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motter28218 This mod has been combined with my "Nations and Campaign" mod and is no longer available.
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Hey all, this is my review for Motter's Expansion for the campaign in Rise of Legends! I played a few skirmish battles with each nation and played through every mission in the entire 3 part campaign. I took some notes and here are the ratings, a list of the expansion features, comments on other people's problems and some thoughts. My replies will be after the ****asterisks.

1 Ratings
2 Expansion features
3 Expansion problems mentioned
4 Expansion skirmish and campaign modes review
5 Expansion review
6 Final summary
7 Updates

^^^^1 RATINGS^^^^

Artwork: 5
The artwork is what is found in the game so it's great.

Playability: 5
I had a few problems on a few of the campaign maps with unit pathfinding and inability to summon a hero.

Balance: 4
I don't know if this expansion is perfectly "balanced" but some units did have some powerful spells such as the Vinci Scientist which may seem overpowered.

Creativity: 5
Definitely very creative in how the existing game data was extracted from the game and used to bring something new to the experience.

Additional Comments: I had to select the numbers for the 4 fields but these don't cover everything so I wouldn't pay that much attention to the numbers.


Motter said he included the following in the expansion:

- Game Bug Fixes: Cuotl and Alin campaigns will now award you your Research and Military points 5
- Alin and Cuotl now get more research points for building their districts plus Palace districts now award the proper research point bonus (it was disabled for some reason)
****I didn't notice this problem before the expansion, I don't know much about it

- Lot's of spell bug fixes mostly for CTW bosses, also Dakhla's Desert Walk
- Lot's of spell bug's were fixed, like Dakhla casting his Desert Walk even when no one was around
****Same thing I didn't know about it

- New Main heroes: Pertruzzo for Vinci and Ix for Cuotl. Note: I still disabled these guys in the CTW campaign to keep with the storyline
****The 2 heroes are included in skirmish mode and have some cool spells

- Vinci Prototypes: You will no longer have to choose between the 3 options on each tier, researching one tech will research all 3 for you, also once tech's are researched the special units will be available to build ie: Clockwork Sniper, Burrowing Spider, etc
****You get all 3 prototypes when selecting 1. Under the selected prototype each new unit will be ready for production after you do the research. It seems the amount you can make of each unit is unlimited. The clockwork sniper and burrowing spider, when researched, can be built at the Timonium Smelter which is built from a Research Lab.

- In the CTW Scenario's for the Vinci I gave them 2 new research lab buildings since the Doge Statue and Cannon building are disabled, these are the Miana Palace and Imperial Observatory, both have powerful spells and the observatory can train the Vinci Scientist a heck of a unit.
****Yeah these buildings and units are really cool

- Cuotl will now have caravans to help with energy production, also you don't have to choose between timonium or energy when you upgrade your mine, researching either will give the same effect.
****The caravans look cool and help out with more energy, sometimes it seems there's too much energy being generated though

- Most spawned units will now last longer so you can actually get some use out of them.
- Almost all spells that summon units the summoned unit will last longer now so you can actually get some use out of them before they die.
****The mercenaries, Alin's Summon Army power, etc all last longer

- As for the Neutral sites there are more units at the "Salamander Nest", the "Fallen Refuge", and the "Glass Lair", likely some others but I can't remember.
- Salamander nest's will now spawn all three Salamander's instead of just the current upgrade plus the Salamander Queen and her spell's are enabled
- Trading Post's will train Magus units and I fixed them so their different form's work properly.
****The Alin Trading Post produce Magi but that's all I could see for neutral sites, maybe I didn't look hard enough

- Many new surprises on neutral sites, be sure to check them out.
- Most neutral unit's are now enabled at neutral sites, like Dune Walker's, Scorpions, Manta's are at the Oasis
****Yes I noticed these units are enabled

- Modded the Fire Citadel to spawn fire units, adds a little more "fun" to the Damanhur scenario in the Alin campaign.
- The Fire Citadel will spawn unused neutral fire units: Lava Spider's, Molten Afreet's, Lava Shriek's, and Fire Golem's
****Yup there are a lot more fire units and it's harder to capture

- Modded the final Battle of the Gods scenario to make it a little more "epic".
****Yeah there are more Sun Idols and it's more tough to destroy them all, and in the final battle with Czin he spawns a City of Vengeance which is hard to destroy

- Also I updated the AI's all around to be a bit "smarter" and also to make use of all the new units/techs/spells/buildings I created.
- As for all around gameplay, I modded each of the nation's to create and use the new unit's plus unit's they weren't using before for example the Cuotl weren't even creating Death Sphere's one of their best unit's
- All 3 nation's AI's were modded to create unit's and research tech's more efficiently, still the AI isn't a genius but it will be tougher than before.
****I didn't notice that much but some things can be difficult to tell

- Most neutral unit's are now enabled at neutral sites, like Dune Walker's, Scorpions, Manta's are at the Oasis
****Yes I noticed these units are enabled

- All Fallen unit's are now enabled at the Fallen refuge.
****Yeah the fallen units are enabled

- Enabled Prototype Tanks, a Tank unit that wasn't being used.
****Both tanks are available for any players who like either design

- I enabled Lenora's "hero pet", it was in the script but disabled, now she will arrive with free flyer's per level.
****I didn't notice but may have overlooked this

- In the Alin Campaign I created the Acerbus Mystic, the guy who was impersonated by Marwan, he is a powerful unit with very strong spells.
****I like this hero a lot, he's very powerful and the equivalent of the Vinci Scientist

- Enabled Pulitore's "hero pet" the Chicken Riders.
****Yeah he and the riders are cool

- Changed the graphic for Andromolek spire so it look's different than the normal glass spire.
****I didn't notice this but maybe didn't look hard enough

- Cuotl Campaign you can now create Hybrid Clockwork Men at the Fane
****Yup this unit is available at the Fane

- Most of the CTW nation's were modded and can be added and used on regular play maps, notice I said most, some of them I didn't bother with.
****I haven't tried this so I don't know

- There is still alot of stuff, I just can't remember it all, to be honest tho, I don't even remember everything I changed cuz I did so much.
****No problem, thanks a lot for an expansion at all!


- the Cuotl Death Sphere no longer attacks
****The death spheres worked fine for me, they shoot small lightning out so it may be hard to see their attack, they also move to trample soldiers

- Second, the game seems sensitive when starting up. What I mean by that is just randomly clicking will sometimes screw up the startup.
****I didn't have this problem

- Third, I have been getting a good deal of freezes but maybe its on and off.
****I didn't have this problem

- Finally, if you click on multiplayer the game will crash.
****I clicked on Multiplayer and it loaded fine but I didn't try any multiplayer games

- In Dell computer's and had a problem with the High Priest after patching whereas my brother's Gateway didn't have the problem.
****I didn't have this problem

- If we start multiplayer via lan, the mod isn't activated, so we have only the normal units.
****I didn't try multiplayer so I don't know about this

- But I can't repair my city - after i installed your mod, the repair action did not work anymore.
****I didn't have this problem

- Everything for the mod is in there, but the AI scripts don't work. What could I have done wrong? In the loading screen when I am loading a quick battle it gives me 5~ error messages, but I can still play. Except the AI's don't do anything; their scripts are broken.
****I didn't have this problem

- May I know why this prevents me from playing campaigns and quick battles? It gives me an error about script files.
****I didn't have this problem

- I delete script.big skirmish maps don't give me any hero xp when i complete them, in fact their quest remain undiscovered and their intro dose not play at all.
****I didn't notice any hero xp not working, maybe I didn't have this problem or didn't notice

- But I cannot repair buildings with the mod enabled, can anyone relate to this?
****I didn't have this problem

****I did have problems summoning Sawu at Zhat and Kahal but Motter didn't so this could be a glitch unique to my setup

****For others having problems with the expansion, I would recommend buying the Usa 2010 DVD re-release of Rise of Legends (in English only though) because this includes all the patches and game on one disc, so this may make things smoother. Trying a fresh reinstall may work also, and don't forget to create a System Restore point before installing anything new so you can go back. You can check the Tech Support forum here at Heavengames for more help too.


I recommend using Motter's Expansion for the Campaign mode and Motter's Campaign Heroes For Skirmish Mod for the Skirmish mode when playing the game.

Even though the expansion is primarily meant for the Campaign mode I've included notes on the Skirmish mode also.

A list of features in Skirmish mode:


You get 2 new heroes in the game so the Vinci get Petruzzo who has 4 spells: Bribery, Augmentation, Master of Munitions and Sniper.

The Vinci get all 3 prototypes together. The research labs stay the same as in the original game, but in the Timonium Smelter you can build Clockwork Sniper, Burrowing Spider and Zeke the robot.

The Steam Fortress can build Supply Truck and Glorious Statue can build Demolition Truck and Rocket Launcher in addition to Doge's Elite Guards and Doge Walker which were the only 2 options in the original game.


The Alin don't get any extra hero. You can build Magi from the Trading Post and they have 3 spells: Staff of Glass, Staff of Fire and Staff of Sand.


The Cuotl get Ix who has 4 spells: Divine Cure, Mirror Image, Moon Bane and Lunar Glow.

You can make the Moon Gorilla in the Fane.

(You can't build a Fallen Refuge or Fallen units but these can be built in the Campaign mode and with Motter's other mod - the CTW Campaign heroes and units in skirmish - I have posted a review and comparison.)

Finally is a list of new features in the expansion in Campaign mode, a few problems I had and final thoughts.



The Vinci get 3 new buildings for the Research Lab:
- Mianan Palace with 4 spells:
Royal Entourage - spawns a temporary cavalry army with the hero Marco
Area Shock - a defensive burst against nearby enemies
Palace Defense - defensive protection and anti-soldier attack
Royal Musketeers - creates another gun soldier unit
The palace also heals units around it, and supposedly is "the ancestral palace of the Giambi family."

- Clockwork Scrapyard with 1 unit:
Prototype Tank - this is the original tank seen in an early screenshots of the game, it upgrades to Laser Tank

- Imperial Observatory with 3 options:
Telescope - same as the regular telescope view
Vinci Scientist - a unit that look like a miner, has two spells of Industrial Augmentation similar to Giacomo's Augmentation and Clockwork Assembly which spawns a temporary small army of Laser Tanks, Steam Cannons, etc
Air Strike - an invisible attack that damages a ground target

At the Aerodrome you can now build a Pirata Base - this replaces the Cargo Dirigible and does the same - carrying and supplying units. (The Pirata Base is the flyer you see carrying away a Cuotl device in the first game cinematic where Petruzzo gets killed.)

--Vinci campaign:

Padonia (Padonia's Folly) - introduces the above 3 buildings for the first time.
I also had a problem on this mission - the Padonia Smelter says it produces clockwork men but doesn't, it does repair units though.

Umberto Forest (War In the Clouds) - the enemy hero Giancarlo is added as he is the Baron of Umberto.


The Alin get the Magi units from the Trading Post, these foot soldier magicians have 3 different spells Staff of Glass, Staff of Fire and Staff of Sand.

You can create Narr Sagir (maybe an unfinished hero?) who rides a manta from the city. He has one spell Turtle Bone - I don't know what it does, maybe it's a defensive spell.

--Alin campaign:

On every mission you either start with or can summon Acerbus the Mystic. He is followed by The Relic, a puzzlebox that strengthens Acerbus and supplies nearby units.

He has the spells Magus Summon which spawns a temporary small army of sand units
Drought which creates a fiery blast damage area
Marwan Mode which spawns temporarily the Dark Alin genie Marwan who has his own spells:
Summon Dark Walkers which spawns 9 Dark Walkers
Summon Glass Spiders which summons 6 Dark Glass Spiders
Magic Transport Mode which transforms Marwan into a Magic Whirlwind that can also carry units.

This Acerbus guy is very powerful and many times I could defeat an army just using him so he may be overpowered, he's similar to the Vinci Scientist and maybe Cuotl High Priest.

Meeting Grounds (Tale of the Lost Vinci) - 2 Chicken Riders are included which have guns.
I did have a problem with the Desert Outrigger Camp (the building looks exactly like the Timonium Smelter) which does heal units but doesn't seem to do anything else as it says "A shady source for desert equipment" so maybe it was supposed to have units, or not.

Helforge Mountains (Lava Pools) - As Motter said he added more fire units including the unused Lava Spiders which makes this mission more tough and fun.

Deepest Desert (The Sand Warden) - Dahkla seems to spawn more Fire Salamanders in more areas which makes the mission more surprising.

Mezekesh (Through A Glass Darkly) - I scouted the area and saw that the Doge's starting army in the desert had more units than the original campaign. The 2 Glass Spires next to Sawu's entrance are replaced by 2 Glass Citadels.

I did have a problem in the second area of Mezekesh after you cross the bridge - the Glass Golems and Dark Walkers just stood there without attacking, and some of my units and heroes started "malfunctioning". For example when I clicked for them to move further in, some of them got stuck and didn't move or started walking in other directions such as back to the entrance or they started moving towards Bazek the Spider Queen too soon - which is kind of funny because it looks like they lost their minds and were committing suicide by walking to Bazek to be eaten! :) Only when I made an attack move did they finally move correctly, and this seemed to only be a problem between the entrance and Bazek areas. So this may have been a unit pathfinding problem.


The Cuotl can build the Hybrid Clockwork Man at the Fane.

You get to build the Fallen Refuge which has 8 units:
- Fallen Warriors
- Unholy Ark - supplies your units and harms enemy units at the same time
- Fallen Priest - this guy is like another hero and has the same original 4 spells
- Siege Elephant2 - not sure what the 2 means, may be nothing
- Fallen Sentinels
- Fallen Jaguar
- Fallen Snake
- Fallen Idol

You also get Caravans that help with energy production.

--Cuotl campaign

Hana Sanctuary (Showdown) - It seemed like at the end the Moon Temple spawned more units which made it a tougher and more interesting mission.

Zhat (Guerilla Warfare) - I got an error here every time I tried to summon Sawu: "That option is not available yet" even though I had summoned all the heroes possible and had more than enough resources to summon him.

Kahal (Battle of the Gods) - There are a lot more enemy units to eliminate which makes the mission more tough. At the final battle with Czin, he summons a lot more units and a City of Vengeance which is difficult to destroy. At one point in the battle with Czin you get a Moon Gorilla to help you out.

I had the same Sawu summon problem here as well.


Only a few problems:
- Padonia - Padonia smelter doesn't produce anything
- Meeting Grounds - Desert Outrigger Camp doesn't produce anything
- Mezekesh - unit pathfinding problems
- Zhat - can't summon Sawu
- Kahal - can't summon Sawu

--The rest of the game? Awesome! So that concludes basically most of what I noticed and noted down. There could be some more things I overlooked but for the most part there were only a few errors and even those were not a big deal especially considering Motter has tried his best to make a mod for this game.

So if you like the game and want to have some new features then this expansion is a must download!! Especially considering how there are almost no mods for this game it makes it even more special as well as the fact that Motter had to learn how to do it himself. So if there's anyone out there who can help out with modding we'd appreciate it.

Thanks for the expansion again Motter :)

^^^^7 UPDATES^^^^

--The only problems I had were the pathfinding which is common on the Mezekesh map and the inability to summon Sawu which Motter didn't have so the problems each person has must be due to different computer brands, models and setups which cause the expansion info to install and/or function differently for each person.

That said I highly recommend this expansion anyway!

[Edited on 03/29/14 @ 09:24 PM]

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