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Here's a list of some bugs and fixes in the original game that Motter found and either fixed or noted, quoted from his posts and threads on HG.

This list will be useful for any modders and programmers going through the game files to find errors that can be fixed for the User Patch project.

A separate community-sourced list of bugs and problems found containing Motter's finds and work by others will be posted soon as well.

Motter's Mods - List of Bugs & Fixes

1 Motter's Expansion
Motter's Expansion discussion page @ HG
Motter's Expansion review @ Moddb

- In the Cuotl and Alin Campaigns you were never given your research points on the map to upgrade units no matter how many magus or Holy districts you added. You would get some if you put 3 districts and a Palace district, but it would only give you 1. This may have been intentional as I noticed when I fixed the script the Alin and Cuotl seem to be able to obtain their research upgrades much easier than the Vinci.
- Cuotl and Alin campaigns will now award you your Research and Military points 5
- Alin and Cuotl now get more research points for building their districts plus Palace districts now award the proper research point bonus (it was disabled for some reason)

- Some of the AI did not cast the spells properly, one I remember is Dakhla, he would immediately cast his "Desert Walk" Spell as soon as he was summoned, even if there were no units present.

- Lot's of spell bug fixes mostly for CTW bosses

- In the CTW campaign the "Sonic Blast" of the Various Vinci Lords did not have the proper flags in "Craftrules" so they would cast it and it would go through the motions but no blast would happen.

- Zeke did not have his anti-air attack enabled.
- Made it so Zeke will come back each time you summon Distruzio in the campaign, this way you don't have to worry about sending him into battle

- Trading Posts will train Magus units and I fixed them so their different forms work properly.

- Also I updated the AI's all around to be a bit "smarter" and also to make use of all the new units/techs/spells/buildings I created.

- I enabled Lenora's "hero pet", it was in the script but disabled, now she will arrive with free flyer's per level.

- Enabled Pulitore's "hero pet" the Chicken Riders.

- Most of the CTW nation's were modded and can be added and used on regular play maps, notice I said most, some of them I didn't bother with.

2 All CTW Heroes and Units Enabled mod
All CTW Heroes and Units Enabled mod discussion page @ HG
All CTW Heroes and Units Enabled mod review @ Moddb

- I was made aware of a bug with Distruzio. The Large/Great City restrictions were not in place for Distruzios spells so I corrected this, just download the file again and copy the "craftrules" file into the "Data" folder.

- Script changes that make the AI summon more heroes. The AI currently will only primarily select the first hero in the array, then the 2nd and very rarely the 3rd, I have on my computer modded the AI to summon all the heroes in the array but having many heroes on the board all casting spells and such can slow the game down

- Making Zeke a hero would likely be much easier than keeping him as he is. As for giving him spells he already has spells which enable his morphs, that is the huge problem, he's not just one unit, he's 3 units, with 3 spells with 5 levels all of which have 3 units and 3 spells to upgrade, and I can't just upgrade them through a research I have to have him level up in game along with Distruzio. It's a mess.

3 New Nations mod
New Nations mod discussion page @ HG
New Nations mod review @ Moddb

- Enabled Zeke's range attack so he is no longer helpless against flying units, he will now use his "machine gun" arm attack
- Fixed a bug that created Zeke even if Distruzio hadn't died or leveled up
- Distruzio now gives the timonium bonus per level, not sure why I missed that before, sorry.

- Finally figured out all Hero Bonuses so now Battaglion will increase building speed, Venza will summon faster and reduce cost of neutral sites, Yontash will push your borders and reduce spell cooldown times and Petruzzo will speed up unit production

4 New Nations & All CTW Heroes and Units Enabled Combined Mod
New Nations & All CTW Heroes and Units Enabled Combined Mod discussion page @ HG

- There are some minor changes that I had to make in order to get them to work together, plus I also found a few new builds/units so some new surprises.

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