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Desert Mystic Library

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Topic Subject: Ideas for New Maps
posted 07-26-06 02:39 PM EDT (US)   
New Maps


Number of Players: 4
Neutral Cities: 1

Labyrinth is a map made up of canyon walls and rocky ground that resembles a labyrinth. Players start in random starts of a canyon corridor, and must work their way through the maze. Some sections between canyon walls are very wide and are suitable for cities. Timonium mines are few, but are unguarded by any hostile creature or warrior. Unfortunately, wandering Condottieri lurk in the canyon labyrinth, waiting to attack. If you successfully navigate the canyon maze and reach the large opening in the middle, with one large mesa in the middle, get to the top and take control of the very large neutral city!

The Mini-map is blacked-out so you can't cheat through the maze of this map.

Solar Pillars

Number of Players: 4
Neutral Cities: 3

The map is a lowland of wet, green grasses and a lingering mist. In the middle of the map is a large metal circle, on top of that circle is a red energy circle, surrounded by engraved Cuotl symbols. Surrounding the central circle, at a long distance, are 9 Solar Pillars of the Cuotl. In this map you begin with low military units but one free district. Gather up your greatest army to take the Solar Pillars. Once a player controls all of the Solar Pillars and activates each one, a beam will launch from each of their tops and hit the red energy circle circle on the large metal circle in the middle of the map. A humongous yellow beam will shoot straight up into the sky and activate the floating Fangs of Xil, a super-fane that is larger than normal fanes and has different designs and patterns on it. Now that the player controls the Fangs of Xil, he could use it to fire incinerating solar beams at foes to deal out maximum damage.

Legions of Fallen Cuotl protect the Solar Pillars.

Meramesh's Tomb

Number of Players: 4
Neutral Cities: 4

In a harsh desert, a great treasure such as the tomb of King Meramesh is what any player needs. This ancient Alin structure is located in a different spot every time on the map. It is not seen on the mini-map so you do not know where in the sands it is. Take control of neutral cities, which, when taken control of, give you 10 free Desert Raiders to fight for you. But you must beware of hostile Desert Raiders and Dark Alin roaming the sands. Once a player finds Meramesh's Tomb, you can send units to loot it and it will give you a humongous amount of wealth. Take advantage of this great treasure!

Granite Axis

Number of Players: 4
Neutral Cities: 3-5

This map is a flat, red-tinted rocky wasteland, with curling rock spires, formations, and mesas emerging from the ground. Neutral cities are usually located atop mesas and are guarded by Condottieri or Dark Alin. In the center of this map is the wonder of nature, the Granite Axis. Balancing on the top of a conical red granite spire is a huge sphere of red granite, with a rock ring around it, connected to the sphere by a narrow wall of rock at the north and south of the sphere. The sphere is also tilted on a side, thus an axis, as is the ring. Surrounding the Granite Axis are rich timonium deposits. Take control of the Granite Axis and you will obtain these many timonium mines for yourself.

Deep Bayou

Number of Players: 4
Neutral Cities: 2

Below the canopy of a sub-tropical forest lies a network of window, slow-moving, muddy streams and rivers, a bayou. The lighting is quite dark on its map, and it is named for how deep south it is, and just the low, deep feeling you have when standing on it and looking up at the tall canopy. Land units can walk through the sloggy water, but it is up to their waist and slows them down because of the mud. Spined crocodiles and other species of Aio wildlife make their habitat in the bayou. Beware of the dangerous ones, they will attack. Timonium is very few and is located on random spots every time. The two neutral cities are located on a highrise of land on each side of the map, guarded by Fallen Cuotl or Condottieri. Once a player takes a neutral city, it will get one free random district.

Canopy Network

Number of Players: 6
Neutral Cities: 6-8

A dark, misty rainforest in the Cuotl lands of the Moon God Ix is what makes up this map. High above the ground, wooden bridges are connected giant rainforest trees. Large wooden ladders or hollowed out stairs in tree trunks are used for units to climb up to the wooden deck wrapping around the tree, which is where bridges meet. These early bridge systems were used by the messengers of Ix to carry messages all throughout his territories. Hidden in the jungle itself, on the ground, are Shrines of Ix that contain wealth resources when looted, but are guarded by Fallen Cuotl. Neutral Reactors can be taken by players, to Cuotl interest, but are guarded by Fallen Cuotl. Outposts of Ix are stationed around the map and fire beams at anyone to pass.

This map is unique in that flying units cannot be produced, so the networks are actually put to use.

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posted 07-26-06 02:43 PM EDT (US)     1 / 7  

Is this what you are making or what BHG is?

posted 07-26-06 02:56 PM EDT (US)     2 / 7  
My made up thoughts on maps.

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posted 07-26-06 02:57 PM EDT (US)     3 / 7  
Looks good. Labyrinth aounds nice.

posted 07-26-06 03:09 PM EDT (US)     4 / 7  
I personally like Granite Axis. It seemed very Aio-ish when I thought up of it.

׺°˜`°º×ALL HAIL THE UNCLELAND!׺°˜`°º×[/ind]\

[ind]Help to reveal the Dumbo Conspiracy to the World!

posted 07-26-06 03:26 PM EDT (US)     5 / 7  
these sound great to me but are they possible by someone or do u need to submit them to bhg
posted 07-26-06 04:29 PM EDT (US)     6 / 7  
Good ideas.

you can't spell 'ignorance' without IGN.
posted 07-26-06 05:59 PM EDT (US)     7 / 7  
I really like these maps...^^
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