 30T to 120T
* Pirata Flyer Turret speed lowered by 10.
* Pirata Flyer Turret arc lowered from 300 to 180.
* Reduced Nullifier duration from 45 seconds to 30 seconds.
* Glorious Statue Inspiration power radius doubled from 10 to 20.
* Increased damage done by Scout Flyer Bomb Drone to buildings by 20%
* Clockwork Miner rate reduced to +5 rather than +7.
* Bunker Fort HP reduced from 5000 to 3200
* Reduced Timonium cost of Doom Cannon from 1800 to 1650.


General Balance:
* Land Lore / Politics border bonus reduced to +1/+2/+6/+12

* Sand Dragon ramp cost increased from 20T/5W to 25T/10W.
* Glass Spider trample increased by 1.
* One With Sand upgrade for Desert Walkers increases spiky by .44 for Glass Bolts mode, and Whirling Blades & One With Sand modes by 1.33.
* Alin Treasure Level 4 bonus reduced from 150T/150W to 125T/125W.
* Alin Mine Air Attack increased to 2 (Skilled and Accurate).
* Alin Mystic Mine Air Attack increased to 5 (Skilled and Accurate) with splash.
* Alin Enchanted Mine Air Attack increased to 9 (Skilled and Accurate) with splash.
* Alin Spirit Mine Air Attack increased to 13 (Skilled and Accurate) with splash.

* Pirata Flyer, Improved Pirata Flyer, Super Pirata Flyer range reduced by 1.
* Vinci Bunker Fort hitpoints reduced from 6000 to 5000.
* Vinci Steam Fortress cost increased to 225T.
* Vinci Steam Fortress hitpoints lowered to 1750.
* Vinci Spy Scout Speed lowered by 6.

* Cuotl Holy Ark Channel powers increased on Cuotl Mine to grant miner bonus of 1T/2T/2T/3T based on level of Worship.
* Cuotl Holy Ark heal speed increased to .66/1/2/3 per second relative to level of Worship.
* Sun Idol speed increased to 27.
* Elite Sun Idol speed increased to 31.
* Death Snake spiky increased by 50% to 38.
* Elite Death Snake spiky increased by 50% to 52.
* Death Snake speed increased to 32.
* Elite Death Snake speed increased to 33.
* Guardian Upgrade cost reduced by 35 Timonium and 10 Energy.
* Defender Upgrade cost reduced by 70 Timonium and 20 Energy.
* Quetzal ramp cost reduced by 5 Timonium to 10 Timonium.
* Holy Ark HP increased by an additional +25 per Worship Level.
* Eagle Bombers HP increased by +100.
* Cuotl Hero Shok Attack increased by 20%.
* Personal Shields duration increased by 5 seconds.
* Immobilization effects reduced for Subjugated units.
* Energy mine upgrade increased from +3E to +3T/3E.
* Radius for Cuotl Hero Czin's Death Gate ability reduced from 9 to 8.
* NEW UNIT! The High Priest has been added to the Cuotl Fane as a Large City Unit.
o Primarily anti-large/anti-medium unit.
o Very weak vs. infantry or miners.
o Can shield and cloak.
o Does 12 damage, skilled and piercing.

Map Changes:
* Relic placement bug on Miana Reservior fixed.
* Relic placement bug on Valley of lost souls fixed.
* Building and Timonium placement more balanced on Rain Flats.
* Building and Timonium placement more balanced on Corbanile Mines.
* Building and Timonium placement more balanced on Burial Grounds.
* Removed the Treasure Stash from Summer’s Heat that was giving more resources than it is supposed to.


General Fixes:
* Fixed potential crash resulting from saved games.
* An exploit involving Observer mode has been fixed.
* An exploit involving Ability cooldown has been fixed.
* Corrected an issue on Corbanile Mines map.
* A crash involving targeting abilities off the map has been fixed.
* Fixed a bug where grunts that were being healed could move very quickly.
* Fixed a bug that caused some units to be visible to enemies through fog of war when being picked up by a transport.
* Fixed a bug involving unit orders not clearing when storming a site.
* Corrected an issue that allowed hero summoning points to move.

New Features:
* New Map: Inferno (Added 4 player map).
* Replay Survivability: Replays from previous patch versions will be viewable in current and later versions of the game, and most old replays will now work.

* Added additional administrative ban/suspend account features.
* Fixed a bug with resign mesages not showing up if a player hit Alt-F4 to leave a game in multiplayer.
* Corrected a race condition with reverse connections that was causing some connections to fail.
* Fixed an issue that caused some players to drop on connection attempts.

Balance Changes:
* Giacomo's Augmentation ability has been reduced in duration to 30/35/40/45 seconds from 40/45/50/55, and hit points healed reduced to 50/75/100/150 from 50/100/150/250.
* Alin Circle of Flame and Circle of Glass raised to 125 and 175 hit points from 100 and 150, respectively.
* Alin Juvenile Salamanders gain 1 point of trample (with fling, stun, and burn).
* Each Vinci Prototype tier now takes longer to get than the previous one.
* Vinci Politics reduces buy cost for neutrals by 5/10/20/50% instead of 10/20/30/50%.
* Switched anti-personnel capacities of Glass Cannon and Steam Cannon. Glass Cannon now has knockdown and higher strength vs. ground and air. Steam Cannon has no knockdown and reduced strength vs. ground and air.
* The Alin Shifting Sand 2 bonus has been increased to 15%.
* Vinci Burrowing Spider prototype unit reduced by 75 hit points.
* The Cuotl Eagle Bomber has had Hit Points increased by +100 and Siege Attack by +5.
* Afreet burn power has been increased.
* Pirata Flyer strength has been decreased.
* Sun Idol range has been reduced.
* Glass Golem range has been increased.
* Cuotl Hero unit Shok's Lightning Jump stun duration have been reduced.
* Fire Scout ramp costs have been reduced from 25 wealth per ramp to 15 wealth per ramp.
* Whirling Blades mode now gives Alin Desert Walkers a greater boost to speed.
* Fixed Elite Sun Idol anti-unit range.


New Features:
* New Map: Blossoming Dark (Added 6 player map).


New Features:
* New Map: Miana Station (Added 2 player map).

Networking Fixes:
* Reversed connections protocol so that players who are misconfigured cannot join games.
* More robust error messages for connection problems.
* Potential crash on session join fixed.
* Added check to verify connection upon login to Gamepsy.
* Various invite problems fixed (invite to custom prevented any other invites, cancelled invites send notification immediately).
* Added attempt at normal connection if NAT negotiation failed to take advantage of port forwarding.
* Added connectivity statistics tracking to game reports for back-end scripts.

Other Fixes:
* Fix to editbox Zorder problems and IME.
* IME Fix.
* Removed CPU checks from features.

Known Issues:
* Identified minor issue in timing out when joining LAN games.
* Issue remaining in finding games in online multiplayer using the "Play With A Friend" feature. We are working to resolve this problem.


Balance Changes:
* Maps in which the Cuotl start with a Military District no longer give a starting sentinel.
* Siege Zeppelin Tier at Prototype factory now requires Great City.
* Vinci Clockwork Sniper and Burrowing Spider prototypes health reduced by 25.
* Zeke's siege attack strength reduced by 5.


Bug Fixes:
* Fixed a crash when using shift+comma when there were no military units on the map.
* Fixed a crash on maps have large amounts of disabled terrain.
* Fixed a pathfinding issue when units were ordered to attack at max range.
* Fixed a bug in attack-move orders with grunts that was causing a significant performance issue.
* Fixed a timing issue causing some choppy animations for ammo, units and cutscenes.
* Fixed a bug where formations became overly spread out when siege and support were selected at the same time.
* Fixed an exploit that allowed players to instantly finish actions and create invulnerable units in multiplayer.

Balance Changes:
* The neutral Glass Spire unit Glass Heartseeker has been made more expensive, and the Marid has been made cheaper.
* Cuotl Holy Ark healing power increased at Worship Level 3.
* Cuotl Holy Arks Channel Mine ability now increases the output from mines by +2 at levels 3 and 4 Worship technology.
* Vinci Clockwork Spiders have had their build time increased and their cost raised by 5 Timonium.
* Xil's Sun Blast damage bonus reduced by 25% at all levels.
* Vinci Air Cruiser upgrade cost raised from 4/5 base cost to 6/5 base cost.
* Duration of Vinci Air Cruiser Super Barrage ability reduced to 20 seconds.
* Cuotl Judgment and Divine Power technologies now grant 0/50/150/400 of their respective resource at levels 1-4. This is an increase for Judgment and a decrease for Divine Power.
* Damage done by Cuotl Star Bolt increased by 25% at levels 1-3.
* Cuotl Sun Jaguars now cost 5 energy less.
* Sun Jaguar upgrades to Veteran and Elite have been reduced from 3 times and 4 times the base cost to 2 times and 3 times the base cost.
* Cuotl Scout Eye now has a 20 Timonium ramp cost.

Adjusted Unit Spacing & Formations Levels:
* Supply Units do not cram themselves into the "Trample", "Foot", and "Soldier" rows.
* Spacing lowered for Cargo Dirigibles, Puzzle Boxes, Holy Arks, Siege Elephants, Dark Walkers, Juggernauts, Caravans.
* Glass Cannon, Steam Cannon, Juggernauts, and Sun Cannon moved to "Command" row (with the heroes).
* Land Leviathan, Glass Dragon and City of Vengeance moved to the row behind the "Command" row.
* Adult/Elder Golems, Magic Winds, and the Moon Gorilla moved back to the "Command" row.
* Moved Air Destroyers/Cruisers, Rukhs, and the Siege Zeppelin behind the normal flying units.
* Adjusted location of the actual Civilian units: Armed Miners to the "Foot" row, and plain Miners to the very back row.

4 Links
- Patch 1.0 discussion here
- Patch 2.1 discussion here

...So there is a discrepancy between the exact number of patches and completed patch notes for each patch
Are there 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 total patches?
And which patches have notes described above?
Can we match them up with their Retail number above?
Where is the missing patch note info?

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