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Topic Subject: Clarifying The Single Player Story *spoilers ahead*
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posted 05-24-06 04:28 AM EDT (US)   
RoL had excellent potential for a single player story, though it can be improved in any upcoming expansion packs. Here is a timeline I've constructed based on bits of backstory that've released. Also, I'll add some of my own assumptions. If BHG finds it interesting, they're welcome to any concepts that look interesting.

About 1000 years before game:

-Cuotl spaceship crashes, Sawu is corrupted by the talisman. Perhaps his nature as a magical being causes the talisman to react even more strongly, and the alien energies turn him into a tool of the Cuotl. Thus starts the Rise of the Dark Alin. (Pretty obvious)

-One human in the (at the time) uncivilized western lands finds an artifact from the Cuotl ship. This one, though, is a database of Cuotl technologies, broadcast directly into his mind. These technologies were too advanced, for the most part. (Assumed)

-This man, however, used his own genius and whatever parts he could find to mimic this technology as close as he could. One such invention was an energy cannon, but he did not have the means to power it. (IGN Cuotl preview)

-This man is known as the Great Inventor, the founder and namesake of Vinci civilization. He would settle in the city of Miana, starting its tradition of producting brilliant inventors. Miana was the first city to embrace steam technology. A Mianan settlement near the border, Padonia, with the Alin, however, would soon have some troubles.

-Sawu, now at the peak of his power, raids neighboring lands. Perhaps under control of the Cuotl, who desired to destroy anyone who might have a chance of understanding Cuotl technology. He rallies several scorpion riders (at the time, members of a tribe swore allegiance to Sawu), and other units. (Intro movie)

-During the following battle, the Great Inventor, used an early steam-walker, and added the Cuotl database onboard, so he could have easier access to the information. He held the bridge to Pandonia against the Alin invaders, while his troops withdrew.

-Corrupted Sawu eventually realizes the Great Inventor has the Cuotl database in his walker, and realizes this man must be eliminated to protect Cuotl technology. So, he focuses his forces on the Great Inventor, and destroys his walker. (Intro movie)

-The Great Inventor, realizing Pandonia can still be saved, reconnects some wires connecting to the Cuotl artifact, electrifying the bridge, and eventually overloading and exploding. This prevents Sawu from further invading Vinci lands. The event is simply written off as a case of Alin aggression, as the Vinci were ignorant of the talisman and Sawu's corruption. For all they knew, it was the Alin conspiring against them.

-In time, Pandonia salvages the Great Inventor's walker, and produces many walker designs of its own. Oddly enough, the Great Inventor's remains were preserved by some strange side effect of the Cuotl artifact's alien energies. The Great Inventor's act of self sacrifice would be remembered, whil the specifics behind the Alin raid would be forgotten. His remains were placed in Condioretti, which would become the de facto, and in time official, capital of the Vinci Empire.

-Sawu turns his attention back to the east, where the Alin forces are regrouping.

-The two other Alin heroes, Damahur and Dakhla, are used to eventually seal Sawu inside the city of Mezekesh. He's trapped there, for the most part, though sometimes, the Dark Alin rise for some raiding, but remain considered a historical curiousity and "traveler's tale."

-The tribe that helped Sawu is banished into the desert, becoming nomads.

-The Cuotl, lead by king Kaloohka, are awed by the new "gods from the sky" and their "magic." The Cuotl "Gods" originally use advanced technology to stop Kaloohka's aging, and originally plan to rule through a puppet state. The King is too strong willed to mind control, so the Cuotl attempt to depose him and rule directly. Anyone who displeases them is considered a "Fallen Heretic." In time, the deposed King rallies these heretics behind the banner of the Fallen, taking it as a term of pride.

Events between 1000 and about 50 years before game (Estimated):

-Condoretti wanes in power as more city-states become industrially self-sufficient. Two top states are Miana and Venucci. The Vinci Empire soon is torn into several city-states and surrounding territories. The Condoretti try to hold their empire together, but having failed to modernize their horsemen, are unable to. The Condoretti attempt to hold onto their empire is called the Condoretti wars, and decimated large portions of Vinci territory. In the chaos, the remains of the Great Inventor vanished from Condoretti castle, and were rumored to have been hidden up north somewhere.

-The Alin grow complacent. Reports about that the Dark Alin are back, but are dismissed by the monarch. Sawu, having few human followers this time, resorts to creating glass versions of common Alin units, and sometimes corrupting them into service.

-The Cuotl, at some point, divide their territory into several zones of control, several for each deity. Combined with a special disease engineered to kill all non-Cuotl, they ensure little meddling from nearby cultures. Sawu also serves as a nice "buffer zone."

About 50-10 years before game, and early game events:

-Carlini serves in Mianan military, receiving a clockwork artifical leg after losing it.

-The current King of the Alin takes power.

-Giacomo, as an adventurous youth, goes to the Alin kingdom, where he meets Arri.

Events During The Game-

-The Cuotl lack servants in the Vinci lands, so they make contact with the Doge of Venucci, a veteran of the Condoretti Wars and dictator of Venucci. The Cuotl seek samples of how advanced Vinci tech is, and in return, grant the Doge some advanced technology in small doses.

-The Doge, of course, trades the inventions of Miana, as he seeks to let his masters know how advanced his rivals are.

-The Cuotl see a potential puppet ruler in the Doge, and give him instructions to return any strange artifacts they find. Eventually, one Cuotl transport crashes north of Miana, where a local noble decides to take a look at it.

-A part of Cuotl spaceship is uncovered outside Miana, which sickens the miners who dug it up and produces painful, fatal pains all over their bodies. Petruzzio, Carlini, and Giacomo take a look at it, but not before the Doge steals it and kills Petruzzio.

-The seals on Mezekesh weaken enough to allow servants of Sawu out. The Dark Alin officially return, and decide to "visit old haunts" and raid the Vinci territory of Pandonia, but are driven off.

-Distruzio, seeking a military advantage for his revolt against Don Rocco, uncovers the stolen remains of the Great Inventor. By this time, only his brain is in salvagable condition, so he constructs a mechanical body to store and preserve the Great Inventor's brain. Many know this body today only as "Zeke." (Check the 'help.xml' type files in the campaign folders.)

-The Doge's operatives start trying to replicate artificial intelligence using clockwork computers (the type that run clockwork men and spiders). The resulting attempts create the Scavengers: Clockwork automata who can make copies of themselves from scrapyards, essentially creating mad clockwork Von Neumann machines. The experiment failed, but the resulting automata did pose a threat to local (but determined) miners.

-Giacomo, with the help of Lenora and Carlini, helps fight the Doge and his minions. Pirata, Miana, and their allies take on Venucci and their allies. As Venucci looses, their public officials begin to critize the Doge. Eventually, the Doge imprisons them in Dirsi prison, an old Condoretti stronghold. He has some Cuotl guards stationed nearby, due to the "unconventional" nature of some of the prisoners (like an Alin genie).

-The Doge, in addition to Cuotl technology, starts a chemical weapons program. The result disfigures Pulitore, the main scientist behind it, and lungs, requiring him to use a special breathing device. However, the main result is a chemical shell that can be fired from the Doge's Hammer, a massive cannon that uses rocket propelled shells to level cities.

-Eventually, Giacomo's troops march on Venucci. By this time, the Doge realized he could not win, so he organized a feint. He would draw out Giacomo, then take out his city of Miana, for both spite and to remove a threat. His Cuotl masters, after all, wanted to make sure no Vinci states could pose a threat to him.

-The Doge levels Miana, then heads through Alin lands. He claims to the Alin King he will destroy the Dark Alin. However, the Doge plans to march his army to Cuotl lands to further serve his alien suppliers, and ensure that Sawu 'does his job' and destroys the Alin kingdom, removing another threat to the Cuotl.

-Giacomo reunites with Arri, while Lenora leaves "for spare parts." Arri now leads a unit devoted to fighting the Dark Glass monsters. The King has little faith in Giacomo.

-Some deserters of the Doge's army, including Pulitore, hole up near an enchanted oasis. Eventually, Giacomo rescues them.

-An outcast tribe that had helped Sawu in ages past now becomes the target of his wrath. Belisari leads this tribe, and eventually is helped by Giacomo.

-A swordsman, Andromelek, believes in knowing his enemy, so he studies Dark Glass magic. However, he does not take into account the corrupting effect. ("When you gaze long into the Abyss, the Abyss gazes back into you. He who fights monsters most be careful, lest he become one." -Nietzsche) Eventually , he is freed by Giacomo.

-Giacomo fights the Dark Alin genies on a number of occassions, but they always rise back to life after a while.

-Giacomo finds both Damahur and Dahkla, openning the way to Mezekesh. There, he and his comrades face down Sawu. After freeing Sawu from the Cuotl talisman's corruption, the Doge shows up and attempts to stop his masters' enemies before they can march on the Cuotl homeland.

-Despite having a Doge's Hammer deployed and operational, this desperate attempt ends in the Doge being defeated. A Cuotl aircraft appears, steals the talisman, and eventually leads the group further east.

-Once in Cuotl lands, the group meets Yontash, a shaman from the northern Kahan Wastes (mountainous region above and between Alin lands and Cuotl jungles). Yontash and his nomadic nation were being harassed by unspecified Cuotl activities, and Yontash attempted to lead a small group to see how strong the Cuotl were.

-Predictably, they were far stronger than his small scouting party could handle, but as luck would have it, Giacomo's group came. Still, Yontash wanted to ensure the newcomers would stand a chance before siding with them.

-The first "God" to be killed is Ix, the "God of the Moon." Czin, the God of Death, appears to take back a key Cuotl artifact, likely a talisman that can be used as a power source. In the process, Czin kills Carlini.

-Afterwards, an explosion of a Cuotl 'talisman' reacts with Giacomo, covering parts of his body in 'dark glass.' He later finds he has the ability to convert metal to glass, and has more instintive knowledge on Cuotl technology, as the glass worked as a "neural database." (Similar to the items Sawu and the Great Inventor found.) Using this newfound knowledge, he combines his walker with parts of the Moon God's armor.

-Enraged, Giacomo finds he must immunize half his army against Czin's "plague." He selects one side, magic or technology, and presses on. Eventually, he meets the still living Kalkoohka, who lead the Fallen guerrillas against the false gods. Kalkoohka desires his throne back, and the false gods dead. He's waited 1000 years, and now with Giacomo's arrival, he has that chance. No more hiding.

-Now, it was time to take the fight to the Gods. Kalkoohla, however, does not mention much about himself in the process, as he finds it annoying to explain what 'really happened' to outsiders. He is something of a legend among the Cuotl, an "Immortal Exile King" who has a Che Gueverra type cult following.

-Eventually, the Gods of Sun and Storms are destroyed by Giacomo and his allies. He finds the Eye of the Gods, Xil's attempt at constructing a massive weapon that was 'his answer to the Doge's Hammer.' Being the most adept engineer of the Cuotl Gods, he took on the task. Shok, however, defended her artifact, the Crypt of Knowledge, with abandon. That item allowed them to mind control several of the Cuotl people in the first place. The Crypt also was a database of arcane Cuotl technologies, but Giacomo only found use of the mind control feature.

-Eventually, as land after land falls to Giacomo, Czin becomes worried. Previously, he and the other gods had constructed a deep-space communications array to call for 'help' from home. However, the Cuotl 'gods' enjoyed their place as gods among the primitive peoples, and knew if reinforcements or a rescue mission came, they could lose their place. The array was around, but never was activated, unless they were in mortal danger.

-The Cuotl had a variety of weapons systems (such as the Star Bolt) still deployed in orbit, but knew 'phoning home' would ruin the fun.

-Ironically, the God of Death Czin knew he was in mortal danger. So, he attempted to broadcast a message home. Giacomo, of course, fought the Death God one-on-one, and came out victorious. He attempted to touch the Cuotl transmitter's power source, perhaps turn it to glass... When the last anyone saw of him was the transmitter exploding.

-Afterwards, Kalkooha attempted to rebuild his shattered domain, as countless tribal rivalries re-ignited. Some tribes wanted to keep the Cuotl technology around as a sign of unity. Others wanted to do away with it, perhaps embrace the callings of magic...

-Arri was exiled due to the King "not allowing her" to save the world. She and some loyalist followers were last seen near the Vinci lands, talking with Lenora.

-Lenora and the city of New Miana (rebuilt with Pirata's help), are attempting to unify the Vinci lands with common law. Not everyone likes this, however.

-The Alin Kingdom, having overcome the Dark Glass and recovering three of their most powerful heroes, seek future expansion in disorganized and war torn Vinci and Cuotl lands.

Potential Expansion Pack Ideas:

With a new civilization:
-The Kahan show up, and attempt to do a "Genghis Khan" on the weakened lands of Aio. Perhaps they use subversion to get the Alin to invade Vinci and Cuotl lands, so Alin over overstretched... Then they invade the overstretched rival empire.

-Or perhaps another alien culture with human slaves awaits, under the sea in places where sunken cities and slumbering magic "gods" lurk, awaiting for the time when the stars are right... Perhaps the Cuotl were trying to unify the people of Aio against the threat this underwater nation posed, as even the False Gods always feared their arrival, deep in their minds...

Without a new civilization:
-Alin Kingdom works to expand its borders into disorganized Vinci and Cuotl lands. However, they are helped by Vinci traitors (rogue Pirata officers and petty lords who want to take Lenora's place), and Cuotl mage-sympathizers (who want to drive the tribes that use advanced technology off their land, and revert to the ways of magic. Arri ends up starting a coup that deposes the King and withdraws from the Cuotl and Vinci lands. This is going on while another Cuotl ship appears. Or perhaps, Giacomo isn't dead, but comes back...changed (maybe even possessed by Czin...)

Other Issues:
-How did the Great Inventor escape a glassy corruption (the fate of Sawu and Giacomo)?:

--When the Great Inventor came into contact with the hypothetical Cuotl artifact, perhaps it was a different type then what Sawu found. Another idea might be simply "biological." As a being of magic, perhaps Sawu was more easily corrupted or effected by an artifact of supertechnology.

Giacomo, however, was quite changed when he encountered a similar artifact. So, the answer is likely the Great Inventor encountered a different sort of artifact, or simply knew how to handle it from somewhere (perhaps some 'other Cuotl' trained him in hopes he would fight the power-hungry Cuotl's puppets).

-Yontash and Friends:
--It seems Yontash and his Beserker friends are remnants of the long removed Fourth Civilization, the Mongolian-styled Kahan. The Kahan might have been ability to move cities, which were built on the backs of giant creatures. One idea, if they are implemented in any mods or expansion packs, is they practice something called "Municipal Darwinism." (See the book "Infernal Devices.") The idea is big cities go around and tear up smaller communities for resources.

-Stagnant Tech Development:
--If the Great Inventor lived 1000 years before RoL, why has a nation of tinkers not advanced much? One idea might be a lack of unity. Each city-state focuses on its niche, and little else. Not even the brilliant minds of Miana had access to Pirata airship technology, at least until the third mission of the Vinci campaign. However, if enough minds work together (Perhaps in a place like the industrial district) they might be able to pull their efforts for something grand, like the Prototype Factory units.

On the Microsoft site for RoL (an old one), Giacomo's journal on the Vinci city-states muses "Why hasn't the lightning bolt struck again?" This likely refers to why no one has been as brilliant as the Great Inventor was in his single lifetime. Perhaps some other factors, like Cuotl or foreign manipulation, also stagnate development to an extent... However, improvements of existing technologies do happen, as Giacomo mentions at one point, he has the "latest series of clockwork men." Even Prototype Factory units are often improvements on existing technology.

-The Cuotl Gods and the Dish, and Why They Masterminded Events (AKA "Why did Czin wait to phone home?"):

--Imagine you are an engineer who crash-lands on a desert island. You bring a few modern devices with you, say like a flashlight, gun, and a few electrical parts. Say there's a primitve tribe there, and you use your modern devices to appear as a god to the locals.

You show them some things, say like irrigation, some basic tools, and so on. However, you obviously lack industrial infrastructure for stuff, say, like making a large boat to go home with. Say you have enough electrical parts (and knowledge) to construct a radio.

You can radio for a rescue, but guess what would happen? The natives currently worship you as a god. If you are rescued, you are simply another survivor. And at the very worst, someone else might come and claim "they" discovered the tribe and island. Ego plays a large factor.

Now, add on the fact you're dealing with not shipwrecked humans, but 1000 year old alien warlords who are quite content to be worshipped as gods. It seems only out of desperation Czin attempts send out a distress call.

Let's go back the desert island example. Say you find you have some wound only modern medicine can heal, say like some cancer or nasty disease. You are sick, and realize you'd rather live, so you call on your radio, and hope all those old parts are in working order.

-Is Giacomo dead?
--I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of him. I guess any expansion pack will clear things up. The fact his 'turning metal to glass' ability wasn't fully explored in the game, leads me to think either the idea was cut off, OR perhaps Giacomo might be back with some sort of glass problem... And perhaps might even be a villain looking to bring war to the Alin kingdom for betraying a friend (or girlfriend, depending on choice) of his... Or him existing as a monster, somewhere between and beyond technology and magic as most know it. And perhaps he might simply be trying to unify the people of Aio for when/if the Cuotl gods return. (This is a fun idea for a mod. Perhaps the Crypt of Knowledge 'really' had the DNA and uploaded minds of the Cuotl gods, and further study 'unleashes it' on the planet again).

-Why do Cuotl not need wealth?
--Note the Cuotl use energy instead of wealth. This is because, likely, of an alien economic system enforced on them. The system is called 'technocracy' and is extremely theoretical. However, in a fantasy world, it can worl perfectly. Unlike capitalism and socialism, which are developed as a result of 'scarcity' or lack of resources, technocracy is designed to work for surplus and abundance of resources.

There is no currency in the normal sense in technocracy, only something called the 'energy credit.' The energy credit is the amount of energy needed to make something. It cannot be spent in the normal sense, and remains and extremely abstract concept in economics circles. In RoL, however, the Cuotl need energy for different units and materials, hence the 'amount of energy needed to make something.'

Any fans of other Brian Reynolds games, might recognize energy credits from the game Alpha Centauri, one of the best turn based games out there. The concept was likely a subconscious influence. Or energy just sounded cool.

-What civilizations might work for an expansion pack, if new ones are added?
--Existing civilizations work very well in RoL, but many RTS games add new sides in expansions. Red Alert 2's expansion added Yuri. Age of Mythology's added the Atleanteans. The other AoE games added a variety of civilizations. Even the Rise of Nations expansion added new nations.

However, RoL's nations already encompass a lot, and are finely balanced. The idea is to have nations that play VERY differently from each other, and RoL does this VERY well. Any new civ would have to be distinctive, and be able to Rush, Boom, and Turtle (though the efficiency for each would vary, probably). Some games, like Warcraft 3 and Starcraft, have awesome expansion packs, and they didn't add new races.

Any new civ might also have to be magic, due to the fact there's 2 tech, and one magic nations. Likely, it would have an East Asian or southeast Asian styled culture, as Native American, European, and Mid-East were already used.

An idea that I liked was the Mongolian-styled Kahan. Even if they don't have nomadic cities on the backs of dinosaurs, they still have a certain 'bad-assness' factor. (These are Mongol based, remember. Genghis Khan was 1334.)

Some other ideas might be a Lovecraftian based Polynesian styled civilization. One drawback, of course, would include the use of water (and RoL doesn't have naval units, and adding then balancing them in the expansion would be annoying). Perhaps some boats, though, ride on spheres of magically held water... A possible name includes "Mu" or "Lemuria" after the fictional lost continents. Perhaps even R'lyeh...

Perhaps even a Tibetan monastery idea might work. Or a Korean styled nation that treats magic as technology. All of those ideas, I think, are MUCH cooler than cliche samurai and elves. No offense to any fans of Japanese culture, but I think it has been used FAR too much to be of any interest to me at least. BHG, being the innovators they are, would likely agree to at least using something new, that is IF they want something new, and RoL's nations already have a nice balance. There's always room for mods, though...

One idea, even if a new race DOES come in the expansion, is to leave open slots for new races.

-What might be better ways to tell a story using RoL's format?
--Here's a few suggestions. While the CTW map doesn't have the advantages of, say, a linear campaign, you have some new opportunities:

---Say you recruit a single player hero, but other than their initial mission, they don't say too much or have a lot of dialogue (hence lack of character). So, depending on who's in your party, or what missions you've completed, they say things.

---Even cutscenes or in-game dialogue can work. Perhaps having two possible allies who are antagonistic towards each other? Perhaps you must recruit one or the other, or when they're placed together, they bicker and suffer abilities (or conversely, if they're on good terms, you can do a special combo attack).

---There was far more Lenora scenes than Arri. Hence, Lenora seemed to be the more "in-depth" one. Even without expensive cut scenes, even say, Arri and Giacomo talking to each other during missions would work.

---More story explanations from side quests. A lot of the time, the sidequests didn't really solve many questions I had about the story and history of Aio. Perhaps information like that can be made available for players who 'go the extra mile?'

---Perhaps even more taunts from the villains. Other than Sawu's grunt in the intro movie, and some lines from Czin, we don't hear too much.

---More philosophy of each side shown. The Vinci don't always get along. Inter-party feuding/dialogue might work. Perhaps some techies in the Alin campaign can complain about 'working for the stuff mages' or the like (then mages moan on techies and so on).

---Fight more of the "other nations." In Starcraft and Warcraft, you don't just fight your own. You fight the other nations AND your own. In the 3 RoL campaigns, you largely fought your own (with minor exceptions). Showing perhaps, more Alin raids into Vinci turf in the first campaign, as well as perhaps a Cuotl base or even a few units in the final Vinci mission (with characters going 'WTF is that?') Fighting outsiders is interesting, because you get to see the 'conflict of tech and magic' and their philosophies. After all, on the back of the RoL box, you have the 3 nations' outlooks.

-What are some ideas for greater BHG/fan ties?
--Thanks to folks like Greypawn, BHG listens to and communicates with fans. After all, it makes business sense to listen to your potential consumer base. Here are some ideas that I think would be interesting fan/BHG events:

---Balance issues: Self-explanatory. Makes little sense fixing what isn't broken.

---Something like a module design contest. Several people must design a custom map or module, and the winner is placed as an additional map on the site, or as something that can be downloaded in a patch/update with some new maps.

A good example I can think of is Bioware, who make RPGs like Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights. NWN came out 4 years ago, and it has 2 expansions, but countless mods. Bioware sometimes adds more popular custom content for NWN into a "Community Expansion Pack" available on their site to modders.

---Something like a RoL fanfiction/story contest. You may recall that they did something like this last year. Perhaps say, winner might have their story turned into a module or map. Say a contest like "Describe the most exotic region of Aio," where each contestant might write about the region (or do it in the editor), and the top map(s) are added to as bonus maps.

---Living World- Again citing Bioware, they would often make "official modules" as demonstrations of their toolset and to show gamers their world was still being added to 'officially' other than (or simply in between) expansion packs. Aio's got A LOT of history and unsolved mysteries. Even if BHG doesn't do it, a private site, like RoL Heaven might have a "monthly posted section" of a home-made campaign.

Thanks for reading! Any comments/flames/opinions?

posted 06-12-06 06:36 PM EDT (US)     26 / 45  
I think the aliens could have survived in Aio's atmosphere- they just donned the armour to intimidate the locals :P.

GRUNT'S UBER COMICS OF DOOM! READ!,91,0,10]z00t[/url]
RoL Online Nick:
ESO name:[/b][url=]z00t
posted 06-12-06 07:00 PM EDT (US)     27 / 45  
dont know if this has been mentioned as the topic is rather big but i only see 1 flaw with this theory.

if the intro really is 1000 years before the game then howcome the technology is still the same? they had clockworkmen, levithain(sp?) scouts, and musketeers. in 1000 years these things didnt change at all? ( super clockwork men dont count...)

I have a problem with wording my ideas straight so if things seem out of order and make no sense, I apologize.
posted 06-12-06 07:17 PM EDT (US)     28 / 45  
The dude in the Walker is NOT the Great Inventor. Remember, CWM are Giacomo's invention.

On a different note, I don't think the guy simply pointed the CWMs arm down and fired. He plugged a wire into a different socket, probably to create feedback and destroy the arm. Also, electricity does not "explode" metal. The problem with it being in Giacomo's time, however, is that Sawu hadn't left Mezekesh, and certainly not all of Alin lands, in his time. This is probably some loose end, the game's storyline is far from perfect.

That's not to say it isn't awesome .

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posted 06-12-06 09:54 PM EDT (US)     29 / 45  
the dude has a point... unless that was explained also

I have a problem with wording my ideas straight so if things seem out of order and make no sense, I apologize.
posted 06-13-06 05:10 AM EDT (US)     30 / 45  
Here are screens from the end video GRUNT. More available upon request, though it's hard to get good shots from this video because it's so kinetic and it moves so fast.

Here are a couple from the earlier Cuotl video, where Ix is killed.

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Giacomo was being taken over by the energy of the aliens technology so perhaps the aliens are of a similar nature and require the suits so that they aren't so squishy and frail.

the intro is likely when Giacomo was rather still young learning the craft that this guy had set in motion. What he did in the intro was he did indeed create a feedback loop. Now class if you have a giant mechanical robot suit thing that worked on Electricity and GAS if you feed the electricity reverse through the suit would it not blow up like a bomb? lol

Lenora and Arri would have looked but you can only look so much in a pile of rubble and know that you must go and tend to your people considering Lenora now leads the Vinci and Arri is trying to survive in Alin lands w/the king breathing down her neck.

The Pirata nation is highly upset with Lenora and the fact she isn't listening to them anymore. It is highly likely the aliens that saw Giacomo on the screen before the transmitter blew sky high are en route to "check things out".

posted 06-13-06 11:03 PM EDT (US)     32 / 45  
Some personal thoughts-

-I thought the fellow was the Great Inventor for a few reasons.

A) He's in a steam powered 'hero's walker.' This implies he has significant standing there.

B) He looks A LOT like Leo Da Vinci. This, however, is an analog for the fantasy world of Aio, not the historical one. Also, there's the fact he appears on loading screens, some adds, and various concept art as an important fellow. This probably means he has some large historical/political/cultural impact on the Vinci.

C) He singlehandedly defends the bridge and cares for his troops (remember "Back to the city! Go! Go!"?) He does hold off Sawu and blows the bridge because his troops are losing a battle, after all. This means he'll probably be remembered in some way by the Vinci people...

D) Hence naming their culture after the man that unified them and started the industrial rev. in the first place. (If the tech is 1000 years old, though, seems more like a loose end. Remember there was also a Leviathan and clockwork men in the intro video, though perhaps they were 'early versions' modern Vinci used and later perfected.) The truly old fashioned "prototype units."

As for the Cuotl returning- An early IGN profile said there was 8 Cuotl gods. That means 4 down, perhaps 4 to go? In another interview, however, they said they left the actualy number of Cuotl who survived intentionally vague... Perhaps there's more Cuotl still lurking (or in stasis somewhere). Perhaps those strange talismans are also Cuotl stasis pods...

That ugly creature did look at Giacomo, so I do think perhaps the 'rest of the aliens' know something's up. But perhaps they're cautious after losing a ship nearby. Perhaps there's something on the planet even they're afraid of... A glassy Giacomo, or perhaps something else...

Here's an analogy I'll try: Say you're in the Coast Guard or navy and just got a garbled message from a survivor shipwrecked on a desert island, stating he's under attack by hostile locales. Are you going to go to the island and look around without weapons? Or will you perhaps survey the island with satellites, and sail around it to get an idea of what's going on before landing? I think any remaining aliens might be either in A) hiding, B) stasis, C) watching carefully in orbit and unsure how to act, D) plotting another invasion attempt, or E) all or some combo of above.

posted 06-13-06 11:10 PM EDT (US)     33 / 45  
You mistake his doge walker for a hero's walker. It is clearly a Doge Walker, and he could just be a general of the Vinci like Carlini, although he does appear on the back cover nexto to the description of the Vinci...
posted 06-13-06 11:38 PM EDT (US)     34 / 45  
interesting concepts Jave my thoughts exactly on the matter
Watch the opening cinematic the one prior to the bridge scene
the BIG Ship busts up into two pieces....we know where #1 fell where'd #2 go? and what's happening with the 4 cuotl gods left to tackle heh
I stick to my reasoning of other dominions and I BET You that you will be able to coerse one to join your forces the god of life!
perhaps something like Cel or some such name and much like the egyptian culture this is so loosely based off of he would look kinda like Ra the god of the sun.

So in my mind the rundown on the remaining 4 would be Life, Earth, Water, (hit a snag here not sure on final one)

Life - Xel
Powers - 1)Transfer Energy:Channels life into a single target 2)Death Shield:Allows Xel to regain health at the cost of nearby friendly units 3)Life Force:Call back several destroyed or dead units from beyond the grave 4)Soul Restore:Instantly heals all units in a limited area to full health.
Earth - Grok
Powers - 1)Stone Grip:Allows Grok to immobilize a single target and do damage over time 2)Rock Crusher:Grok gathers up the ground and rolls it across the ground crushing anything in its path 3)Earthquake:Creates a fissure in the ground damaging buildings 4)Slam:Allows Grok to grab a single target and slam them down on the ground dealing severe damage
Water - Vii
1)Water Cannon:Fires a huge pulse of water at a target building 2)Liquid Form:Allows Vii to become as her element and take no damage at the cost of severely reduced attack 3)Flood:Waters rise and drown enemies 4)Tsunami:Covers the entire map, damaging buildings severely

posted 06-14-06 07:54 AM EDT (US)     35 / 45  
There are 3 pieces of the ship crashing, one you only see coming down if you look carefully to beyond some mountains, and they crash a bit far away from each other.
posted 06-14-06 01:20 PM EDT (US)     36 / 45  
The Sun God is in early concept art, look in one of the concept art albums here.
posted 06-14-06 01:54 PM EDT (US)     37 / 45  
The Sun God is Xil - that's nothing new.

Unless I misunderstand.

posted 06-14-06 03:36 PM EDT (US)     38 / 45  
lol Yep Xil = Sun God moving right along
posted 06-22-06 02:39 PM EDT (US)     39 / 45  
Some more thoughts on the Vinci: Here's something I've been considering. One question I was unsure about is how could the Doge have logically been contacted or meet with the Cuotl? The crashed Cuotl fane in Vinci lands (near Don Rocco's turf) could have been a shipment of Cuotl supplies that was shot down or crashed.

Consider Venucci's coastal location, and the fact they were one of the two top city-states. While there is no need for sea travel on Aio, perhaps Venucci at one point launched an expedition westward over the ocean. Normally, since the ocean is probably big, many have not attempted this before. This would be a matter of political interest, as they could expand beyond Vinci lands. The expedition could very well be made of aircraft and airships, as opposed to aquatic ones.

Regardless of the transportation type, let's assume that there's nothing in between the Vinci lands and Cuotl lands. If you keep going west, you run straight into Cuotl lands. Specifically, lands run by Shok and Czin, as they have the eastern coastal Cuotl territories.

Now, the Cuotl 'gods' are unlikely to leave their own territories for fear of being betrayed while they leave. They might also consider becoming (too) involved in native affairs beneath them. What better luck might happen to them than someone stumbling onto them?

Let's say that a Venucci noble named Alessandri was on this voyage. The Cuotl "gods" destroy must of the expedition, but say Alessandri is desperate, fearful, and eager to save his own hide. So, he eventually makes a deal with the Cuotl "gods." He gives them some samples of Vinci tech, moves to prevent any Vinci rivals from developing superior tech, and works to set up a puppet regime 'friendly' to the Cuotl gods.

In return, the Gods will give him advanced tech to dominate his foes. Alessandri returns to Venucci, now with more ambition than ever. He eventually appoints himself "Doge" (AKA 'Il Duce' or 'The Duke') and wins popular support with his promises of reform. However, this will not be reform for the better.

The Doge sets his sights on Miana. They are a both a rival power, and home to lots of inventors. This makes Miana's destruction a high priority to the Doge. The fact they dig up a Cuotl artifact also mobilizes him. Since he wants to prevent Cuotl tech from falling into his rivals' hands, he moves to steal it, killing Petruzzo and annoying Giacomo.

The Doge also acquired a dislike of Vinci aircraft after his expedition was so easily downed by the Cuotl. Thus, he invests in anti-aircraft technology, such as the Clockwork Spider and the Sky Crusher. He arranges for transport from Pirata, but out of a need to move the artifact away quickly. Afterwards, he turns on the Pirata, inadvertantly aligning Pirata and Miana together. For him, it is both a political necessity and a 'personal triumph.' He does have an ally of his cause some Pirata to break off, though.

Lenora is one of the most powerful Pirata leaders. Being an attractive young woman in a city-state where piracy is a way of life, she probably understands the value of seduction. Having probably heard off Petruzzo's death, she takes advantage of Giacomo's mental state and desire for revenge. For her, she gets both a key ally and fulfills her own plans for revenge. Notice in the cinematic after the Pirata mission, how Lenora openly hits on Giacomo? I think there's a lot more to Lenora than simple revenge (though that is a powerful motivation on her part, undoubtably).

posted 06-22-06 04:38 PM EDT (US)     40 / 45  
it's great how you've managed to make an interesting story that actually interlocks with all the game's story requirements

great job


posted 06-27-06 04:26 PM EDT (US)     41 / 45  
Thanks! I try. I'm hoping Encyclopedia Aio's up soon. Then, perhaps, we can get some real answers. Here's to hoping BHG can come up with a more detailed, less cliche-filled fantasy universe (an alternative to Warcraft for more creative people).

Any roleplayers here? I was thinking of working on a "Rise of Legends d20" pen and paper system for my group.

posted 08-07-06 02:30 AM EDT (US)     42 / 45  
Just some more ideas on Doge's engineering: Today, walkers. Bipedal walkers in real life are inefficient and impractical in combat. One lucky shot in the logs would disable it, and it would be worthless knocked over. Not to mention the lubricants and cleaning it would need to get the dust out of all those moving parts.

However, in fantasy, they work just fine. There is some reasons why steam walkers are used by some Vinci heroes and the Doge walkers. One is they allow them to further impress their troops, giving the person inside a clear view of the battlefield. Second, they give the player a way to find the heroes easier. Third, the psychological advantage on the enemy. Given the Doge's preference for large, scary war machines, I doubt he could've resisted his own fleet of walkers.

posted 08-07-06 06:57 AM EDT (US)     43 / 45  
Walkers would only be inneficient in Real-Life because one shot from either a tank or an anti-tank infantry unit would disable it, now since the only ones from the vinci that possess any form of tank or anti-tank(with explosive ammo) are either the heroes, the juggernaut (hard to mass comparitively to doge walkers) and doge walkers themselves. Keep in mind, that anything could be put in this game that it would work on the battlefield, becuase of the HP system in games.
posted 08-08-06 11:24 AM EDT (US)     44 / 45  
How did you take those screenshots of the movie? Also is it just me or can no one else successfully convert the videos to avi
posted 08-08-06 11:55 AM EDT (US)     45 / 45  
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