By One_Dead_Angel, Cherub Alex
Aug 17, 2006

There are two resources that are known in Rise of Legends. Timonium and Wealth. Timonium incidentally is the town that Big Huge Games is located at (near Baltimore, Maryland). The resource model appears to be much simpler as Big Huge Games aims to refine the gameplay in Rise of Legends to a faster pace (and a shorter skirmish game).


Timonium are located around the map and serves as the main collectable natural resource in the game. Timonium is gathered by selecting a Mine and building Miners. These Miners can be assigned to any Mine or Timonium deposit. You can also build new mines near Timonium patches in order to enhance resources gathering there. You will need to gather Timonium and use them to purchase new buildings and units.


Wealth must be generated by establishing trade routes with Caravans much like gold was generated between cities in Rise of Nations, but in Rise of Legends you can trade with something called a trading camp as well. Caravans can move freely between neutral or allied camps and cities. You may need to build additional Merchant Districts at your City in order to create more Caravans.


Energy is a resource that is unique to the Cuotl civilization. Unlike other nations, the Cuotl gather Energy instead of Wealth. Energy has several convenient advantages over Wealth, including the fact that it can be gathered directly with a Reactor District without the need for vulnerable Caravans. Also, Energy costs for units and buildings never “ramp”! Energy is gathered by adding Reactor Districts to your Cities (just select your City and click the Reactor District button on the middle row of the options grid). Reactor Districts generate more power the more Palace Districts are present at a City; they also gain a slight bonus for every non-city Site you control on the map. One-time Energy bonuses are awarded whenever you research a Divine Power advance. Finally certain sites such as Sepulchers and Engravers provide an additional Enery income.