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Topic Subject: Rise of Legends Roleplay Signups
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posted 08-02-06 10:48 PM EDT (US)   
Rise of Legends Role Play Signups

Most of you know, from the thread suggesting an RP, that I am know going to start one. This RP will take place in the world of Aio, where magic and technology clash in a never ending battle.

Now, I am not sure yet about what the RP will be. If it will be about all-out war, about a fellowship between characters, or what. That is why, somewhere in your application post, you most put the answer to this poll saying either Choice 1, etc., in bold, if you will:

For the RP, would you like...

Choice 1: War, battle, and ambushes between characters, where some characters make alliances and such.

Choice 2: Where characters unite to stop an evil force, or multiple forces.

Choice 3: Other, and please explain in bold what your idea for other is. Do not just say Choice 3 without your idea.

Now, for the applications:

Contact Methods: (If any; optional)
Character Name:
Character Race: (No made-ups. It is a fiction though, so you can make up organizations and societies of a race)
Age and Sex:
Profession/Class: What are you? A Vinci inventor, a soldier, a Cuotl priest?
Appearence: Description or link to picture
Special Skills: If Alin, what are your magics? If Vinci, what are your good skills? etc.
Inventory: Your weapons, any other items of importance, a backpack, things such as that

Note: Your application can be vetoed by me, if I feel it is necessary. If your application is vedoed, I'll tell you why, and you can fix it so it is better.

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posted 08-07-06 08:13 PM EDT (US)     26 / 44  
Sure Lord Iraune, maybe I'll run into Giovanni after my squads crash, and we will be ambushed or found by you later while roaming through the mountains...
posted 08-07-06 08:48 PM EDT (US)     27 / 44  


ok that works and the rest of us will kill all 3 of u then

Lol! You must not know anything about RPs.

Anyway, you can't kill off other people's characters without their permission, so don't be so rash.

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posted 08-07-06 10:03 PM EDT (US)     28 / 44  
aww man wait u need some1s permission to kill them that seems a little strange to me how would u assasinate some1 tell them that ur goin to be here at this taime and to meet them so they can push u out the window

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posted 08-07-06 10:21 PM EDT (US)     29 / 44  
You know nothing of an RP, from what it seems.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to veto your character until you actually now what in RP is. It's not a game, it's a story.

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posted 08-07-06 10:23 PM EDT (US)     30 / 44  
posted 08-08-06 02:41 AM EDT (US)     31 / 44  
To anyone not familiar with roleplaying conducted on a forum, think of it like this...

You're playing Dungeons and Dragons, but you have neither written, concrete rules nor dice. You cannot simulate an RPG video game because they also depend on a concrete set of rules and much much mathematics. You also cannot simulate an action movie or TV show because you cannot completely, graphically represent the action.

Thus, it's neither fun nor exciting to have Dragon Ball Z-esque battles between powerful characters, nor is it actually a big achievement for your character to slay a dragon single-handedly because the dragon has no power, since it was written in by you.

What you're looking for is character definition, character development, and character-playing. The whole "game" centers on how you try to represent your character. For example, if you play a reclusive old man who is a fire mage, you probably would not have him very eager to meet, say, some young upstart Vinci privateer.

You could also play your character as a sort of doddering old man (where'd I put those pills of mine?), an energetic old man (back in my day, we lifted bricks for a living!), a young-at-heart old man, a wise old man, or any other persona you can think of. The key here, though, is consistency. You don't want to go out of character, even if it will benefit your character (a technophobe desert walker will probably not use a rifle if his life depended on it), and actually, you never EVER want to go out of character to make your character stronger, cooler, or better. That brings us to our next point...

POWERGAMING. Powergaming being overly obsessed with your character's powers and abilities. You can expect characters to be somewhat extraordinary or powerful, following the rule where characters with names are automatically tougher and cooler than those without (think Kung-fu or action movies). However, it is highly frowned upon if you turn your character into someone overly cool or powerful. It may be hard for a novice roleplayer to gauge this, so I suggest a rule where on the battlefield, one character is equal to five grunts. (Five seems like a good number, and maybe a little high.) This is not a concrete rule, but you roughly assume that your character can fight off five enemy grunts and must flee from or outsmart six. Obviously, the weight given to different enemy *types* differ. Your character, for example, can probably beat off five Mianan musketeers, but not four Venucci Elite Guards or a pair of Condotierri Knights. One Clockwork Spider? You can probably kill it with great effort. One Glass Golem? Pffft, forget it! RUN! With Venucci conscripts, though, you can probably take on seven or eight.

Other roleplay rules you might want to know...

1. Never EVER EVER roleplay for someone else. You must never say what another played character feels, thinks, knows, or does. You might not intend the same thing as the person playing that character or you might roleplay the character badly, at which point the proper player would probably be annoyed and offended.

2. Don't game outside the game. That is, whatever happens in the game stays in the game and whatever happens in the outside world stays out of the game. For example, if my character and Czin_Minion's are supposed to be opposed to each other, like I play an Alin who hates the Cuotl because they burned my village and he plays a Cuotl warrior who's very good at burning villaging, but he and I are best buddies (and we're actually not... well, he may be my best buddy and I just haven't realized it ^_^, in which case I'd tell him, "Czin, I love you too"), it's a very bad idea for his character and mine to become friends just because we're friends in real life.

3. The man with the vision has the authority to make you stick to it. It's acknowledged that not everyone has the same "vision" of the roleplayed world, although this depends on where the roleplay is set, varying from a highly defined universe (like a historical universe) to a very vaguely defined one (like Aio), so the person who runs the roleplay (Lord Iarune in this case), has the final word on what is or is not legal.

4... probably some other stuff I forgot to mention. This is just the basics to get you started ^_^

edit: As for everybody who already knows what they're doing, you can stop discussing what's going to happen in the roleplay and start... roleplaying it!

I AM NOT HIPPO. I am Monocular (Vinci), ManWithThreeKidneys (Alin), and Thunderstick (Cuotl).

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posted 08-08-06 03:51 AM EDT (US)     32 / 44  
Just to be sure, how about the timeline? Before or after the single player story? Unless afterwards, Risona's still will make little sense. Assuming as Risona was approved, it seems logical that it's after the primary story. Not to say everything is peaceful. As a disclaimer, some minor spoilers might be ahead. Here's an intro scene for Giovanni Risona.


The man formerly known as Giovanni Risona did not like the snow any more than he liked the sand. Yet here he was, flying on a rickety Pirata transport airship, stowed in a cargo crate. It wasn't like he was "stowing away." He had paid for transport to the edges of Vinci territory, but due to the insane prices for even steerage, he found shipping himself in a crate was the cheapest option. Besides, it would give him time to repair himself.

It was insanely boring, however. Given the fact he had no reading materials, Risona's sole means of amusing himself was listening to the crew. Just his luck, two sets of voices passed by. It was clearly two Pirata crew members, one male and one female, talking with each other. "They say this vessel's cursed, you know?" the male asked.

"This was the vessel that transported the Miana Artifact for the Doge, correct?" the female added.

"The very same. Ever since the Doge took that <i>thing</i> the Mianans up, this vessel's had...problems," the male noted.

"Like what?" the female asked.

"For one, strange green men were sighted around. When confronted with guns, they'd just...disappear," the man added.

"Were their magicks about?" the woman asked. "Some Alin trick?"

"Nay. These didn't look like any Alin I'd seen...and I went to the Kingdom with Giacomo," the man added. "Could be a Cuotl trick, I think. Though they didn't look like any Cuotl I've ever seen, and the only time I've had the fortune of seeing them is down the barrel of my gun."

"How about that strange box?" the woman approached Risona's crate. "We're being paid lots of money to simply 'place it gently' near the edge of the Kalahase desert. I've heard strange rumblings from that crate. Something's alive in there. Or was."

Risona cursed to himself. He would have to be more quiet in the future.

"Could just be a clockwork critter. I've heard the Scavengers' been moving east again," the man continued. "The Alin say they've clashed with them on a number of occassions, but the Scavs ain't interested in Alin waste."

Of course not, Giovanni Risona wanted to say. The Scavengers wanted the rich, plentiful Timonium deposits under the mountains near the Kalahase desert. Back in the day, the Doge set up mining outposts there, despite it being Alin territory. Currently, the land was up for grabs, as Venucci Loyalists and their mining companies clashed with Scavengers and occassional Alin border patrols.

Giovanni had no love for the Venucci Loyalists. Since most Venucci soldiers were conscripted by the Doge, many deserted after Giacomo finally killed him. Only the most fanatical remained behind, clinging to the image of some long vanished despot. It was the Doge's chemical weapons, after all, that destroyed his body in the first place.

Those pitiful Doge Loyalists were rebels against the New Mianan banner, and waged guerrilla war whenever someone moved into their mountains. Lately, the Scavengers had moved in. Thanks to a program of Giovanni's, the Scavengers would try to avoid conflict with humans (save self defense), but seek and and process raw Timonium to make more of themselves.

The army of Scavengers reproduced itself an exponential rate, as it required no humans to staff it. It was self sufficient, locally supplied, and so far, human friendly. As an added bonus, it would serve as a buffer against the Loyalists AND any Alin agression. While they only would attack in self defense, they ensured any "defense" counterattacks would be decisive and end the fight fast. Even if they lost, they would learn their enemies' tactics and how to better counter them.

Giovanni saw his Scavengers the way a parent saw a child's accomplishments. With him and Distruzzio, perhaps they would one day think. To have a civilization built by machines, what an interesting thought! Would clockwork men dream of clockwork sheep? Perhaps instead of just a society of machines, a society of humans and machines would work, and everything in between (like him). Such different thought processes had lots to offer each other. The age of magic, with its rigid social hierarchies and general mystic mumbo-jumbo, would truly be over, and a steel age of man-with-machine would begin.

Such dreams would have to wait, however. The technology was still long ways off. An artifical, sentient construct might rebel, so raising a "child" properly was a must. Likewise, even without sentience, self replicating machines might become like insects, even worse than the Cuotls' late "gods".

Giovanni knew the Cuotl were the keys to his dream. Having learned all he could from the Vinci academies, he was ready to follow in the footsteps of Giacomo, and learn about new technologies. His plan was to have himself dropped off near the edge of the disputed Loyalist-Alin-Scavenger territory, he would have to cross the accursed Alin desert a bit and then go north to the frozen Kahan Wastes.

While unfamilar to most in Aio, the Kahan wastes were preferable to the Alin jungles. Risona always did prefer the threat of ice to to the threat of fire. He would have to hire or find a local to take him across those forsaken steppes, however.

The tribes there, lead by various "spirit-chiefs," lived a brutal but nomadic existence. While unaware of what exactly was on those steppes and tundras, Risona wanted to be partnered with someone who knew. Then, he would go into the Cuotl jungles and find those sympathetic to technology. While Vinci infighting was nothing new, the Cuotl still need some sort of union. Kalkoohla's weak regime was too impotent to stand against Alin agression, or even, heavens forbid, a return of more "gods."

For now, he still had a flight to enjoy, and some time to kill.

posted 08-08-06 06:18 AM EDT (US)     33 / 44  
I'm thinking if the story takes place after the events of the campaign it would be... wierd for the guy playing a Cuotl character?

Anyways, is this supposed to be the start of the RP or just a disconnected intro about Risona?

I AM NOT HIPPO. I am Monocular (Vinci), ManWithThreeKidneys (Alin), and Thunderstick (Cuotl).
posted 08-08-06 06:23 AM EDT (US)     34 / 44  
Quetzalcoatl found himself stranded in the midst of the Cuotl jungle, in the former capital of the Sun God. That of course is thanks to is in built map of Cuotl knowledge, however, since the Cuotl never ventured much outside of their jungle, Quetzalcoatl found himself split... Should he await for any reinforcements to escort him to his mission objective? Should he search for his missing squad members? Or should he fall into the temptation of adventure into Cuotl unknown lands?

Quetzalcoatl while in his training heard many stories from the people who came from the borders of the jungle, along with many Fallen Cuotl and other barbarians. There were stories of big machines resembling a man that shot explosives, one even killed their Moon God, Ix, beasts as tall as Idols that threw some sort of minerals, and even OTHER men. For Quetzalcoatl, all his teatchings never mentioned other races outside of the known forest. Sucumbing into his curiosity, and seeing has he has all the equipment and knowledge he might need to travel this great distance easily and survive, he came up with a plan...

He would wait 3 days for either his companions to show up or reinforcements, should any arrive he would also tempt them into joining his quest into unknown lands. At the 3rd day he would set sights into Cuotl borders, seeking knowledge, skills and adventure...

Actually Hippo,***********SPOILERS************ in my characters info, I mentioned that I was either under the training of the High Priests serving the Gods, or the High Priests defending the side of the Cuotl who which to remain using technology.************END SPOILER************

I hope some more Cuotl show up... :P

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posted 08-08-06 10:58 AM EDT (US)     35 / 44  
Guys, Guys! The Roleplay did not begin yet. Please do not post the story posts yet. I'm still writing up the thread on wordpad for the actual roleplay. This is just a signup and discussion thread. Thank you.

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posted 08-08-06 11:15 AM EDT (US)     36 / 44  
afeter i c how this works for a little while can a join in
posted 08-08-06 11:43 AM EDT (US)     37 / 44  

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posted 08-08-06 02:38 PM EDT (US)     38 / 44  
Am I in??? O.o

you can't spell 'ignorance' without IGN.
posted 08-08-06 05:15 PM EDT (US)     39 / 44  
Name(Forummer): AlinSlave
Contact Methods: (If any; optional)
Character Name: Hurzakh al-Alian
Character Race: Alin, Young member of the Council of the Sand
Age and Sex: 22/Male
Profession/Class: A young, but unusually powerful sand mage
Appearence: A tall, muscular, tanned youth in a white robe
Personality:energetic, imaniginative, doesnt distrust most people like normal Alin do, very sociable, drinks beer (though not heavily)
History: He is treated as a prodigy in his classes. He has shown unusual development for a sand mage, and has already gained the "Teacher" status.
Special Skills: Sand magic. He is a Teacher of Sand Magic, something of like a Master's degree (not a Ph.D)- only a 100 times harder to get. He is also very Influential in the magic community, as he has been invited to the Council of the Sand, the main council of sand mages.
Inventory: A gold staff with a large shperical saphire on top. an Egiptian Cross - an mysterious inheritance left to him by his father, who dissapeared mysteriously before he was born. So far it has done more good than harm, and SEEMINGLY is a talisman.

I hope this is good.

My Website:
My email: (plz dont spam)
my usernames:
Rol: SawuIsFat (alin)
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posted 08-09-06 11:59 AM EDT (US)     40 / 44  
GlassMage and AlinSlave, you're both in. Please read the whole title post of the Role Play before you begin, and leave discussion of the role play to the discussion thread.

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posted 08-14-06 05:30 PM EDT (US)     41 / 44  
Name: The Steam Punk
Character Name: Androni Nuela
Character Race: Vinci
Age and Sex: Male, 52
Profession/Class: A Vinci tinkerer/inventor

Appearence: A lanky(long arms, legs, neck, etc.)individual with a waxed handle-bar mustache, short goatee, and tangled white hair, from the shock of countless scientific "surprizes". Often wears a pair of special compound lens goggles designed to examine the delicate inner workings of machinery, but they can double as binoculars in the field. Wears a standard leather jacket execept it contains a number of pockets within it, which hold the spare parts and other junk he carries around with him. Aside from that, he's just an average Vinci.

Personality: Androni is basicly one step below a mad scientist.Quite the eccentric, his main joy is fiddling with stuff and seeing how it works. Very brilliant, he always manages to rebuild what he takes apart, and make it even better than before. Also, he is quite eloquent, and always larger than life. Ever the optimist, he'll stay postive even as all hell breaks loose. In addition, he has a huge sense of humor, and can laugh at insults to him, if funny. Extremely trusting, and honestly he can't be false, without someone realizing it. Also, he enjoys company and is extremely friendly. Never the aggeresor, only attacks in self defense. And Finally, is Aio's biggest pack-rat. His philosiphy (and excuse) is " Junk is what you keep for years, but throw away three weeks before you need it."

History: Once a reasearher during the war, he would analyze wrecked Cuotl technology, in order to understand how it worked. However, being the eccentric he was, he refused to unveil his findings until he could recreate it sucessfully himself. But, before he could tell anyone of his success, he was expulsed due to an incident involving a private project to create a gunpowder powered engine. Upon returning to his home in (havent decided where), he mostly kept to himself, discovering new ways to combine Vinci mechanics with Cuotl advancements.( he's figured out lasers and can make multipurpose energy cells)

Special Skills: Not only a brilliant tinkerer, but he's also a master metalworker(allowing in the creation of fabulous clockwork), a decent marksman, and, can adapt to any situation( give him 30 seconds, and he can turn that pistol into nearly any firearm)

Inventory: A small,customized gun(can become any sort of firearm) and a collection of odd junk, along with the tools to make just about anything with it.

Well, what do you think? Am I in?
a combo of myself, Doc Brown(Back to the Future),
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posted 03-06-07 11:59 AM EDT (US)     42 / 44  
Name: Xil_Overlord
Character Name: Carroni Alessadri
Character Race: Vinci
Age and Sex: Male, 34
Profession/Class: A Vinci Soldier
Appearance: Carroni has dark brown, almost black hair. He has a scar above his right eye, a wound gained in a Cuotl ambush. His hair is cut neatly, but there are a few places where it's long. He has no moustache. He has green eyes.
Personality: He is pragmatic and realistic, but seems to believe that the Universe is out to get him, due to his string of bad luck after fighting the Cuotl. He is pessimistic.
History: Carroni was a Mianan who was guarding Giacamo when Petruzzo died, the only reason why he wasn't killed with the rest of Miana's citizens. After he found out he didn't have a home to go to, he joined Giacamo in his campaigns in the Alin and Cuotl lands. After the Cuotl Gods were defeated, he became a nomad, wandering the Vinci lands.
Special Skills: His excellent marksmanship, a result of years of combat. He can also adapt to almost any situation in about a few seconds.
Inventory: A pistol, a musket, a backpack and a sword.

posted 03-06-07 03:16 PM EDT (US)     43 / 44  
Don't want to offend you but NOBODY posts here.
posted 03-07-07 10:24 AM EDT (US)     44 / 44  
Sorry Xil. The Roleplay has been inactive for quite some time now.
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