By Big Huge Games, Edited by One_Dead_Angel
Dec 19, 2005


Sand Spire:
The Sand Spire is the basic Alin building. The buildings are guarded by a lurking Sand Horror that assembles units of the desert to attack enemy units that stray too near. These units are probably the oldest and most well established in the Alim army, as they have been part of its fighting force since the Alim were a unified nation. This building produces such as: Desert Walkers, Scorpions, Arrihem’s Puzzle Box and Heartseekers.

Eternal Flame:
The Eternal Flame is home to all Alin fire units, all of which also happen to fly. In the history of the Alim race, the sand is always first (leading to such names as Old Grandfather Desert) but soon after came fire. Some say that Arrihem, the mad prophet rode a sandstorm up to the sun and there learned the secrets of fire; others say that ancient Alim scholars were able to find a plane of existence in which fire was the natural habitat, and bring forth and control some of the beings that dwelt there. Now, such beings are easily summoned from the great Eternal Flames that are carefully tended upon the Alim eyries. This building produces such as: Fire Scouts, Afreets, Fireswarms and Rukhs.

Glass Citadel:
Although still regarded as dangerous and suspicious, glass troops are now a staple part of the Alin army. Originally created by Sawu the Magnificent, glass units are often corruptions of other living beings, or in some cases are pure mechanical constructs, a fact that makes old-school devotees of sand and fire magic extremely uncomfortable. Today, glass units are created in great citadels, using ancient and poorly-understood magic in carefully doled-out measures. This building produces such as: Glass Cannons, Glass Golems, and Glass Dragons.


Steam Fortress:
The Steam Fortress is a military production facility (similar to the Aerodrome) that represents the pinnacle of standard military factories in the Vinci empire. While a given Steam Fortress may be dwarfed by the famous Bunker Fort, there is only one of those, while at last count there were 43 fully functional Steam Fortresses among the various Vinci city-states. Each Steam Fortress is made as self-sufficient as possible, and contains supplies, armaments, armor, a staff of scouts and garrison soldiers, and mechanics and parts capable of creating any number of steam cannons and Juggernauts; there are even just enough parts and equipment to create one of the awesome Land Leviathans, should the need arise.

Unique to the Vinci people is the Inventor’s Workshop, a generic term for many such studios in which brilliant (and sometimes not so brilliant) scientists labor to create new and innovative designs for their people. Two such designs are the Clockwork Miner unit, and the entity known as Zeke.

The Vinci barracks is a simple supply quarter and drilling grounds… at least it was until Giacomo changed the face of Vinci warfare. Now, most barracks also contain a complete Clockwork Creation and Repair shop, for the various devices that are built there. The building produces units such as: Musketeers, Clockwork Men, and Clockwork Spiders.

A grand testament to Vinci knowhow, the Aerodrome is where all the flying vehicles of the Vinci war machine are made. From the light Scout Flyer to the mighty Air Destroyer, some of the most fearsome battlefield units ever devised are launched from the Aerodrome’s high-flying spire. The building produces units such as: Scout Flyers, Pirata Flyers, Support Dirigibles and Air Destroyers.