posted 08-26-16 09:59 AM EDT (US)   
I found some possibly unsafe codes (for example null value unchecked before passing into other functions) in rules/scripts and I am trying to fix the crashing that is happening when I play a 8-player toughest AI game for more than an hour.

The crashing is reproduce-able (loading the same .sav file will end up crashing at the same time no matter what I do between the loading and the crash, and each crashing happens at the exact same code when opened in disassembly debugger) so it is likely an AI issue.

However I found out that even if I change the function names in prodai_lib.bhs, for example, to some random names the game won't give error when starting up so it is likely the files in rules/scripts are not compiled every time as those in Data/spells, I am wondering how should we specify so that they are compiled every time?


This is confirmed as a bug of the game itself, has nothing to do with AI and I have posted a fix in the link below,994,0,10

However, it would still be helpful if I can re-compile rule/scripts so anyone knowing how to do it please let me know.


I figured it out by myself. It is actually pretty simple; For example, to make the game re-compile Vinci rules(and all included files), just change the following field in Data/tribes/vinci.xml to anything other than vinci.bhs;


Then copy the vinci.bhs and re-name it to the new file that you put in the PRODAI_SCRIPT field. Apparently if it is the default script then the game will use a pre-compiled version and ignore the script file but the game WILL actually re-compile if it is a non-default script

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