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motter28218 This mod has been combined with my "Nations and Campaign" mod and is no longer available.
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Deadworker hey,
really good mod,you did what i ever wish to have.
playing the fallen, this is so cool. ar you still working at this mod or was this upload you finall mod? i hope you will go on.

thank you for this mod :)
File Author
Thank you for the compliment, I plan to do more modding but I am taking a break at the moment, all the hours or writing scripts, playtesting, editing xml files has worn me out, but I will get back to it, was there something specific you wanted modded? I can probably make it happen if you give me some details. Thanks for playing.

Deadworker so,
there are some things that i would ask you:

first: is it possible to add the campaign feautres to the normal game, so that you can build palast of miana or else things.?

second:is it possible to add other mods from this page(buildable city's mod)?

and third: is it possible to get the campaign maps without the quests as skirmish maps, so that you can play the map of feligno as example?

File Author
"first: is it possible to add the campaign feautres to the normal game, so that you can build palast of miana or else things.?"

Yes, this can be done, you just have to go into buildingrules.xml and enable it for the Vinci's tribe mask, make sure you give it a unique x,y slot or it will either not show up or it will cover up the other building in that slot.

"second:is it possible to add other mods from this page(buildable city's mod)?"

I haven't played that mod, but I would assume whoever made it modded the entries for cities in the buildingrules.xml file, you would have to copy this info and paste it into the buildingrules file that came with my mod.

"and third: is it possible to get the campaign maps without the quests as skirmish maps, so that you can play the map of feligno as example?"

Yes, find the map file and then copy it AND it's script file into the main "Maps" folder, I would also rename it, even if you just call it "Cliffs of Feligno2" (make sure you rename the script file as well). Next open the map in the map editor, you will have to delete all the cinematic's, as well as any unit's or buid's you don't want, now you can't remove the script file, the game will crash, but you can open it up, select all info and delete it, and ofcourse you can add your own script functions if you want or just leave it blank. Next make sure you change the map setting from "Campaign" to "Scenario", then just edit the map as you would any other, add whatever neutrals, resources you like, save it and play.

Deadworker hey,

i tryed to get the campaign maps as skirmish ones, but i failed. if you return to work on this mod maybe you can make the maps playable.
im no modder so i don't know anything, how can i add the buildings to the vinci's tribe mask?

thank you for help
File Author
For the Miana Palce find the entry in your buildingrules.xml file and change the following fields:

Delete the entire OBJ_MASK section

As for making the skirmish map I will work on it for you and then will have to E-mail it to you, but I don't plan on modding every map, there is a mapmaking guide you can download in the modding section of this site.

[Edited on 02/21/11 @ 04:49 PM]

Deadworker hey,
i have one question:

is it possible to edit maps, only put in heroes and buildings and play it after. because if i open the maps with the scenario-editor, there is no timonium and nothing only the poor world.

Deadworker hey,
i saw an comment of you in an other topic.

so a second question:

can i add the heroes of the campaign to your mod?
Death4999 I like this expansion but there are a few problems with it. First is the Cuotl Death Sphere no longer attacks no matter what you do with it. Second, the game seems sensitive when starting up. What I mean by that is just randomly clicking will sometimes screw up the startup. Third, I have been getting a good deal of freezes but maybe its on and off, no idea if it has anything to do with this expansion. Finally, if you click on mulitplayer the game will crash, though that is understandable, still I wish you could play online with the mod if you have some friends who wanted to play the mod with you. I am surprised that this is so recent, I really like this game and I think that it is such a shame that despite the overly positive reviews, it sold quite poorly. Please respond if you can.
File Author
@Death 499: I didn't do any modding to the Death Sphere so I'm not sure why it wouldn't attack, I just played the game and they attacked, only thing I can think is that I've found ROL seems to have different issues on different computer's, I had to do alot of hex editing to get the game to work right on my system, unfortunately the game was just rushed out and has lot's of bug's, the random freezing could be caused by the script changes I made, I tried to make the AI "smarter" which meant giving it more factor's to process and it may cause freezes, does it give you an error message or does it just freeze? As for the startup issue again, I'm not sure why it would be happening, I only modded script and .xml files, but this game is unpredictable.

As for multiplayer, from what I understand there's been problem's with that from the start, I would think the only way multiplayer would work is if all player's had the mod installed, but I really can't say. Thank you for playing.

@Deadworker: Yes you can enable the CTW heroes in regular play in fact I have already done this, however it is far to involved for me to explain it here. I will try to make up a modding guide on how to do all the things I did in my mod and the mod I am working on now and add it to current download for any who are interested. I'll let you know when it's uploaded.

[Edited on 03/01/11 @ 12:54 AM]

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