By Big Huge Games, Edited by One_Dead_Angel, Cherub Alex
Aug 14, 2006

Rise of Legends features hero units which are more integrated
into the gameplay. They also serve as central focal points for the
single player campaigns. There are 3 heroes allocated for
each race in Rise of Legends in normal play modes.


Sawu, the Dark Alin:
Sawu is considered by some to be totally corrupted and evil, but many wonder what would have happened if he had been able to withstand the influence of the Dark Glass and maintain his soul. Perhaps he could have become one of the Alim’s greatest heroes. Sawu, the Dark Alin possesses four powerful spells that yield earth rattling destruction when used.

Sawu provides extra Timonium income and summons a free Glass Spider when he levels up.

He possesses the following powers:

  • Glass Prison: Freezes enemies in Dark Glass, so that they cannot move or fight.
  • Glass Shards: Creates whirling blades of Dark Glass around Sawu.
  • Summon Giant Spider: Creates giant glass spiders that do Sawu’s bidding.
  • Summon Marids: Summons glass spirits to aide Sawu in battle.

Damanhur, the Desert Flame:
There is no mystery about the rise of Damanhur as a powerful hero in Alin legend. One of many Afreet born in our plane, Damanhur soon distinguished herself in battle as a deft magician and consummate bowman. Soon she was leading divisions, and then whole armies, where she also proved to be a deft tactician. She posseses the power of the flame whipping up deadly spells such as Mass Immolation, Summoning Salamanders, the Flaming Wrath and the Burning Cloud to destroy enemy units.

Damanhur increases your Population Cap and summons a free Afreet when she levels up.

She possesses the following powers:

  • Fire Golem: Creates a slow but devastatingly powerful fire giant.
  • Fiery Touch: Causes burning damage to all enemy units in its radius.
  • Summon Salamanders: Summons a Salamander to attack Damanhur’s enemies.
  • Wrath: Causes Damanhur to grow into a larger, fiercer form.

Dakhla, the Sand Warden:
Dakhla is one of the oldest Alin heroes of legend. He is often reported to be a mage who has achieved superhuman powers; others say he is an incarnation of Old Grandfather Desert in genie form. Whichever is true, it is well known that he is strong in personal combat, capable of summoning and hurling huge boulders from out of nowhere, and commands many powerful spells. Dakhla posseses many powerful spells including the Desert Walk, Dust Devils, Sandstorm and Drought. These incantations harness the power of the desert to annihilate the enemy.

Daklha increases your Resource Cap and summons a free Scorpion when he levels up.

He possesses the following powers:

  • Maelstrom: Creates whirlwind units that seek out and damage enemies.
  • Sand Storm: Flings and damages enemy units (very potent against machine units).
  • Summon Sand Horror: Summons Sand Horrors to attack enemies.
  • Wind Deflection: Causes friendly units to move faster and be less susceptible to ranged attacks.


Giacomo, the Inventor:
Perhaps no hero of the modern Vinci era is as revered as Giacomo. The son of a Mianan noble, Giacomo immersed himself in his studies from an early age, glad that his older brother Petruzzo had to take the reins of leadership. But when Petruzzo was killed by the Doge, Giacomo was thrust into the role of Mianan lord; this led to an adventure that spanned half the globe and drove him to create some of his most mighty inventions, from clockwork men armed with powerful explosives to sonic energy projectors.

Giacomo improves clockwork units and provides 1 Research Point when he arrives or levels up. He offers a mix of offensive and defensive capabilities.

He possesses the following powers:

  • Augmentation: Heals allied units.
  • Demolition Team: Summons bomb-laden Clockwork Men.
  • Sonic Burst: Creates a destructive wave of sound that knocks the enemy of their feet.
  • Super Armor: Blocks a wide area from most enemy damage.

Alessadri, the Doge of Venucci:
As much as Giacomo is revered, Alessadri (referred to almost exclusively as The Doge) is reviled. And yet, wielding more power than any other man of modern times, The Doge may well be the most effective combat leader the Vinci have ever known. It is said that he was heavily engaged in scientific trade with other nations, offering Vinci inventions (most created by Giacomo, The Doge’s arch-rival) in exchange for powerful magic. A look at The Doge’s weaponry will convince one of the truth of these rumors. The arm mounted on his mechanical spider vehicle is capable of delivering a needle-like bolt or a building-shattering siege attack of pure light, as well as highlighting a target for the mighty Doge Hammer, itself suspected of being powered by foreign magics.

The Doge improves Steam Cannons, Juggernauts, and all units built at the Glorious Statue. He offers mainly offensive capabilities.

He possesses the following powers:

  • Doge Hammer: Fires a variety of massive artillery rounds that can either target a specific unit or building or have an area of effect.
  • Pain Ray: Fires a concentrated beam of energy at an enemy unit.
  • Poison Cloud: Creates a toxic fog that damages enemies.
  • Siege Laser: Fires a concentrated demolition beam at an enemy building or City.

Lenora, Captain of the Pirata:
Beloved by her people and feared by her enemies, Lenora is the quintessential fighting woman. She leads the Pirata, a hardy band of professional soldiers, wherever the fortunes of war may take them. Her specially built Flyer gives her supreme flexibility on the battlefield, whether in a straight-up firefight using Timonium-boosted broadsides, or a smash-and-grab raid where whole crews are captured and pressed into service, Lenora’s confidence, daring, and panache make her a figure of legend. This dashing figure has also been rumored to have caught Giacomo’s eye in a way the young inventor had never envisioned being caught.

Lenora provides extra Wealth income and increases the range and line of sight of Aerodrome units. She offers mainly offensive capabilities.

She possesses the following powers:

  • Boosters: Enhances Lenora’s speed, health, and attack power for a short time.
  • Cluster Bomb: Scatters powerful bombs across a wide area.
  • Piracy: Captures enemy units and brings them under Lenora’s control.
  • Sky Burst: Does massive damage to other air units.


Czin, the God of Death:
The terrifying Cuotl God of Death will stop at nothing to reduce the planet to slavery under his despotic rule. His unscrupulous use of engineered bacteriophages causes attrition gamage to enemies in your territory, and this effect increases as he levels up, gaining skill. His minions, Death Snakes and Death Spheres, gain stronger trample and melee attacks when he is present on the map. The Death God’s powers include a spreading, creeping death known as the Plague, and Soul Burn which stuns an enemy and prevents him from using any powers. As the Cuotl infrastructure increases, he can use Death Grip, which damages all nearby enemies and transfers their health to Czin, and his ultimate power, Death Gate, which summons forth a naked singularity to suck in everything it touches.

Czin’s special abilities affect multiple targets and are insidiously persistent in doing damage to enemy units long after the initial attack. Czin causes attrition damage to enemies within your territory and enhances the attack of Death Snakes and Death Spheres.

He possesses the following powers:

  • Death Gate: Creates a gravity well that drags units in and damages them.
  • Death Grip: Allows Czin to freeze nearby enemies and feed off their health.
  • Plague: Does damage over time to target unit and spreads damage to other units that come in contact.
  • Soul Burn: Stuns enemies and disables their special abilities.

Shok, the Goddess of Storms:
Having chosen the sky as her personal domain among the Cuotl pantheon, the would be Goddess of Storm and Lightning costs slightly more to summon as do all flying heroines. Shok boosts the electromagnetic shielding on all of your buildings, and increases the effect of your units’ Personal Shield power; she also increases the speed of your flying units. Her powers include the might Thunder Clap to damage enemies and disintergrate any beneficial powers they may have acting on them, Lighting Jump which allows her to take friendly units through some other dimension to any place in the world she may desire, and Lightning Blast which unleashes a raging electrcal storm. Her ultimate power is the Hurricane, that can immobilize enemy flying units across an entire continent.

Shok increases the speed of all flying units and boosts the shields of buildings and units. Some of her powers can even affect enemies regardless of where they hide!

She possesses the following powers:

  • Hurricane: Covers the entire map, damaging and paralyzing enemy air units.
  • Lightning Jump: Teleports Shok and a select number of troops anywhere on the map.
  • Lightning Strike: Creates a damaging electrical attack.
  • Thundering Clap: Stuns ground units, and removes spell effects and augmentations.

Xil, the Sun God:
Self-proclaimed “God of the Sun”, his loyal followers (Sun Jaguar, Sun Idol, and Sun Cannon) gain benefits when he is in play. The most accomplished engineer of his brethren, Xil’s mastery of thermal dispersal reduces the cooldown times of all of your units’ and heroes’ powers. His own powers include Blinding Armor which protects friendly troops and blinds the enemy, Mirror Image to summon forth duplicates of himself and confuse the enemy, and Burning Beams which fall from the sky and incinerate everything they touch. His ultimate power, Sun Blast, intensifies his weapon to near epic strength.

Xil enhances Sun Jaguar, Sun Idol, and Sun Cannon units and reduces the cool-down time of the Cuotl National Power, the Star Bolt. He possesses a mix of offensive and defensive capabilities.

He possesses the following powers:

  • Blinding Armor: Targeted friendly units gain strong defense and glow increasingly bright until they blind their enemy.
  • Mirror Image: Creates several weaker duplicates of Xil.
  • Burning Beams: Creates light rays from the sky that burn any enemy they touch.
  • Sun Blast: Enhances Xil’s normal attack to devastating levels.