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Topic Subject: Fanfic - Lenora's Necktie
posted 08-27-07 08:47 PM EDT (US)   
hi everyone. im new to the rise of legends heaven forum thing so i thought i would start off with a fanfic for you all. its a continuing story so...


Rowena stood silently with her back to the wall, waiting for Lenora's response. Captain Lenora of Pirata refused to look into the young girl's eyes by scratching the back of her head while staring at the ground. "If what you tell me is not a lie, then we have a problem," Lenora finally said. "But only myself,you,and a few of my trusted friends will know about it." She looked at Rowena, her face serious. "You and I may not act similary but we do look the same!" Rowena said. "The necktie you wear proves it. You are my elder half-sister. We have the same eyes! The same hair colour AND we both love the wind! We ARE THE WIND!" Rowena insisted. Lenora stared Rowena in the eyes with horrible anger until she could look at her sister no longer. Although Lenora verbally denied it, in her heart she knew it to be true. After all, the 12 year old child wore an identical necktie. "Jack!" she called. A man Lenora's age ran in. He was Jack, one of Lenora's most prized flyers. "Yes, Captain?" he asked. "Bring in Commander Venza. We have a serious problem on our hands." "Of course Captain." How Venza would react to this, Lenora had no idea.
posted 09-28-07 08:05 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1  
if someone out there does not read and review i will not continue the story until someone does.
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