Campaign Walkthroughs

By Asehujiko
November 19, 2006

1. Vengeance (Vinci Campaign)

The Vernazza Expedition

The map starts with a cinematic of a small group of your soldiers getting ambushed by the doge of venucci. After a short cutscene of the survivors getting attacked, you gain control of your units.

You start with 2 heroes and 3 sets of musketeers, and directly infront of you are 3 sets of venucci conscripts. The battle will have already started as soon as the game begins, so rush your 2 heroes forward and trample as many units as you can while the musketeers are still shooting. After you are done heal up and follow the road.

Soon after the quest marker you will be greeted by a clockwork spider and several more conscripts. Snipe the spider and trample the others.

Slowly move forward till you see another group of enemies. Somehow, I’ve been able to pick a fight with the front 2 sets of conscripts without being attacked by the spider and the other infantry. After you start the fight you will get 4 clockwork men as reinforcements, use them to take out the spider while your heroes trample the others.

After the cutscene is over, attack the fence in-front of the bridge and move over it as soon as it is destroyed. Next are 6 groups of conscripts and 2 doge walkers; snipe the walker near the conscripts and focus fire on it with your clockwork men and musketeers while your heroes keep the infantry busy by running over them, the walker should be dead before the second one arrives at the scene. Use focus fire on the new threat and then on to the remaining infantry. Destroy the barracks to win the map.