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Topic Subject: War of Aio: A Rise of Legends Roleplay
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posted 08-08-06 02:17 PM EDT (US)   
<font size=36>War of Aio

Step into the world of Aio. A strange land filled with bizarre creatures, immense land formations, and ongoing battle.

The Chronology

The War of Aio roleplay takes place 10 years after the fall of the Cuotl and the end of the campaign in Rise of Legends. In those ten years, most of Aio has been in peace.

The people of the Cuotl have once again unified, and the Fallen Cuotl celebrate every year for the destruction of their cruel alien overlords. But that long time ago, when Czin was reluctant to send a distress call to home, the population of Aio thought he did not do so. He did.

In a few years, the distress call reached their home planet. Now, they are on their way. This time there are more of them. And this time they will not be hesitant to fight. This time, they are determined to control Aio and avenge the deaths of the others.

When the new successors to the false gods came, they created suits in the manner of the four first of their brothren to come to Aio. The first was Camax. He was the Cuotl false god of fire and warfare. His suit is that of a panther. The second was Tlal, the fake god of water and the successor to Shok as the god of storms. His suit is that of a crocodile. The third main is Acol, the fake god of death and the ruler of the dead. His suit is that of a skeleton.

Czin also eventually crawled out of the hole he fell into, majorly injured. Now he has almost no power and is a slave to the new aliens. Czin was weak from the years he layed their injured, and although originally the new Cuotl came to help him from his distress signal, they just thought it would be better to have him as a slave so that they may use him in a part take Aio by force.

The main mission of the new Cuotl gods is to build up forces compromised of the inhabitants of Aio and machines of their own, and take as much territory in Aio as they can until a gigantic fleet of ships are sent from their home world to bombard the planet from orbit. They must hold their own until the fleet comes.

While those three new main false gods are taking the Cuotl tribes by force, a new power rises from the Vinci. It is the Suprema Maxicci, or the Major Supreme. They are an organization that began during the 10 year duration after the fall of the Cuotl, and are a union of the aristocratic families of the Vinci. Currently they are ruled by Maxmillian Avalucini, as the Avalucini are the family that brought together the other aristocracies. He strives to make the Suprema Maxicci the dominant power among the Vinci.

The Alin are now ruled by a new class of monarchies: the sultans. The current sultan is Sultan Abakra, who, for his 5 year reign, has kept peace among the Alin. Little does he know now that he will soon have to guide his people of the desert through perilous war that will involve the new Cuotl aliens and the Suprema Maxicci.

Hello, all forummers! Welcome to the War of Aio, the first Rise of Legends Role Play. In this roleplay, seperate characters will battle other characters for purposes known only to them, or known to others, as will other factions battle. Eventually characters will form groups together and war against other character groups, but let this be known: There will not be non-stop war. Not every post shall be a battle.

There will of course be some rules and restrictions to the RP. I will post them now:



Rule 2: YOUR CHARACTER MUST ACT LIKE HOW YOU DESCRIBED HIM IN YOUR APPLICATION. Basically follow this, which is what HippoInTheHouse said:

"What you're looking for is character definition, character development, and character-playing. The whole "game" centers on how you try to represent your character. For example, if you play a reclusive old man who is a fire mage, you probably would not have him very eager to meet, say, some young upstart Vinci privateer."

Rule 3: NO GOD PLAY. This is also known as Power Playing. Once again, follow what Hippo said:

"Powergaming being overly obsessed with your character's powers and abilities. You can expect characters to be somewhat extraordinary or powerful, following the rule where characters with names are automatically tougher and cooler than those without (think Kung-fu or action movies). However, it is highly frowned upon if you turn your character into someone overly cool or powerful. It may be hard for a novice roleplayer to gauge this, so I suggest a rule where on the battlefield, one character is equal to five grunts. (Five seems like a good number, and maybe a little high.) This is not a concrete rule, but you roughly assume that your character can fight off five enemy grunts and must flee from or outsmart six. Obviously, the weight given to different enemy *types* differ. Your character, for example, can probably beat off five Mianan musketeers, but not four Venucci Elite Guards or a pair of Condotierri Knights. One Clockwork Spider? You can probably kill it with great effort. One Glass Golem? Pffft, forget it! RUN! With Venucci conscripts, though, you can probably take on seven or eight."

Hippo is totally right with that. At the role play I and many others play at BFME2H, this is exactly how it is done. No one is too strong and can just, with a poof of magic or a monster-size cannon, can just kill a huge enemy. This rule will be very strongly enforced.


It is totally encouraged that you include other people's characters in your post, but only if you are around that character or in a fellowship with them. When you do use someone elses character in your post, read over that application and see what their personality is and how they act. Follow closely to what the character does when you use him/her in your post.

Also, do not change the plans of other characters. That is completely forbid.


Say someone posts somethin like this: "writing" or "posting". Do not post until they are finished.



Follow what Hippo said:

"The man with the vision has the authority to make you stick to it. It's acknowledged that not everyone has the same "vision" of the roleplayed world, although this depends on where the roleplay is set, varying from a highly defined universe (like a historical universe) to a very vaguely defined one (like Aio), so the person who runs the roleplay (Lord Iarune in this case), has the final word on what is or is not legal."

That is it for rules. Now, for the next section:

Authorities of the Role Play

If I feel as if there is a very good writer who follows all the rools, I will make dub him/her a Council Writer. Council Writers have authority over the other players and if they feel someone is doing something wrong or something that violates the rules, they can change that. Council Writers can also be the ones who choose the path that the story will go in, such as what will happen next, how the story will unfold, and such. Only the most respective roleplayer will be chosen as a Council Writer.

That's basically it. Have fun role playing.

׺°˜`°º×ALL HAIL THE UNCLELAND!׺°˜`°º×[/ind]\

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posted 08-08-06 03:01 PM EDT (US)     1 / 31  
Can a local mod enable html in that post?
posted 08-08-06 03:24 PM EDT (US)     2 / 31  
<b>The man formerly known as Giovanni Risona did not like the snow any more than he liked the sand. Yet here he was, flying on a rickety Pirata transport airship, stowed in a cargo crate. It wasn't like he was "stowing away." He had paid for transport to the edges of Vinci territory, but due to the insane prices for even steerage, he found shipping himself in a crate was the cheapest option. Besides, it would give him time to repair himself.

It was insanely boring, however. Given the fact he had no reading materials, Risona's sole means of amusing himself was listening to the crew. Just his luck, two sets of voices passed by. It was clearly two Pirata crew members, one male and one female, talking with each other. "They say this vessel's cursed, you know?" the male asked.

"This was the vessel that transported the Miana Artifact for the Doge, correct?" the female added.

"The very same. Ever since the Doge took that <i>thing</i> the Mianans up, this vessel's had...problems," the male noted.

"Like what?" the female asked.

"For one, strange green men were sighted around. When confronted with guns, they'd just...disappear," the man added.

"Were their magicks about?" the woman asked. "Some Alin trick?"

"Nay. These didn't look like any Alin I'd seen...and I went to the Kingdom with Giacomo," the man added. "Could be a Cuotl trick, I think. Though they didn't look like any Cuotl I've ever seen, and the only time I've had the fortune of seeing them is down the barrel of my gun."

"How about that strange box?" the woman approached Risona's crate. "We're being paid lots of money to simply 'place it gently' near the edge of the Kalahase desert. I've heard strange rumblings from that crate. Something's alive in there. Or was."

Risona cursed to himself. He would have to be more quiet in the future.

"Could just be a clockwork critter. I've heard the Scavengers' been moving east again," the man continued. "The Alin say they've clashed with them on a number of occassions, but the Scavs ain't interested in Alin waste."

Of course not, Giovanni Risona wanted to say. The Scavengers wanted the rich, plentiful Timonium deposits under the mountains near the Kalahase desert. Back in the day, the Doge set up mining outposts there, despite it being Alin territory. Currently, the land was up for grabs, as Venucci Loyalists and their mining companies clashed with Scavengers and occassional Alin border patrols.

Giovanni had no love for the Venucci Loyalists. Since most Venucci soldiers were conscripted by the Doge, many deserted after Giacomo finally killed him. Only the most fanatical remained behind, clinging to the image of some long vanished despot. It was the Doge's chemical weapons, after all, that destroyed his body in the first place.

Those pitiful Doge Loyalists were rebels against the New Mianan banner, and waged guerrilla war whenever someone moved into their mountains. Lately, the Scavengers had moved in. Thanks to a program of Giovanni's, the Scavengers would try to avoid conflict with humans (save self defense), but seek and and process raw Timonium to make more of themselves.

The army of Scavengers reproduced itself an exponential rate, as it required no humans to staff it. It was self sufficient, locally supplied, and so far, human friendly. As an added bonus, it would serve as a buffer against the Loyalists AND any Alin agression. While they only would attack in self defense, they ensured any "defense" counterattacks would be decisive and end the fight fast. Even if they lost, they would learn their enemies' tactics and how to better counter them.

Giovanni saw his Scavengers the way a parent saw a child's accomplishments. With him and Distruzzio, perhaps they would one day think. To have a civilization built by machines, what an interesting thought! Would clockwork men dream of clockwork sheep? Perhaps instead of just a society of machines, a society of humans and machines would work, and everything in between (like him). Such different thought processes had lots to offer each other. The age of magic, with its rigid social hierarchies and general mystic mumbo-jumbo, would truly be over, and a steel age of man-with-machine would begin.

Such dreams would have to wait, however. The technology was still long ways off. An artifical, sentient construct might rebel, so raising a "child" properly was a must. Likewise, even without sentience, self replicating machines might become like insects, even worse than the Cuotls' late "gods".

Giovanni knew the Cuotl were the keys to his dream. Having learned all he could from the Vinci academies, he was ready to follow in the footsteps of Giacomo, and learn about new technologies. His plan was to have himself dropped off near the edge of the disputed Loyalist-Alin-Scavenger territory, he would have to cross the accursed Alin desert a bit and then go north to the frozen Kahan Wastes.

While unfamilar to most in Aio, the Kahan wastes were preferable to the Alin jungles. Risona always did prefer the threat of ice to to the threat of fire. He would have to hire or find a local to take him across those forsaken steppes, however.

The tribes there, lead by various "spirit-chiefs," lived a brutal but nomadic existence. While unaware of what exactly was on those steppes and tundras, Risona wanted to be partnered with someone who knew. Then, he would go into the Cuotl jungles and find those sympathetic to technology. While Vinci infighting was nothing new, the Cuotl still need some sort of union. Kalkoohla's weak regime was too impotent to stand against Alin agression, or even, heavens forbid, a return of more "gods."

For now, he still had a flight to enjoy, and some time to kill. At least he wasn't being attacked by anything. However, seeing as the territory he was entering had some problems, he knew that would likely change soon.</b>

posted 08-08-06 04:04 PM EDT (US)     3 / 31  
After the "crash" of the fane Quetzalcoatl was in along other soldiers (which the crash was made by Czin) Quetzalcoatl found himself stranded in the midst of the Cuotl jungle, in the former capital of the Sun God. That of course is thanks to is in built map of Cuotl knowledge, however, since the Cuotl never ventured much outside of their jungle, Quetzalcoatl found himself split... Should he await for any reinforcements to escort him to his mission objective set by Czin? Well, one thing is for sure he know has the opportunity to go search for the mightiest warriors of Aio to join the FSOA...

Quetzalcoatl while in his training heard many stories from the people who came from the borders of the jungle, along with many Fallen Cuotl and other barbarians. There were stories of big machines resembling a man that shot explosives, one even killed their Moon God, Ix, beasts as tall as Idols that threw some sort of minerals, and even OTHER men. For Quetzalcoatl, all his teatchings were about other civilazations's military and a few cultural knowledge. Now that Czin had made it soo Quetzalcoatl could venture Aio on his own, he made this plan...

He would wait 3 days for to show up reinforcements, should any arrive he would examine eachg soldier to know his abilities. At the 3rd day he would set sights into Cuotl borders, seeking Aio's finest warriors, and fulfill the purpose Czin had for him and any he might encounter...

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posted 08-08-06 05:59 PM EDT (US)     4 / 31  
HTML is enabled in the title post and thread is stickified.

posted 08-08-06 07:20 PM EDT (US)     5 / 31  

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Damn that Venza, damn this ship, damn this cargo, and damn this crew...

Vincenzo had been through some hard times before, but his present situation wasn't just bad, it was downright unfair!After his expulsion from Venza's fleet, Vincenzo thought his pirating days were over, but, as fortune would have it, he found an old ship, built in the Venucci style (which is to say, inefficiently and expensively), for sale at a ludicrously low price due to some superstition circling its role in the Miana-Venucci war. Supposedly, this ship carried the weapon that murdered Petruzzo, or was the weapon which Petreuzzo was murdered for, or something concerning the old Doge of Venucci.

Not being a superstitious man, Vincenzo bought the ship from its relieved salesman, hired a crew, and took on some cargo to transport for the funds he needed to start a pirate fleet of his own...

And now he found himself out in the middle of nowhere, heading to the edge of the Kalahese Desert with impossibly stupid subordinates who insist on the having seen "green men" haunting his ship.

"Look here," said Vincenzo to terrified ship's cook who, on his way to fetch potatoes from the cargo bay, had claimed to hear the noise of machines and movement from a large box being transported to the edge of the desert, "the ghost of the Doge of Venucci is *not* in that box. That's just a superstition, man. There are no such things as ghosts. My ship is perfectly safe and, if you doubt it, I'm here to protect you." Vincenzo drew and brandished his pistol; "see this pistol? X-35 Cogblocker model, made in Miana by the best craftsmen to ever touch steel. I once shot dead an Alin fire-ghost, an Afreet, with it. If it can kill that ghost, it can kill this."

Vincenzo waved the pistol in front of the terrified cook and then pointed it at the box that was supposed to be moving...

"Want me to kill your ghost? Because it's in this box, right? Right fatty? (the nervous cook nodded) Well I ain't gonna! We're being paid a crap load of money to take that to the edge of the desert and simply set it down, and I'm not shooting money! Now get the damn potatoes and stop being such a crybaby!" With that, Vincenzo turned to storm off into his quarters, when one of his crewmen burst in.

"C-C-C-Captain Manazizi, sir, b-b-b-bandits! Alin bandits, sir! GENIE, sir!"

The transport ship rocked and rumbled from an impact, as if on cue, to emphasize the word "Genie."

Vincenzo went out on deck to get a look at his enemies. He peered precariously over the railings of the ship and scanned the area, to see what he was up against. The most notable enemy he found was a genie, a burly blue man proportioned three times the size of a normal man flinging bursts of magic, which hit as hard as missiles, at his ship. The genie was accompanied by Alin bowmen, shooting arrows that hit the ship like cannonballs.

As his ship lost altitude from the damage it sustained, Vincenzo gathered his fighting crew into the cargo bay, reasoning it was probably the most well-armored part of the ship, if indeed this ship was designed to carry the Doge's priceless artifact. When the transport finally crashes on the ground, Vincenzo would be ready to fight...

I AM NOT HIPPO. I am Monocular (Vinci), ManWithThreeKidneys (Alin), and Thunderstick (Cuotl).

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posted 08-08-06 08:20 PM EDT (US)     7 / 31  
I just clearly stated not to post until I have the Chronology up...and Hippo, all story posts must be in bold.

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posted 08-08-06 10:26 PM EDT (US)     8 / 31  
Yeah, I started writing that post before your post was up and I submitted it after.

And apparently, I don't know how to bold things. :\

I AM NOT HIPPO. I am Monocular (Vinci), ManWithThreeKidneys (Alin), and Thunderstick (Cuotl).
posted 08-09-06 00:10 AM EDT (US)     9 / 31  

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3 days had pass, and no one came about. Logicly that was probably also work of Czin, but there was no way to be sure...

So Quetzalcoatl embarks on his journey, and arrives at the border to the Valley of Lost Souls. Here, the forest seems and even more desolate place, as Quetzacoatl travels through the Valley, he starts to feel as if it is the opposite of a safe haven from the Gods. He sees many Quetzal Fighters soaring through the barely lit skies, as it is soon becoming dark, and Quetzalcoatl activates his nightvision on his visor.

Descending the Valley is a perilous task, as it does not favor one who is bound to the land for travel. Many paths can be seen to have been traveled in days gone by, has Quetzalcoatl is arriving at the bottom of the Valley. At the bottom the Valley's top points seem to be swalloing Quetzalcoatl, but that sight is nothing compared to what he is about to experience...

Quetzalcoatl desperatly needs to leave this retched place, as flashes of greeving Cuotl citizens appear before his eyes, such as spirits trying to make themselves be heard... The fear in the eyes of a small child startles Quetzalcoatl. This is were all the deceased of the Cuotl who do not trangress, remain stuck in realm of existence. Quetzalcoatl makes himself a small, round tent out of leaves the size of his Lord's Snakes. Quetzalcoatl tries to spend a night in the middle of the Valley, praying that he will awake there the following Sun cycle...


Well there you have it, Quetz is resting in a "graveyard" how about that? Lets hope he can still wake up in one piece...

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posted 08-14-06 05:33 PM EDT (US)     11 / 31  
Are we allowed to post now?
posted 08-14-06 05:48 PM EDT (US)     12 / 31  
Sure roleplay away Androni Nuela...

I'm not gonna roleplay today since I'm tired from the long trip so Quetzalcoatl will only continue his adventure tomorrow probably...

posted 08-15-06 04:37 PM EDT (US)     13 / 31  
<b>Overhearing the bit on Alin bandits did surprise Giovanni for a second. However, did he really want to reveal himself? This vessel was an unarmed transport. Unless the crew had some weapons that could accurately hit the ground or anything else that flew, they were doomed. After a few seconds of thought, Risona decided to act.

Punching his way out of the crate, he proceeded to where he presumed the balcony was. Holding his rifle in hand, with the electroshock rounds loaded, he approached someone dressed in an "official" uniform of sorts. Assuming that must be the captain or some high ranking officer, he stated his proposal rapidly. "Sorry about any scares I gave your crew when I was in that crate, but your plight speaks to me," he explained. "Now, seeing as we both have the interest of NOT ending up in a smoldering wreckage, point me to the Alin bandits, and I'll take them out. Then, we can be on our way to the Kalahese Desert."

He cocked his rifle to empathize the point. </b>

posted 08-15-06 04:38 PM EDT (US)     14 / 31  
Thanks for letting me know.

By the way, how do you bold?

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posted 08-15-06 05:51 PM EDT (US)     15 / 31  
sorry guys but thanks to 4 honors classes in high school I won't have the time to participate

Edit: Also you need to fix your html code at the begginning, I can't tell you how since I don't know much about html, but I'm currently teaching myself so hopefully I will soon

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posted 08-15-06 06:20 PM EDT (US)     16 / 31  
Vincenzo gawked at the machine-man who just smashed his way out of the supposedly haunted crate.

Not knowing exactly how to reply to the mystery man's offer of aid, Vincenzo said the first stupid, random thing that came to his mind...

"Y'know what I hate about Venucci ships? Their unreliability."

Crash. A powerful force jolted the cargo room, taking Vincenzo off of his feet. As expected, the cargo room survived the fall, thanks to the miracle of three-meter-thick armored walls. Vincenzo got up as quickly as he could and, minding the Alin bandits more than the mechanical man, ran out to confront his enemy with rapier and pistol in hand...

Bit of a cop-out here, but I'm just going to describe the scenario in non-story language.

The cargo room can be thought of as an enormous, inpenetrably armored box with a single opening on one side wide enough for five people to walk out abreast. The burning wreckage of the transport, which was not as well-armored, surround the box, filling the scene with dangerously warped, sharp metal fragments, some fires, and generally treacherous terrain. The bandits can be considered to be outside the range of the wreckage, but may rush in with hand-to-hand weapons or try to shoot at their prey with crossbows or magic.

Inside the cargo room, there are also many crates stacked on top of each other which have been shaken loose by the crash providing ample cover for anyone inside. The crates can be considered to carry things of inconsequential value, like imported fruits, clothing, or mail and documents.

I AM NOT HIPPO. I am Monocular (Vinci), ManWithThreeKidneys (Alin), and Thunderstick (Cuotl).
posted 08-15-06 07:44 PM EDT (US)     17 / 31  
Iv'e decided to remove my post, due to the fact that it was "Deus ex Machina" (God from Machine), which when used in this context means that somthing happens to be too conveinient for the characters in the story

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posted 08-15-06 08:37 PM EDT (US)     18 / 31  
posted 08-21-06 06:35 PM EDT (US)     19 / 31  
It's a shame...
No ones' posted in 11 DAYS!!!!
Is everyone disscussing what will happen next?
If so, why am I being left out?
posted 08-21-06 06:55 PM EDT (US)     20 / 31  
Because your not important in this Aio conspiracy :P

Well, seriously since none of the other forumers have posted I wasn't gonna play by myself...

posted 08-21-06 08:36 PM EDT (US)     21 / 31  
I really don't want to post without JaveHarron not having posted, since... y'know... we're right next to each other.

Anyways, who's still here and just lurking until somebody else posts?

I AM NOT HIPPO. I am Monocular (Vinci), ManWithThreeKidneys (Alin), and Thunderstick (Cuotl).
posted 08-21-06 09:31 PM EDT (US)     22 / 31  
I had been waiting myself for a little bit before I posted again.
posted 08-21-06 09:42 PM EDT (US)     23 / 31  
me too, I just haven't had much time lately, as stated in my last post


sorry guys but thanks to 4 honors classes in high school I won't have the time to participate

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posted 08-22-06 05:21 PM EDT (US)     24 / 31  
I don't think Lord Iarune is here any more... I think our best course of action would be to start another RP for the people still interested, so we don't continue this one while people are gone.

I AM NOT HIPPO. I am Monocular (Vinci), ManWithThreeKidneys (Alin), and Thunderstick (Cuotl).
posted 08-22-06 07:35 PM EDT (US)     25 / 31  
Pardon my ignorance, but an entirely new thread?
Striking the current stories from the slate and starting all over?
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