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Topic Subject: New Nation Idea - The Ha'Ku
posted 06-28-06 00:22 AM EDT (US)   
My idea for a new faction.

The Ha'Ku Are a race from far southern dark, malaria infested rainforests of Aio. Having very little to nothing known about them they have been dubbed the "Dark Forest Hunters".

Their focus is slightly more Alin-like early game, changing to more of a Vinci Playtype late-game.

Nation Power: Jungle Lush: All units and buildings heal at 1hp per second in own territory. All Ha'Ku units take only 75% attrition.(they have no attrition upgrades)
L2-1.5hp/sec(NOTE: all these l ups only effect building heal ratesuntil L4)
L4-3hp/sec buildgs. 2hp/sec units

-Arcana District:
Improves power of towers, strength and endurance of shamen, and increased hp to city. Gives upg's to shamen lines.
Market Dis.
Military Dis.

Hunting Hut: Simple Grass Hut with outlying weaponry, trains infantry.

Elephant Corral:Corral made to expertly catch all elephants who go for the bait. Trains elephant line.

Bone Temple: Temple made of bones, a Ha'Ku obsession. Trains the shamen lines.

Tower: simple outpost tower.


Yuaku The Great Hunter: Hunter Known to the Ha'Ku as the best in the art. Has taken thousands of enemy heads, and is known to know a small amount of the dark arts. Fight with a bow, with which he is known to be able to shoot faster than anyone. Gives no bonus to nearby troops.

-Sniped arrows:Kills any infantry squad instantly, useless against other unit types.
-Take Head: If an enemy hero is more than 50% damaged(gets lower as lvled up) Yuaku can take their head, killing them and rendering them unresummonable for a time.
-Toxic Rain: Rains poison arrows over an area, dealing damage that continues after the attack is finished,(the time the poison lasts is improved as lvled up.)
-Darklings: Summons many beings from the dark that fight with blowguns, they are fast but not very durable with an excellent attack, the number summoned goes up as lvled up.

Jorgandr the Hell Shaman: The darkest man known to the Ha'Ku, there is not one who does not fear all he can do with his great dark power. Shamen are faster in his presence.

-Darkest Fingertips: 50% damage to any hero unit, amount goes up to 80% as lvled.
-Hellhole:Opens a great pit to hell, suking all noraml units in for great damage. Aoe increases as lvled up.
-Split the Living:In a small area all enemy troops will have their bones pulled out from within, making undead soldiers for the Ha'Ku.
-Darkest Judgment: Instant death to one unit, even masters.
Can only be used once then never recharges.

Harsenien the Wisenin: the wisest man of the Ha'Ku, trained even Jorgandr in the dark arts. Not much else is known about him....

-Darkness upon Them: all enemy techs that up Los are nullified, enemy unit and building los's are halved. lasts for about a minute, going longer as lvled up.
-Raise the Earth: Pulls a chunk of earth out of the ground, creating a giant earth golem, the golem gets stronger as lvled up.
-Black Hole: halves the health of all units in it's Aoe.
-Great Dark Stasis: Freezes time for the enemy. Units still take damage, incomes stop, anmd attrition is always received(even with supply).


Hunter- Simple spear unit of the Ha'Ku, slightly weaker but faster and more durable than DW.
Slinger: Antiair and ranged unit, weak as heck, but cheap and REALLY fast.
Blowgun: Lesser ranged than slingers but can hold their own in combat better, have some nasty upg's.
Elephant: Simple man on back of elley with two spears, deals nice trample.
Elephant platform: elley with platform on back, slinger and blowgunners all attack from there. Has less trample than normal elley.
Elephant Siege Tower: Elley with large tower on back, filled with archers with burning rubber pitch arrows.

Shaman: simple shaman, has a bolt attack that is the one of the best anti-air unit attacks in the game.

Druid: High level Shaman, with Darker abilities. Attacks with a dark flux ball.
AB: Tstorm: summons a great storm that eats air units alive.
(waiting for suggs for second)

Large Bird Godess of the Ha'Ku, fight with Tbolts to air, and wind gusts to ground.
(need suggs. for abilities!)

Tell me what you think.

posted 06-28-06 10:00 AM EDT (US)     1 / 7  
Well, I was planning on making another faction along with my Kahan, me and Shala's Xiyao. You kinda took the idea, but yours is slightly different. I'm still going to post mine, though...because it's different.

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posted 06-28-06 10:14 AM EDT (US)     2 / 7  
Geez, Lord Iarune, it's not like you're the only one who is allowed to post new factions. ^_^

Nice job on the Ha'ku, they seem like a shamantic-nature-magic based race.

you can't spell 'ignorance' without IGN.
posted 06-28-06 01:49 PM EDT (US)     3 / 7  


Geez, Lord Iarune, it's not like you're the only one who is allowed to post new factions. ^_^

Damnit! I thought I was...oh well...I'll still post my faction when it's done. It does have shamans, but not like this...

׺°˜`°º×ALL HAIL THE UNCLELAND!׺°˜`°º×[/ind]\

[ind]Help to reveal the Dumbo Conspiracy to the World!

posted 06-28-06 05:26 PM EDT (US)     4 / 7  
Well from what i know of the civs,:

Alin: magic solely
Vinci: technology solely
Cuotl: Religion and high tech.
Xiyao: Nature and Balance
Kahan: Nomadicism
Ha'Ku: Arcane and Nature magic

So i'm going to make one more later tonight when i get back from football practice, whose focus, well, is Heroism.

posted 06-28-06 07:29 PM EDT (US)     5 / 7  
NO NO NO!!! lol

Heroes are heroes. Don't make a faction based on heroes and stuff. I dunno if we talk about the same thing but are you gonna make this race a 'Force of Light' and 'Justice-Holy' kind of thing?

I don't think it gonna work very well.

you can't spell 'ignorance' without IGN.
posted 06-28-06 08:27 PM EDT (US)     6 / 7  
Technacly we do have "heroes" in every civ, but they aren't called "heros" because they stoped crime, or saved the universe, they are called "heros" for there uniqueness, and great power, so if you make a race dedicated to heroic deeds, I don't think it will harm anything.
posted 06-29-06 01:57 PM EDT (US)     7 / 7  
yeah i iagree i think people should put ideas if they got them no harm in it is there???
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