posted 10-25-11 04:22 AM EDT (US)   
How advance they are?

it seems that Vinci firearms tech are a bit mixed up. Judging from concept arts. Vinci line infantry still uses flintlock weapons (and loose powder) but they do have cannons that uses percussion lock systems (and metal cartridges!)

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^ A vinci line infantryman from promo poster (with a fleet of scout flyers in the background). in real game he doesn't seem to wear this clockwork armor as in promo pics. just dress like RoN Spanish Tercios. notice that in game. the loading sequences of this unit says that Vinci line infantrymen uses either repeating weapons or breech loading muskets. not muzzle loaders.
one of 'prototype upgrade' icon revealed that Vinci has access to metal cartridges. ones that seems to be either rimfire or centerfire.

^ Does Vinci Line Infantry uses this? as i've played through. only Vinci 'generic' hero (possibly Petruzio himself but the model also represented Don Scalio of Feligno and Lord Rocco of the Wastelands too!), and Carlini uses ones. on horseback! the weapon looks like it is a flintlock but it has a black cylinder on top of it. which I don't know what does this thing do with the weapons itself.
anyone knows how does this weapons work?

in an actual game. Vinci line infantrymen uses muskets that have the same device but shorter.

both have bellows and hand cranks (i think) what are these things do?