posted 08-06-06 12:16 PM EDT (US)   
Well, even though you can't put them in your signatures here, I wanted to post this anyway.

Rise of Legends Online Stats Images are images made from a PRESUPPLIED PICTURE/IMAGE (I cannot offer image making services at this time) including your latest stats from Rise of Legends Online, such as ELO, Name, Clan, Win's, Losses, and the Percentage of matches you win. It is completely free. You do not need to give me anything.

I can add custom text to it for the info to make it understandable, though for the best customization, do it yourself.

This service is free, and I will host it for you. However, if you wish to host it yourself, you will need a server with PHP, quite a bit of bandwidth, and a few addons to PHP that I cannot specify.

Here's what I need to make them:
- The image to put the info on
- The Info you want on it
- Your custom RoL ID (the 8 digit number at the end of your URL for instance. To get this image, go onto RoL Multiplayer, go onto your profile and click on the magnifying glass next to your avatar.
- Where you want the info, preferably with a mockup to show it.

Anyway, please give me a few hours/days to do it. You will need MSN Messenger.

Just email me and add me on MSN Messenger.

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