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Topic Subject: War of Aio: A Rise of Legends Roleplay
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posted 08-08-06 02:17 PM EDT (US)   
<font size=36>War of Aio

Step into the world of Aio. A strange land filled with bizarre creatures, immense land formations, and ongoing battle.

The Chronology

The War of Aio roleplay takes place 10 years after the fall of the Cuotl and the end of the campaign in Rise of Legends. In those ten years, most of Aio has been in peace.

The people of the Cuotl have once again unified, and the Fallen Cuotl celebrate every year for the destruction of their cruel alien overlords. But that long time ago, when Czin was reluctant to send a distress call to home, the population of Aio thought he did not do so. He did.

In a few years, the distress call reached their home planet. Now, they are on their way. This time there are more of them. And this time they will not be hesitant to fight. This time, they are determined to control Aio and avenge the deaths of the others.

When the new successors to the false gods came, they created suits in the manner of the four first of their brothren to come to Aio. The first was Camax. He was the Cuotl false god of fire and warfare. His suit is that of a panther. The second was Tlal, the fake god of water and the successor to Shok as the god of storms. His suit is that of a crocodile. The third main is Acol, the fake god of death and the ruler of the dead. His suit is that of a skeleton.

Czin also eventually crawled out of the hole he fell into, majorly injured. Now he has almost no power and is a slave to the new aliens. Czin was weak from the years he layed their injured, and although originally the new Cuotl came to help him from his distress signal, they just thought it would be better to have him as a slave so that they may use him in a part take Aio by force.

The main mission of the new Cuotl gods is to build up forces compromised of the inhabitants of Aio and machines of their own, and take as much territory in Aio as they can until a gigantic fleet of ships are sent from their home world to bombard the planet from orbit. They must hold their own until the fleet comes.

While those three new main false gods are taking the Cuotl tribes by force, a new power rises from the Vinci. It is the Suprema Maxicci, or the Major Supreme. They are an organization that began during the 10 year duration after the fall of the Cuotl, and are a union of the aristocratic families of the Vinci. Currently they are ruled by Maxmillian Avalucini, as the Avalucini are the family that brought together the other aristocracies. He strives to make the Suprema Maxicci the dominant power among the Vinci.

The Alin are now ruled by a new class of monarchies: the sultans. The current sultan is Sultan Abakra, who, for his 5 year reign, has kept peace among the Alin. Little does he know now that he will soon have to guide his people of the desert through perilous war that will involve the new Cuotl aliens and the Suprema Maxicci.

Hello, all forummers! Welcome to the War of Aio, the first Rise of Legends Role Play. In this roleplay, seperate characters will battle other characters for purposes known only to them, or known to others, as will other factions battle. Eventually characters will form groups together and war against other character groups, but let this be known: There will not be non-stop war. Not every post shall be a battle.

There will of course be some rules and restrictions to the RP. I will post them now:



Rule 2: YOUR CHARACTER MUST ACT LIKE HOW YOU DESCRIBED HIM IN YOUR APPLICATION. Basically follow this, which is what HippoInTheHouse said:

"What you're looking for is character definition, character development, and character-playing. The whole "game" centers on how you try to represent your character. For example, if you play a reclusive old man who is a fire mage, you probably would not have him very eager to meet, say, some young upstart Vinci privateer."

Rule 3: NO GOD PLAY. This is also known as Power Playing. Once again, follow what Hippo said:

"Powergaming being overly obsessed with your character's powers and abilities. You can expect characters to be somewhat extraordinary or powerful, following the rule where characters with names are automatically tougher and cooler than those without (think Kung-fu or action movies). However, it is highly frowned upon if you turn your character into someone overly cool or powerful. It may be hard for a novice roleplayer to gauge this, so I suggest a rule where on the battlefield, one character is equal to five grunts. (Five seems like a good number, and maybe a little high.) This is not a concrete rule, but you roughly assume that your character can fight off five enemy grunts and must flee from or outsmart six. Obviously, the weight given to different enemy *types* differ. Your character, for example, can probably beat off five Mianan musketeers, but not four Venucci Elite Guards or a pair of Condotierri Knights. One Clockwork Spider? You can probably kill it with great effort. One Glass Golem? Pffft, forget it! RUN! With Venucci conscripts, though, you can probably take on seven or eight."

Hippo is totally right with that. At the role play I and many others play at BFME2H, this is exactly how it is done. No one is too strong and can just, with a poof of magic or a monster-size cannon, can just kill a huge enemy. This rule will be very strongly enforced.


It is totally encouraged that you include other people's characters in your post, but only if you are around that character or in a fellowship with them. When you do use someone elses character in your post, read over that application and see what their personality is and how they act. Follow closely to what the character does when you use him/her in your post.

Also, do not change the plans of other characters. That is completely forbid.


Say someone posts somethin like this: "writing" or "posting". Do not post until they are finished.



Follow what Hippo said:

"The man with the vision has the authority to make you stick to it. It's acknowledged that not everyone has the same "vision" of the roleplayed world, although this depends on where the roleplay is set, varying from a highly defined universe (like a historical universe) to a very vaguely defined one (like Aio), so the person who runs the roleplay (Lord Iarune in this case), has the final word on what is or is not legal."

That is it for rules. Now, for the next section:

Authorities of the Role Play

If I feel as if there is a very good writer who follows all the rools, I will make dub him/her a Council Writer. Council Writers have authority over the other players and if they feel someone is doing something wrong or something that violates the rules, they can change that. Council Writers can also be the ones who choose the path that the story will go in, such as what will happen next, how the story will unfold, and such. Only the most respective roleplayer will be chosen as a Council Writer.

That's basically it. Have fun role playing.

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posted 08-22-06 07:41 PM EDT (US)     26 / 31  
Starting over, yeah.

The point is not to strike this one from the slate, because it wouldn't be fair to people who still want to participate in this and just haven't been able to post for a long time.

I AM NOT HIPPO. I am Monocular (Vinci), ManWithThreeKidneys (Alin), and Thunderstick (Cuotl).
posted 08-22-06 07:46 PM EDT (US)     27 / 31  
Guys! Im still here! Please use the discussion thread. I'm currently thinking of what to type for my first post about Tlal and Kayuk's brother. I'm trying to make it sound really good.

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posted 08-25-06 09:19 PM EDT (US)     28 / 31  
(Sorry about the delay. Had some computer problems.)

Risona turns to face the crew. "Alright, does anyone look out the window and see what sort of terrain we're in? Desert? Mountains? Rocky desert wastelands? Either way, I recommend we hole up here and take cover, then shoot the raiders. They have magic and bows, yes, but we have guns. Magic can conjure weak something out of nothing, but technology can easily counter it and then some," Risona mentions. "Remember, Alin rely on dirty tricks and numbers to win battles. We have no need of such parlor tricks!"

Risona ensures his rifle is loaded, and moves in a semi-crouched position as he surveys the enemy's numbers and types outside. He'll likely focus on any important or regal looking targets, as they were likely self-important wizards or commanders. Most Alin had certainly had no problems being overtly arrogant. The few he had the misfortune of knowing could not stop talking about themselves, such as "I am the Greatest Master of Sand Magic in all the lands of Aio," or somesuch crap. These goons were likely no different. The fact they were likely bandits by Alins standards was enough to make Risona have little empathy for any son (or daughter, as he cared little for gender)-of-a-wretch that stood in his way.

"Give me some cover," he orders the other crew members.

Of course, he just HAD to be on the cheapest method of transit on the cheapest flight to Alin lands... Too cheap for Pirata fighter escorts, apparently. Or at least a commander who considered the Alin airspace as friendly. Even well traveled aerial trade routes with the Alin had some brigand attacks, after all.

posted 08-25-06 09:47 PM EDT (US)     29 / 31  
[b]Juroc fell limp, helplessly, as the grip on his body from the claws of Tlal tightened. Staring down the stone snout and at Juroc's eyes, the false god looked like it was ready to speak.

"You are an impressive creature. I saw the way you fought against the sentinels I sent at you. In no way do I intend to kill you, unless..." The grip around Juroc loosened as Tlal stared into the distance, as if peering at another world. "Unless you refuse to do what I command of you. If you expect to live, you will convice your barbarian tribes to follow us and aid our conquest, to help us repel the rebel attacks of the remainders of the Fallen. You have one month to decide." With that, Tlal completely let go of Juroc as he fell a few feet to the ground below. Behind the suited alien were two of Tlal's elite guards, waiting for an order. Beckoning with one finger, the two sentinels came to Tlal's side.

"Lock him in the Flooded Citadel, inside one of the dungeons. Just take him away. I have more things to deal with," Tlal rumbled. The two Cuotl men clipped two stone bracelets around his wrists, then pressed a button on each of them. A blue energy beam shot out from both of the bracelets, connecting and creating a high-tech and effective pair of hand-cuffs. Quickly they led him away.

A fane landed when the two Cuotl guards stopped at an important outpost of Tlal. They led Juroc into the stone vessel and it took off. The whole way Juroc and the guards of Tlal were silent, until the fane landed once again. It was an incredibly quick trip.

When the doors of the fane opened, all Juroc saw was a gigantic lake, and in the middle, a small stone structure rising from the rippling waves. This is the flooded citadel? A small temple emerging from a lake? thought Juroc. In a moment he was being tugged at and was lead outside. Each step dragged as his wonder faded away and fear gripped him. There was a strange feeling in the air around the lake, and a low mist shrouded the lightly rippling water.

When the three reached a large stone bridge, connecting the shore to the entrance of the structure, fear completely consumed Juroc. He flailed around and thrashed about, though the pain struck through his body from the tense straining of the handcuffs on his wrists. It was to no avail. It seemed as if he did nothing, for the two Cuotl guards didn't pay any attention to the prisoner.

Now the entrance to the small temple loomed in front of them. Intricately carved designs flowed from the stone around the sealed entrance-way, glowing with a radiant blue light, slightly overgrown with yellow lichens.

"Do you know the code?" questioned one Cuotl guard to the other. The one being spoken to nodded as the two approached a large disc-wheel in the center of the entrance-way. Running along the outside of the wheel were different symbols, dull and gray in the cold stone.

One guard gripped a handle bar of the wheel, and the other gripped another handle. Together, they used all their might to turn it to the left, until a low and loud click echoed across the lake, and the symbol of the dial on the wheel glowed bright blue. They twisted it this way and that, until finally a number of the symbols glowed from their bindings behind the rock being unlocked in correct order. Now one of the Cuotl guards pulled with both hands on the edge of the doorway, until slowly, with a long creeking, it was opened. Juroc peered inside. It was dark as night, and water dripped from the ceiling. He could only wonder what awaited him in the spanse of the Flooded Citadel.

"Take him inside. Lead him to any dungeon you see fit. I will report to Tlal the status of our prisoner." with those words, the guard walked away, and the guard left behind with Juroc led him inside. Time seemed to move ever so slow as the door behind them was shut and locked once again.

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posted 09-03-06 12:23 PM EDT (US)     30 / 31  
"Alright crew, you heard the ghost, take shelter behind the walls and boxes! They can't get into close quarters without going through the wreckage!"

Vincenzo hoped the Alin didn't have any "heartseeker" magic as he ducked behind a box of exotic fruits as a glass crossbow bolt flew over his head, shooting off his hat and pinning it a crate behind him. A second later, an arrow covered in an aura of magic pierced through the box next to him to impale the crewman behind it in the torso, where his heart was. "Crap," thought Vincenzo, "nothing short of tank armor can deflect the Heartseekers' arrows. At least the Genie has stopped firing..."

Vincenzo stood up to fire his first pistol when he saw a glimpse of the genie. It was throwing away the bent and burning twisted scraps of metal surrounding the Piratas' small fortress like pieces of paper, clearing a way for his bandits to rush in with hand weapons.


I AM NOT HIPPO. I am Monocular (Vinci), ManWithThreeKidneys (Alin), and Thunderstick (Cuotl).
posted 03-06-07 12:07 PM EDT (US)     31 / 31  
Carroni slowly got back up to his feet. The wreckage of his airship lay around him. He walked away. He was injured. Those Fallen... They had sabotaged his ship, fired on it as it fled the Cuotl lands. He could still remember the fires of their Sun Cannons lighting up the sky. It had barely managed to reach the lands of the Alin, before exploding when it had almost landed. He was in the middle of a vast desert, but he knew that he was near Azar Harif by the lay of the land. Could he manage it? Only time would tell.
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