Site FAQ

Updated Dec 9, 2005

About the HG forums, can you register for free?

Yes, every forum on every Heaven is free for you to register. You will receive a confirmation email giving you your password and then you can log in, after which you will be able to set up your preferences and change your password if you wish.

How do I change my account details? (Email, password, etc)

Log in under your account, click on “My account” in the left corner above. Type your password and you will automatically be taken to the “Edit profile” page.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

Go to the login screen and click on the “Click here” link, or click here to go to the lost password page. It should send a reminder of your password to your email address. If for any reason it does not, contact the staff.

I’ve been told to read the CoC. What’s that?

The CoC is the HeavenGames Code of Conduct, to which we expect all forumers to adhere. Most of it is common sense, for example, we encourage a lively discussion but draw the line at personal attacks and so on. There are a set of documents on forum guidelines which includes the punishments and appeal process should you get foul of CoC, the Forum User agreement and the full Code of Conduct here. We recommend that everybody reads it after creating an account and before posting.

I’m French and I want to speak French on the forums. Is that allowed?

No. Sorry but the time taken for the few foreign language staff to translate, assuming that they can, makes this sadly impossible. Plus we have had cases of forumers posting offensive material thinking that our staff would miss it – and while they may find that amusing, we do not. The official language is English. However, should you really need to post in a language other then English, please post the English translation with it.

I’ve seen some people with a color in their name. What does that mean?

Colours are for HG staff and VIPs. Here is what each color means:

Halos – They are in charge of the overall management of all things HG. They do not have a specific colour since they may simultaneously be Seraphs or Angels of certain sites.

Seraphs – They are the webmasters and have the particular Heaven you are visiting under their command, with full FTP and forum access. They decide who becomes a staff member on that Heaven (subject to Halo approval). They are ultimately responsible for all site management and maintenance, plus all other staff on their site.

Angels – They are long-serving staff members who help the Seraph with site changes and maintenance. Mostly they will keep the news updated, moderate on the forums, write articles and help with putting content together and proofing it before final upload. They usually represent the more experienced members of the staff who have proven themselves.

Cherubs – Cherubs are like Angels in what they are responsible for but are usually assigned simpler, single tasks be it news posting, forum or download moderation or content production. They usually are the less experienced of the staff members.

VIP – VIPs are people working for the companies who make the games HG does sites for. HG is proud of its relationship with the game companies and some of the VIPs are HG staff and forumers who have been hired by the game companies due to their contributions to the community. Many got their break from being a part of Heaven Games. Rasher, Eggman were former staff at Heaven Games, while Gordon Farrell, Hank, DarthVeda to name a few, were forumers whose scenarios and input got them hired to make scenarios for various game companies, or Thunder who got hired by Big Huge Games and then moved on to Ensemble Studios, as their respective community relations manager. Yet other forumers became playtesters for other games.

Other VIPs have no direct connection to HG but will often visit to help the community with game problems and advice or to announce new developments and patches etc.

Note: All Seraphs, Angels and Cherubs are volunteers. The ranks are not completely set in stone either, for example, an Angel may also be the Seraph but prefer to stay red.

How can I become a staff member?

Sometimes, when you are quite familiar, trustworthy and known at a particular Heaven, one of the staff members may contact you and ask you if you want to work on that Heaven, and so become staff. That is when you get your own color. There is no guaranteed way of becoming a staff member, top priority is whether in fact the site needs another staff member at all, but if it does then forumers who have been worthy contributors to the community are often considered.

I’ve seen people with fancy signatures in their messages. How do I do that?

Login, and go to the Edit profile (my account) page. Click on the Edit Signature link to edit your signature.